How to overcome the fear of earthquake?

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Today when we talk about living in Japan some people comment on the fear of living there because of earthquakes and tidal waves. How can you overcome the fear of earthquake? In this article, we will leave some tips and strategies that will help you to overcome this fear.

Is it really necessary to have this fear of earthquake in Japan? Many people are afraid of an earthquake but do not understand that bad things can happen anywhere. I myself think that it is easier for us to die because of an earthquake in Brazil, since the buildings and houses here are not prepared like those in Japan.

Fear can make you think that danger is imminent, even when you are perfectly safe.

Do you have to be afraid of an earthquake in Japan?

It is normal to worry about our safety, but sometimes people have exaggerated fears, such as fear of the airplane that is the safest transport in the world, or fear of crime, etc. But one of the fears that bothers people most when it comes to Japan is the fear of an earthquake. Is it really dangerous to live in Japan?


I am writing this article because really, when Japan is the subject of conversation, people tend to talk about earthquakes and tsunamis as if it were something constant and that kills millions of people. They still say they would never have the courage to live in Japan because of earthquakes. Let's look at some facts to make people safer on this subject.

Earthquakes are not dangerous

Japan is a collection of more than 6,000 islands and has more than 118 volcanoes, this is one of the main reasons for the constant earthquakes and tsunamis. During the history of Japan we had major earthquakes that cause many deaths and losses to the country. But are these disasters a reason for you not to go to Japan?

Japan is also very prepared against possible disasters. Houses and buildings are built in such a way that they are not brought down by earthquakes. But even then the unforeseen can happen, so we can never be 100% safe, nor know if we are going to witness or not a great disaster that can end our life.

But if you are afraid of death, then you need not be afraid of living in Japan. Earthquakes, although they happen constantly, they do no harm. Most disaster deaths in Japan are caused by tsunamis that happen rarely and will only reach you if you’re near the sea.

Como superar o medo de terremoto?

Ending fear of earthquake through statistics

When someone questions my desire to live in Japan, talking about the danger of earthquakes, I usually answer that in Brazil every year more people are killed by murders than during 20 years of history with earthquakes and tidal waves in Japan.

It is worth remembering that the earthquake (in Japanese it is called jishin 地震) is not the cause of most of these reported deaths, but tsunamis or fires. Perhaps living far from the coast is a way to lessen your fear of earthquakes in Japan.

We have previously written an article talking about whether you really need to be afraid of earthquakes in Japan. There, we covered exactly these statistics and said that the real cause of the deaths is the Tsunami. If you want to read the article just click on the link below:

Como superar o medo de terremoto?

How to overcome the fear of earthquake?

Saying these things to someone who has never been there is easy, but what about those who are already scared to death and have suffered trauma? We need to face our psychological fear, the tips below can be useful:

  • The key to dealing with any fear is to accept and admit it;
  • Question your negative thoughts and exaggerated ideas;
  • Always be prepared for the earthquake;
  • Let go of your material possessions and value your life;
  • Stop thinking about the future and live in the present!
  • List your fear situations and face it!

Remember that the unexpected happens to everyone! There are thousands of other ways to die and suffer besides earthquakes!

I don't want to frighten anyone with these comments, but being afraid of these unforeseen events can increase our strength, make us prepared and also increase the value of our lives.

How to prepare for an earthquake in Japan?

The final tips below will help you prepare for earthquakes and finally lose that exaggerated fear.

  • Make sure that the water heaters are fixed and the objects are heavy, on the floor or on the bottom shelves;
  • Avoid placing heavy objects such as televisions in high places;
    Leave the exit path free;
  • For a moment, stop and think before you act;
  • Furniture such as cabinets, bookcases, drawers must be fixed to the wall or ceiling;
  • Have at home one kit first aid and an earthquake kit;
  • Teach family members to turn off electricity, gas and water;
  • Look for the best way to get out of the danger situation;
  • Teach family members to stay away from doors, mirrors and hide under the table;
  • Have a portable radio with charged batteries on hand;
  • Do rehearsals and remember to always remain calm;
  • Inquire at the city hall where the safest emergency location is in your neighborhood;

The real danger is the Tsunami

The biggest cause of death is the tsunami, responsible for killing 30,000 people in 2011. Over the years of Japan's history, only the tsunami and fires caused so many deaths, and this was because technology and houses were not prepared for these events. In the past 10 years, this has been the only event responsible for a large number of deaths.

Como superar o medo de terremoto?

Is that really a big number? Yes, it is a considerable number, but it is not a reason to be afraid of Japan. In Brazil, 100,000 people lose their lives every year because of crime and recklessness in traffic. While Japan does not reach these figures even in 20 years.

Just as we use seat belts in a car to prevent accidents, if you live in Japan or plan to visit, you must be aware of the risks and take safety measures. Now will you stop driving just because the car causes accidents? The number of cars kills a lot more in the world than these small earthquakes.

So if you want to go to Japan, but are afraid of an earthquake, know that disasters can happen. Only you shouldn't be afraid of Japan just because earthquakes happen there. If you are to die, you can die of anything at any time, especially if you live in Brazil.