List of the 100 best horror anime

Horror anime create an atmosphere of restlessness, they encourage viewers to learn more about their universe and present some scares… In this article, we will see a complete list, and also recommend the best horror anime.

through eerie music and sounds, visceral or disturbing images or surprising moments, the works of Terror make you worry about what's to come. Ready to watch these terrifying works?

List of the best horror anime - hellsing

The best horror anime

There are trash, traditional and similar horror anime to American movies. Generally crude, without history, full of fanservice, which only tries to cause fear and scare with the obvious. We could quote them here, but I want to show the real terror.

Decent horror anime are much more elaborate, but end up being categorized as action, fighting and adventure. If you've seen one of the anime below in another genre, try to think of it as a horror anime.

Many of the anime on this list also dovetail perfectly with our other article on anime gore which consists of violence and a lot of blood and absurd scenes to burn your eyes.

Shingeki no Kyojin -Attack on Titan

Giants with smiling faces eat humans trapped inside a wall. The protagonist has his mother swallowed by a titan, gets angry and joins the army in order to accomplish something instead of just waiting to be eaten by a giant.

In this super popular story, you will see lots of blood and charismatic characters dying in grotesque ways. A lot of fighting and a lot of suspense in each episode, twists and increasingly agonizing secrets.

The anime has more than 4 seasons with many episodes perfect for marathoning. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch this work of art, be sure to put it at the top of the list, or even buy your manga collection that we'll show you in the other subtitle.

List of the best horror anime - shingeki no kyojin
Eren looking scared…

The Promised Neverland - Yakusoku no Neverland

Emma, ​​Norman, Ray and many other “siblings” live in an orphanage isolated from the outside world. They live an enchanted life, surrounded by friends and watched over by Mother, their caretaker, until finally leaving home for a foster family at the age of twelve.

The only rule is that they must never venture outside the gate that isolates them from the rest of society, as dangers await them. But one day, the children learn the true horror and fate of adopted children, and try to escape from that place.

List of the best horror anime - promised neverland
Promised Neverland

Parasity - Kiseijuu

One of my favorite anime, it has a lot of action, suspense and terror. Human-eating parasites invade and take over human brains and live in hiding committing grotesque and macabre murders.

A young student in love ends up receiving a parasite, which unsuccessfully obtains his brain, gets stuck in his arm and becomes something of an ally of humanity. In the meantime we see a story that discusses who the real monsters are.

List with the best horror anime - kiseijuu parasita
Kiseijuu - Shinichi

Tokyo Ghoul

the anime Tokyo Ghoul tells the story of beings who feed on human flesh, cannibals who cannot resist their urge to consume meat. These beings called Ghouls also possess superhuman abilities.

As half human and half ghoul, a young man is torn between the 2 worlds, being hunted by humans and sometimes by the ghouls themselves. An epic anime, with an epic soundtrack and lots of action.

Unfortunately the anime did well in the first season but lost in the next ones. There were a lot of studio changes, script, direct, art and other things that unfortunately spoiled the anime a lot, but it's worth it.

List of the best horror anime - tokyo ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul characters


26 years ago, in a third-year high school classroom, there was a student named Misaki. She died suddenly, her classmates decided to carry on as if she was still alive until graduation.

Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi transfers into the class and becomes suspicious of the atmosphere of fear in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful and distant girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eye patch and is always alone making drawings.

During the anime thousands of sinister things happen, macabre deaths with umbrellas stuck in necks, people being crushed, decapitated and other terribly frightening things.

List with the best horror anime - another

Higurashi no naku koro ni kai

The story takes place in 1983 in a rural village called Hinamizawa (based in Shirakawa, Gifu). The main character of the series, Maebara Keiichi, moves to a village and befriends several classmates.

The anime is based on a game, which consists of an investigation of murders that take place at a local festival. Usually one of the friends becomes paranoid and starts murdering others and their own friends.

List of the best horror anime - higurashi no naku koro ni
Hikurashi no Naku koro ni kai

Ajin - Demi-Human

The anime features immortal beings with abilities to control another sand being hunted and hated by other humans. These beings called ajin are kidnapped and subjected to laboratory tests, torture and many other sinister things.

