How to use Air Conditioning in Japan?

The summer in Japan it is very hot and rainy, many end up suffering from heat stroke. A great lifesaver is Air Conditioning, but some foreigners who come across it feel lost with those words entirely in Japanese. Of course, there are air conditioners of different brands and types. Knowing the main words written on an air conditioner will help you to use it.

Each remote control is different, so it's no use putting a picture here indicating each button. What we can do is present a list of words that are present on the remote controls so you know what each button does.

Japanese START Romaji Portuguese
停止 ていし teshi stop, turn off
運転 うんてん unten call, operate
冷房 れいぼう reibou Air conditioning
暖房 だんぼう danced Warm-up
除湿 じょしつ joshitsu dehumidify
ドライ dorai dehumidify
自動 じどう jidou Automatic

These are the main basic functions of a Japanese air conditioner. The option dehumidify you use to save energy, it does not heat the room but reduces the humidity in the air. The option automatic set at the temperature standard suggested by the manufacturer.

Japanese air conditioners

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Some air conditioners have many more functions and settings. See below some words that you can find in these air conditioning or even in heaters:

Japanese START Romaji Portuguese
温度 おんど wave control temperature
風向 ふうこう fuukou fan direction
メニュー menyuu Menu
進む すすむ susumu advance
戻る もどる moderu come back
入タイマー Newcomer turn on timer
切タイマー setsu taimaa Stop timer (cut)
スイング swing Balance Function
ハイパワー haipawaa High power
ランドリー randoii laundry mode
省パワー shou pawaa Energy saving
風量切換 かぜりょうきりかえ fuuryou kirikae air flow
運転切換 うんてんきりかえ unten kirikae air flow
送風 そうふう soufuu ventilate
強風 きょうふう kyoufuu strong, tall
弱風 じゃくふう jyakufuu weak low fan
微風 びふう steak very low breeze
静音 せいおん seion silence mode
運転 うんてん unten operate, call

Some of the settings mentioned above can be controlled from top to bottom. The words after the air flow usually appear on the screen to show how it is configured.

  • A swing function allows the fan to rotate from top to bottom;
  • The laundry mode adjusts temperature and humidity to dry your clothes;
  • The air flow can be controlled for low, weak and silent. You click the button several times to make it the way you want;

Well, I hope these words help you to understand how Japan's air conditioning works. I know that it is still necessary for you to have a basic notion of temperature and how an air conditioner works to know how to leave it the way you want. If you have any tips and suggestions, you can leave them in the comments below.

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