25 Fascinating Facts about Tokyo Ghoul - Anime and Manga

Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種) is a seinen manga series written by Sui Ishida and published in Yong Jump in 2011. The success resulted in a Light Novel and several anime seasons. In today's article we will try to share approximately 25 facts about Tokyo Ghoul (I will not number).

The story revolves around Kaneki, a normal young man who ends up finding a deadly romance that turns him into a monster that wants to eat humans. You should know this, as this article contains several spoilers, and we recommend that you have watched the anime or read the manga beforehand.

Curiosities about the work of Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul was based on a novel called metamorphosis written in 1915 by Franz Kafka. Ghouls are originally monsters in Arabic mythology associated with cemeteries and eating human flesh. The characters in Tokyo Ghoul are believed to reference Tarot cards.

Tokyo Ghoul was a hit in 2014, both in manga and animation. The manga became the 4th best-selling of the year, while the anime had a disappointing second season that displeased most fans.

25 curiosities about Tokyo Ghoul - anime and manga

Manga author Sui Ishida has never appeared in public, nor has he posted pictures on his social media. He's a complete stranger, even his sex is somewhat dubious. They only believe he's a man because he let something slip in a publication. The mangaka claims to have read every chapter of the Drabon Ball and Bleach works.

  • The Anteiku Cafe is based on a real-life cafe near the author's house.
  • In Tokyo, there really are districts that are like neighborhoods, there are only 23 of them while in the anime there are 24.
  • Touka was going to take Rize's place, until she was implemented;
  • Kaneki's surname is a reference to the famous writer Osamu Dazai, who was born in Kanagi famous for his novel "No More Humans";
  • December 20th is the same birthday for Kaneki and Arima Kishou. Kaneki was tortured on his birthday;
  • The only known living members of Kaneki's family are his uncles and a cousin;

Fun facts about Tokyo Ghoul characters

About Kaneki – Her name is derived from the kanji for gold and tree (金木), which are also the days of the week Thursday and Friday. (金曜日/木曜日). Your surname ken (研) derives from the word study, which indicates your intellect. Kaneki has a habit of twisting his chin with his left hand every time he lies or feels uncomfortable, he pulled from Mom.

25 curiosities about Tokyo Ghoul - anime and manga

Tsukiyama it was destined for another work, until the author decided to add it to Tokyo Ghoul. There are several speculations that Tsukiyama is bisexual, until it was confirmed in an interview. After Kaneki lost his memory, Tsukiyama went on a hunger strike for 3 years.

ammon, the CCG investigator has the same name as the Egyptian god "Amon Ra", which translates to "God of all gods". The neck tattoo Song is written in Greek and means: "I cannot live with you, nor without you". Uta was raped by Mutsuki.

Touka suffers from ornithophobia (bird phobia), due to a bird that injured her right eye (the eye she covers with her bangs. Touka likes school and rabbits. She hates classical literature, and in reality she wants to study animal biology). Ghoul and not set up a cafe like the anime says.

25 curiosities about Tokyo Ghoul - anime and manga

Juuzou does not feel any kind of physical or emotional pain, due to the suffering of childhood at the hands of the Female Ghoul Big Mama. That's why she keeps cutting and sewing herself, to feel alive.

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