A young boy found out he is an Ajin after being hit by a car. Soon he begins to be hunted by the authorities, another Ajin appears in order to help him, but their goals are a little different.

List of the 100 best horror anime

The best horror manga

Now let's leave a list of horror manga that you can purchase at Amazon itself. Remembering that the first volumes usually cost more due to lack of stock, if you enter Amazon you will find other volumes for 12 reais.

List of Horror Anime

Below we will leave a list of anime names that have the horror genre, in order of popularity. Probably the focus of anime is not always horror, but it features a wide range of suspense and scares, in addition to being categorized in the genre.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
Nome do Anime de TerrorYear
Attack on Titan2018
The Promised Neverland2019
Parasyte -the maxim-2014
When They Cry: Kai2007
Tokyo Ghoul2014
When They Cry: Higurashi2006
Owari no Seraph2015
Ghost Hunt2006
Knights of Sidonia2015
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors2006
Seraph of the End2015
Knights of Sidonia2014
Aoi Bungaku Series2009
Hell Girl: Three Vessels2008
Tokyo Ghoul √A2015
Ajin: Demi-Human2016
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress2016
Highschool of the Dead2010
Tokyo Majin: 2nd Act2007
Hell Girl2005
Ghost Hound2007
Tokyo Ghoul:re2018
Umineko: When They Cry2009
Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror2006
Tokyo Majin2007
Devil May Cry2007
Devils' Line2018
Mouryou no Hako2008
Kaibutsu-kun (1980)1980
Angels of Death2018
Requiem from the Darkness2003
Happy Sugar Life2018
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories2013
Boogiepop and Others2019
Blue Gender1999
Terra Formars2014
Mermaid Forest TV2003
Red Garden2006
Descendants of Darkness2000
Vampire Princess Miyu TV1997
The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball2016
Boogiepop Phantom2000
Hakaba Kitaro2008
Terra Formars: Revenge2016
Gregory Horror Show1999
Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight2017
Kaidan Restaurant2009
Night Head Genesis2006
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 5th Season2017
Kagewani: Shou2016
Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf2010
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 6th Season2018
Day Break Illusion: il sole penetra le illusioni2013
Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa: Hanako-san ga Kita!!1994
Junji Ito "Collection"2018
Shadow Star Narutaru2003
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 7th Season2019
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 3rd Season2016
Youkai Ningen Bem1968
Sci-fi Harry2000
Demon Lord Dante2002
Dororon Enma-kun1973
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 4th Season2017
Youkai Ningen Bem (2006)2006
King's Game2017
Kurayami Santa2015
Nessa no Haou Gandalla1998
Ao Oni The Blue Monster2016
Ehon Yose2006
The World Yamizukan2017
Talentless Nana
Jujutsu Kaisen2020
Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror2020

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

List of Horror Anime Movies

The list below has the Japanese horror animations in movie format:

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
Nome do filme de animeYear
The Garden of Sinners Movie 2:...And Nothing Heart. (2007
Perfect Blue1998
Attack on Titan Movie 3: The Roar of Awakening2018
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Movie: The Battle of Unato2019
Ajin Movie 3: Shougeki2016
Ajin Movie 1: Shoudou2015
Ajin Movie 2: Shoutotsu2016
Attack on Titan Movie 2: The Wings of Freedom2015
Youkai Watch Movie 4: Shadowside - Oni-ou no Fukkatsu2017
Attack on Titan Movie 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow2014
Resident Evil: Damnation2012
Resident Evil: Vendetta2017
King of Thorn2009
Blood-C: The Last Dark2012
Knights of Sidonia Movie2015
Resident Evil: Degeneration2008
Kaibutsu-kun: Kaibutsu Land e no Shoutai1981
Toilet no Hanako-san1996
Blood: The Last Vampire2000
Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek2004
Kaibutsu-kun: Demon no Ken1982
Wicked City1987
Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (1991)1991
Blue Gender: The Warrior2002
ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion2018
Tokyo Revelation1995
Seoul Station2016
Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! Nara Onryou Emaki1989
Walking Meat2019
Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (1958)1958
Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (1993)1993
The Island of Giant Insects Movie2020
Sougiya to Inu2010
Usagi ga Kowai2002
Ao Oni The Animation Movie2017
Consultation Room2005
BEM Movie: Become Human2020
Attack on Titan Movie 4: Chronicle2020
Amrita no Kyouen2021
Violence Voyager2018
The Crimson Whale2014

