10 rude habits that are considered normal in Japan

One can imagine that Japan is full of rules and labels that can be a challenge to foreigners. However the opposite also happens, some habits that we find rude in our country are normal things in Japan.

In this article, we will see 10 rude habits that are common or even part of Japanese culture. Sometimes some issues may be obvious but must be mentioned.

Rude habits that are normal - Food

Call the waiter out loud - While in the West we raise our hands or look discreetly to get Japan's attention instead of simply shouting a waiter. In Japan it is common for you to say sumimasen (I'm sorry) until someone comes running to answer you, otherwise they won't understand your secret signals.

Making noise when eating noodles or soup - In the West it is rude to make noise when eating, in Japan this is natural. Sucking the noodles or soup noisily shows that you are enjoying the food.


Drink straight from the bowls - In the West we do not use bowls, but it is considered quite strange for someone to hold the plate on a table to eat close by (at least I already got scolded for that). In Japan it is super common to hold bowls to drink the broth or finish the dish. In fact bowls are made for this.

Rude habits

Eating sushi with their hands - For Westerners the most polite way to eat sushi is with chopstick (chopsticks). In Japan, on the other hand, it is perfectly normal and acceptable to eat all varieties of sushi with your hands.

Let others put your drink - Sometimes it is common in Brazil to put our own drink so as not to disturb others, but in Japan it is the opposite, you need to let others serve your drink when you are together with colleagues or friends. Perhaps by putting it all together you can help yourself.


Rude habits in the west and common in Japan

Sleep in activities - It is not such an acceptable habit but it is common to see people sleep at work, at school and mainly on the train.

Rude habits

Holding or opening doors - While in the West we need to open, hold and close doors, especially for women. In Japan, this is not often the case, even when someone is visiting your home. In reality, opening and closing doors is not related to chivalry in Japan.

Cars pass on the crosswalk with pedestrians passing by - In some large intersections, even with an open pedestrian signal, cars usually cross alongside pedestrians, since their signal is also open.


It is normal, but it may seem strange to a tourist, since in Brazil it is prohibited to drive with a car while someone is in the pedestrian lane (although they do not respect it). Some just stop in the middle of the pedestrian crossing.

Train jerks - It is common for you to be pushed or to push people into trains at peak times. No one will be uncomfortable unless you are a pervert.

Rude habits

Weird Fashions - In many situations the Japanese wear clothes that would be shameful or wrong in the West. It is common to use fundshi which looks like underwear, going out in pajamas in the middle of the street to shop in a konbini, not to mention the freedom that Japanese people have with fashion, how to combine and wear the same clothes as others or wear cosplay.


Several things that are strange in the west can be normal in Japan or at least acceptable. If you remember one that did not appear in this article, be sure to comment with us.