Fast Food in Japan - How are they? Which are the most popular?


The majority of the Japanese population does not have lunch at home and ends up using restaurants or lunch boxes called obento. In this article we will talk about the main demand of the Japanese, the restaurants Fast Food.

There are thousands of them in Japan, many of these restaurants and snack bars are part of major chains. We can say that Japan is the world of fast food, competing with the USA and India.

Fast food in Japan

Those who want fast food in Japan can use several options besides the traditional restaurants of fast food or hamburger eateries like the ones popular in Brazil McDonalds and Metro.

Since lunch hours are limited and the number of Japanese people who have lunch on the street is gigantic, many restaurants tend to be fast, even those that serve common foods like rice, soba and ramen.

You can also go to a treadmill sushi restaurant, and simply grab the sushi rolls that pass quickly on the treadmill without worrying about preparation or ordering.

Another alternative is to go to a convenience store (konbini) and buy a lunch box or any nonsense. The fact is, fast food options abound in Japan.

Fast food in japan - how are they? Which are the most popular?

How are fast foods in Japan?

Have you ever wondered how fast restaurants in Japan are? Many restaurants and snack bars fast food in Japan they use several ways to speed up and not waste the customer’s time.

Others have a vending machine at the entrance where the person already pays and takes their ticket for the dish they want, gives it to the cook, and some already receive the food within seconds after ordering.

As for other restaurants, such as soba, it allows the customer to go out and choose what to put on the plate and which side dishes he wants. Some even make the customer himself prepare the dish.

The fast food market in Japan moves more than 5,000 billion yen a year. The most popular are fast food from convenience stores like obento.

In addition to lunchboxes, some foods are considered fast food as the traditional onigiri, some also resort to a karaage, oden or nikuman.

The interesting thing about restaurants and fast food in Japan is the huge amount of options on the menu, totally different from what we are used to. There are different ingredients, sauces, spices and different flavors, seasonal, giant or bizarre.

Traditional international fast foods are quite successful in Japan. Those that stand out the most are Mc Donald's, KFC, Burger King, Subway among others.

Best of all, they are cheap and usually cost less than half an hour of work. I wanted to say the same thing about Brazil, but here we pay almost a day's work to eat in places like McDonald's.

Fast food in japan - how are they? Which are the most popular?

Japan's Best Fast Food

Now let's see a list of the best and most famous Japanese fast food in Japan:

Yoshinoya - A famous Japanese fast food chain where the main dish is the famous Gyudon. Dish that consists of rice covered with minced meat and onion, although it seems simple is a delight ... I don't know how these Japanese people manage. This is the most popular and also the first fast food in the world, founded in 1899. The best of all is the super cheap price!

Matsuya - Another very popular network with more than 1000 locations. A fierce competitor of yoshinoya, he offers other options like curry. It is not so popular with foreigners because it does not have instructions and signage in English.

Fast food in japan - how are they? Which are the most popular?

Sukiya - Another strong Yoshinoya competitor with great gyudon bowls and more than 2000 restaurants in Japan. The menu also includes other tasty options and a miso soup cannot be missing. Like most fast foods, this one is open 24 hours a day. There are Sukiya networks in Brazil and other countries.

CoCo Ichiban - A large chain of rice curry restaurants. Fast and with several options to increase your curry like natto, tonkatsu, chicken, etc.

Tenya - A chain of rice restaurants with tempura popular in Tokyo.

Ichiran - Network famous for the traditional ramen. To buy you don't even need to talk to anyone. Just go to the machine, pay there and enter with a ticket. Even if your pasta runs out, while you have soup, just ask that they can refill your bowl.

Fast food in japan - how are they? Which are the most popular?

Japanese Fast Food Snacks

Freshness Burger - As the name says, they offer hamburgers from small to giant, in addition to coffee and vegetarian items. It is also famous for a number of exotic sauces.

MOS Burger - A local variation of the famous McDonald's, with juicy and tasty hamburgers. MOS Burger is a Japanese franchise and was founded in 1972 in Tokyo.

Lotteria - It was founded in Japan in 1972 and expanded to South Korea in 1979. It serves hamburgers with unique flavors with teriyaki or shrimp.

Jef - A chain of restaurants on the island of Okinawa, its popular dishes are based on goya, a type of bitter melon.

Fast food in japan - how are they? Which are the most popular?

Pizza-La - One of the largest and best successful pizza chain in Japan. There are several options with unique and different ingredients than we are used to, in addition to the traditional ones.

First Kitchen - Popular restaurant in Tokyo famous for selling hamburgers, pizza, pasta and fried chicken.

Other Fast Food in Japan - List

To end the article, let's leave a short list with other Fast Food that deserve to be highlighted:

  • Ajisen Ramen;
  • Aoki's Pizza;
  • Beard Papa's;
  • Dipper Dan;
  • Dom Dom;
  • Gyoza no Ohsho;
  • Hotto Motto;
  • Ichibanya;
  • Matsuya Foods;
  • Mister Donut;
  • Pepper Lunch;
  • Yogen Früz;
  • Beard Papa's

Is that you? What do you think of fast food in Japan? We appreciate comments and shares.

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