10 bad things about living in Japan

That Japan has wonderful things everyone knows, but Japan is far from perfect, many who live in Japan face several problems. Thinking about it today we are going to talk about 10 bad things that people face when living in Japan.

Be careful not to take what is written in this article as absolute. There are differences from one region of Japan to another, there are cases and cases, everything is relative. Better to have your experience than to make choices or conclusions based on what others say.

This article was written based on the article by my great friend Rodrigo Coelho, we recommend watching the video below about 10 bad things about living in Japan. The text was just based, I grouped some topics, so it is quite different.

1 - Difficulty getting housing in Japan

Get rent apartment in japan it is difficult for the Japanese themselves, can you imagine for foreigners with different customs? Many claim that one of the most boring and difficult things is getting a place to rent.

The Japanese sometimes have to pay months in advance of rent, get a guarantor, meet various local requirements and many others. Can you imagine foreigners who don't know the language or know the cultural norms they face?

The owners tend to reject foreigners most of the time, saying that they make a lot of noise, parties and because of cultural and language barriers. Unfortunately it is the fault of some foreigners who make a lot of bullshit and create this bad reputation.

10 bad things about living in japan

Even those who turn to companies that are ready to take care of the process of renting a property, face difficulties. We have already accepted that many apartments do not accept animals, but there are apartments in Japan that do not even accept children.

2 - Medical care in Japan

The Japan hospitals they are to be envied, with a super infrastructure and service. The big problem is in the care of doctors who do not seem to understand the subject, or even if they do not know how to deal or interact with patients.

Doctors in Japan don't know how to explain things properly or know how to give bad news. They do not usually listen to patients, not least because the Japanese do not speak much. This results in many medical errors and weak remedies or that don't solve the problems.

10 bad things about living in japan

Not to mention that health is expensive and there are no certain types of treatment. Ever wondered why Japanese people have crooked teeth? In Japan dentists are very expensive and using devices not common in Japan.

3 - Tiring work routine

It doesn't matter if you works in factories or in the office, many are forced to work too much and work overtime. Some still have to endure challenges from bosses and co-workers. In Japan, his life revolves around work.

Even if you don't work in a factory or location that requires overtime, employers tend to give you more services to do than possible within 8 hours. Leaving you with no way out, forcing you to stay after hours to finish what you started.

10 bad things about living in japan

The holidays in Japan are short, there are few holidays which make your social life and rest very difficult. Another major problem is the wage differences between foreigners and Japanese.

4 - The Japanese fear of foreigners

The Japanese are super shy, strict and ashamed of making mistakes. This results in a certain fear of talking or relating to the Japanese themselves, imagine foreigners? Often you feel left out and think that Japanese are being prejudiced.

Many Japanese do not speak English, and do not understand their Japanese. Some simply stay away or pass straight out of fear of engaging in conversation with foreigners. It's complicated, but this shame that the Japanese put up with is very uncomfortable.

10 bad things about living in japan

5 - Japan's lack of communication

Communication in Japan is difficult, you have to fight and put differences aside. Sometimes you are accompanied by a friend who appears to be Japanese but doesn't speak the language. Even if you speak perfectly in Japanese, the person you are talking to will always end up looking at your friend.

The Japanese are also very closed, they use respect and education as a shell to hide from friendships and relationships. Socializing with the Japanese in Japan is really very complicated. They care a lot about what others think.

Sometimes the Japanese themselves catch your contact, personally you have fun, talk and get along well. But when trying to communicate through the social networks or cell phones, some just disappear, don't respond or don't talk. Some probably should have their cell phones in their hands scratching their heads thinking what to say, and they end up saying nothing.

10 bad things about living in japan

With a little dedication and warmth you are able to make Japanese people open up and experience warmth. The Japanese take everything to the extreme, when you meet a warm Japanese you will see how wonderful it can be. Just try to break that lock that the Japanese have.

6 - Natural Disasters

Many are afraid of earthquakes in Japan, but most of the time they are harmless. We must be concerned about tsunamis, volcanoes, typhoons, snow slides and heavy rains and summer heat.

There are more than 100 active volcanoes all over Japan, even though they never did any damage, it's still scary to think about these things. Fortunately, Japan is much better prepared for any disaster compared to our Brazil.

10 bad things about living in japan

7 - Bullying - Ijime in schools

One of the bad things in Japan is the frequent ijime that happens in schools in Japan. It doesn't matter if the person is foreign or Japanese, if he stands out for being different he will end up attracting attention and attracting bullies.

Most of the time women are bullies, the shyness of the Japanese and the slowness of teachers make bullying cases happen without much solution. While for some schools in Japan are a paradise, for others it is the real nightmare.

10 bad things about living in japan

8 - Machismo

Unfortunately machismo is quite strong in Japan, even if unconsciously. At work, women tend to receive less than men. There are companies that hire only men.

Even though the Japanese are polite and respectful, in Japan there is still a culture of wives being submissive, there are several customs that differentiate men from women, most of the times they are harmless, but that can scare some.

10 bad things about living in japan

9 - Delayed launches

Some must think that the first technologies and launches happen in Japan. Unfortunately, things are not so with films, games and other international products. exist movies in japan that take 6 months to leave, even after leaving Brazil.

The Japanese prioritize their products, so American and Western things end up being left out and arriving late in Japan. Except that there are situations that even games developed by Japanese come out in the west first than in Japan.

10 bad things about living in japan

10 - Many fees and taxes

We are already used to paying high fees in Brazil, not to mention that taxes in Japan are really well used. Still the Japan taxes and fees can be a nuisance in our life.

These fees create bureaucracies and difficulties to perform certain tasks. Even to change apartments there are excesses of fees. It probably has less taxes and frills than Brazil, but it still scares foreigners from other countries.

10 bad things about living in japan

In Brazil we are not used to seeing the value of taxes on store labels. It seems like a wonderful thing, but it can sometimes cause confusion.

This article was not designed to compare Japan with other countries, but to show that Japan, like all other countries, also has its problems. I personally still think Japan a thousand times better than Brazil. 

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