List of Horror OVAs and Specials

The list below includes non-Japanese origin horror anime, specials and OVAs, as well as web creations. Some might be weird, others might have adult content. Research before watching a certain series.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
Hellsing Ultimate2006
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Zange-shitsu2020
Shiki Specials2011
Attack on Titan: Ilse's Notebook2013
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Mutsukabezaka2018
Devilman: Crybaby2018
Ling Long: Incarnation2019
When They Cry: Rei2009
Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai: Fugou Mura2017
Tokyo Ghoul: Jack2015
You're Being Summoned, Azazel OVA2010
Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto2015
RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne2008
Ajin OVA2016
Pet Shop of Horrors1999
Angels of Death (Web)2018
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku Outbreak2013
Demon Prince Enma2006
Terra Formars: Earth Arc2018
Terra Formars OVA2014
Devils' Line: Anytime Anywhere2018
Zombie-Loan Specials2008
Corpse Party: Tortured Souls2013
Devilman: The Birth1987
Devilman: The Demon Bird1990
Mermaid Forest1991
Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin1996
7 Seeds2019
Wo Jiao Bai Xiaofei2015
Mermaid's Scar1993
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette2004
Eko Eko Azarak2007
Puppet Princess2000
Gakkou no Kaidan (2005)2005
Junji Ito "Collection": Tomie2018
Ogre Slayer1994
Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman2000
Resident Evil 4: Incubate2006
Demon City Shinjuku1988
Chocolat no Mahou2011
Kyomu Senshi Miroku1989
Umezu Kazuo no Noroi1990
Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma1989
Blood-C: Special Edition2012
H.P. Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror and Other Stories2007
Spirit Warrior1988
Lily C.A.T.1987
Laughing Target1987
Shi Xiong2014
Bio Hunter1995
Higanjima X2016
Kangoku Jikken2018
Spirit Warrior 21994
Corpse Party: Missing Footage2012
Bride of Deimos1988
Doomed Megalopolis1991
Twilight of the Dark Master1997
Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko2008
Hashi no Mukou2012
Horror News (1991)1991
Inuki Kanako Zekkyou Collection: Gakkou ga Kowai!1999
matryoshka: Niedola2012
Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage1989
Chainsaw Bunny2018
Galerians: Rion2002
Maryuu Senki1987
Si Ling Bianma: Zhi Shijie Caozong Zhe2013
Shuten Doji1989
mathru: Bacterial Contamination2012
Violence Jack 3: Hell's Wind1990
Mugen Shinshi: Bouken Katsugeki Hen1987
Violence Jack 2: Evil Town1988
Denki Groove: Mononoke Dance2008
Digital Devil Story Megami Tensei1987
Devilman: Crybaby - Digest Eizou2018
Chainsaw Maid2007
Horror News2014
Resident Evil 4D Executor2000
Violence Jack 1: Harlem Bomber1986
Zekkyou Gakkyuu: Tensei2016
Calamity of a Zombie Girl2018
Qui Shui Yi Yun2015
Karada Sagashi2017
Calamity of a Zombie Girl PV2012
Heisei Matsue Kaidan: Ayashi2017
The Island of Giant Insects2019
The Dark Myth1990
Hell Target1987
Bloody Date2006
Zonmi-chan: Halloween Special Movie!2015
Heisei Matsue Kaidan2015
Hino Hideshi Toukaidou Yotsuya Kaidan2000
Maid of the Dead2013
Nasu Highland Park Horror Attraction "Sema Kuruoshii Ie"2019
Bloody Night2006
Dark Cat1991
Dead World2016
Dead Girl2011
Roots Search1986
Within The Bloody Woods2006
Love Bites2016
Ling Long: Incarnation Part 22020
Hoongi: Sumbakkokjil2012
TaKU.K: Moushuu no Guernica2020
Noroi no One Piece1990
Rootless Heart2011
Spirits from the Night2012
Mermaid Song2017
Saturday the 14th2017
Jeipon, Futatabi! Kore ga Reiwa Style no Satsujinki2019
Even More Ghost Stories1996
Youkai Ningen Bem: Part II1992

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