What to do in the intense heat of the Japanese summer?

In today’s article we will talk about the various products and methods that exist in Japan to end the intense summer heat between the months of June and August. Among these products there are spray, cold wipes, fans, air conditioners, etc.

One of these inventions is the ice pillows that can be found in stores in HyakuEn (100 円), just put it in the freezer and then use it. Cold tissues are another alternative, they leave your skin fresh for up to an hour. There is also gel, foam and spray to refresh your skin.

Avoiding Heat

In addition to the traditional folding fan (sensu 扇子) that we know, during the summer it is quite common to find uchiwa (団扇) a rigid fan with a natural bamboo structure covered with paper, they are widely used during the summer festival together with yukata.

Counter heat

Some Japanese also use clothes and shoes with air conditioning, or simply use some product that makes clothes cooler or choose fabrics suitable for the summer. To avoid the heat, the Japanese also consume cold drinks and foods like frozen noodles somen and others.

To learn more about the products we talk about, let's leave a video of our daily Japan showing these products to cool off in the summer:

Against Insects

In addition to the heat, the Japanese have to endure the large number of insects that appear in the summer. For this the Japanese usually burn an incense to scare away the insects. They also often use traditional mosquito nets, but luckily many houses have insect protection on the window.

Other care

We must not only end the heat, but also avoid the sun that causes skin problems. Some Japanese people usually wear clothes that fully protect their skin from the sun, such as an arm cover. It is common to find small wind chimes made of glass called Fuurin, with them it is possible to know the strength and direction of the wind, in addition to preventing against storms.


During the summer several places, such as fountains in squares are open for children and others to cool off. There is another custom called Uchimizu where a group of people usually splash water on each other. There are several other ways to prevent the intense heat of the Japanese summer. What methods do you use?

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