The meaning of the acronyms OVA, OAD, ONA, OST, PV and other

Strolling through the site MAL (My Anime List), it is common to find several acronyms after the anime names. Among them we can mention the famous OVAs, we also have the acronym TV. The latter is easy to deduce, however, there are some more unknown ones, among which we can mention ONA and OAD. Few people know what it means, or have a rough idea of what it is.

Anyway, in this article we will give an explanation and some other information about these acronyms that accompany the lives of the otaku. Or at least those who are most interested in these details. If you haven’t seen these acronyms yet, I advise you to visit the My Anime List website.

But before starting, everyone needs to know that these acronyms are not popular and do not change anything, to know or not to know, their meanings. We are giving this information only as a means of information and curiosities about this great anime industry. The Summary below will help you navigate:

When an anime has the acronym TV

This one, despite being obvious, will still have its meaning explained here. After all, there is currently no one who does not know what the acronym TV means, that’s right, TELEVISION. It is common to find this acronym in anime that are shown on TV. This already explains why this acronym is found.

When an anime is made to air on TV, it gets that acronym. An interesting example is the anime Black Clover, which is being released, it is made for TV. If you watch anime on subscription streamer sites or fansubs, you won’t notice any difference between these and other anime. This is because they get this acronym, back in Japan. The broadcasters buy the rights to these anime in order to show them.

This scheme is similar to the films here in Brazil. Here, broadcasters buy the rights to a film in order to show it on their programming. This guarantees the right to show such a film and as compensation they win the audience, which may or may not be paid by subscription (Subscription channels).

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

When a video has the acronym PV

English acronym for "Promotional video" or translation into English "Promotional Videos". It refers to some short videos with some elements of the anime (characters, scenarios or some other element of the genre) often accompanied by a background narration, with the aim of promoting.

The videos that fall under this acronym are disseminated in the media in general, to promote an anime, film, OVA, ONA or others of the genre. Usually these videos are released to promote the premiere of anime and also anime films, but they may happen to be released during or at the end of the series to encourage the purchase of related products.

We may not refer so much to their correct name, as PVs are often mistaken for Trailers. In case you are wondering "is there a difference?", We will explain what a trailer is. Trailer is a short video with parts of the film, series, novel together with the aim of announcing the work, before the release. That is, it is a video ad, whereas PVs are videos to promote. The difference is in their freedom. Anyway, whether you agree or disagree is at the discretion of each one.

Meaning of Acronym OVA - Original Video Animation

Following the logic of better known to lesser known, we have the acronym OVA. This acronym refers to the term in English “Original Video Animation” which means in English “Original Anime Video” [OAV] which is also used as an acronym in some countries. This acronym refers to Anime or anime episodes exclusively for video media such as Blu-ray and DVD.

They are released suddenly, without any kind of warning, as is normally done for anime and anime movies (the famous trailers or Preview). There are exceptions, but they are rare cases, most know only when it is already released. Despite being launched without prior notice, OVAs have much more time for their development, which often exceed the quality of the main product.

Despite these characteristics, OVAs are just stories that complement a story or follow a different route from the original work, which are the main anime. That is, this acronym usually accompanies an episode of anime that often do not matter for anime.

Anime with this acronym, does not contain any type of cut or censorship, this is an implicit rule that has great importance for the industry. The anime and anime episodes made in OVAs have a single volume of DVD or other media of the genre, for each episode produced. This is one of the ways that anime generates income.

Anime genre Hentai (with pornographic content), are usually released in OVA format.

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

Meaning of Acronym ONA - Original Net Animation

Less known than the other two, the acronym ONA is also an English acronym that refers to the expression “Original Net Animation”, which means, in free translation into English, “Anime Original Net” or “Anime Original da Net”. This acronym refers to productions that were originally made for the Internet or the Net, as you prefer.

The method of production to which it stands is relatively new. This is when distribution over the Net is compared to distribution over video media. With the advent of the internet, information and content spread quickly. To keep up with this evolution, the anime market had to create a production and distribution method especially for the internet.

This market grows more and more every day. However, the main source of income is by far products in video media. This may change over time, but the industry takes as its main motto the thought “in a winning team, it doesn’t move”, and tends to invest little in this field.

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

What is an OAD - Original Animation DVD

To explain this acronym, I have to inform you that this is completely useless for otakus who only watch anime. But if you are an otaku who likes to buy mangas, Anime on Blu-ray and DVD, you will identify with her. The term comes from the English expression “Original Animation DVD”, in free translation it means in English “Original Animation DVD” or “Original Animation DVD”

For general explanation, this acronym refers to an OVA on DVD, with some more details than the OVAs already mentioned. The difference of the latter for OADs, is that when you buy this product you will also earn the original product of the work, that is, a manga. Basically it is not relevant at all, and if we reflect on it we will see that it does not affect at all those otaku who only watch anime.

As blu-ray nowadays are more popular, will they adapt the name to Original Animation Disc or will they invent the OAB? (笑).

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

The acronym OST - Original Sound Track

Acronym for the expression “Original Sound Track” or in English “original music track”, refers to the songs that are included in the anime, whether as opening, closing, background themes, etc. Basically all the songs that are in the anime.

This is another known method for the industry to generate income. Because OST is often also sold as a separate part of the anime. I believe that not only in anime, but also in almost all types of media of this genre, such as films, soap operas, series etc.

Extra acronym - MC

MC stands for “Main Character” or in English “Main Character”. It's what we know as the protagonist, that character who plays the main role in the anime. And he is always surrounded by looks and clichés around him. The “protagonist never dies” cliché is a cliché that few Anime have broken. There is always a miracle that saves the MC when he needs it most.

I personally just watched an anime that broke this cliché, Akane Ga Kill, and its popularity was formed in praise as well as criticism. Even today this anime is a discussion, and they always mention it when it comes to breaking clichés.

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

Extra acronym - OP

It can refer to two terms. The first is “Overpower” this term refers to an anime character that is extremely powerful in many ways, that is, he can be extremely intelligent, strong, skilled etc.

To sum up, some ability capable of dominating others in terms of power. It is not a rule that the protagonist is OP, this term can be used for any character in the year that fits the standards. I think it is unnecessary to quote END ending, which is the same thing as the end.

The other term is "Opening", refers to the opening of anime. Usually the opening contains certain series of images that may or may not contain the main characters, spoilers and plot tips etc. Always accompanying a theme song that may or may not be sung.

The meaning of the acronyms ova, oad, ona, ost, pv and other

What do I think about acronyms?

Well, I believe that the misinformation of these acronyms will not affect big things in the life of otaku. But just as the spirit of the curious is always to pry, the spirit of an otaku is always to learn more about this universe of anime. And speaking personally, information and knowledge is always good to have accumulated.

There are certainly more acronyms, if you know some or want to ask questions about any, just comment. Just to clarify, this article is exclusive of acronyms. For information on things like clichés and terms used in anime, we have other articles right here on the site.

This is all we have for this article. Thank you, my dear reader for reading this far and suggestions, doubts, criticisms or complementary information just comment. We will be looking and responding to everyone.

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