List of the best Gore Anime – Violent


Action anime of the genus Gore focus a lot on violence, full of guts, blood, rolling heads and scary things. If you think your heart can handle it, see this list of the best Gore anime.

The List of Gore anime is not for anyone. I myself am one of those who hate this exaggeration, but by making the will of readers, we will share a complete list with the best gore anime.

Elfen Lied – The most famous Gore anime

Elfen Lied’s story revolves around prejudice, social alienation, abuse, jealousy, revenge and other ugly things that would lead someone to do unimaginable things. This anime breaks every limit anyone can have of violent.

In addition to the excellent plot, viewers should also expect many scenes of pens piercing skulls in one of the most violent and bloody anime of all time. Teens usually show this anime to those who say anime is a child’s thing.

Don’t let the cute little faces in the image below fool you. The characters in this anime not only kill people, but also children and anime. The secret is in the invisible and powerful arms.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni kai

In my opinion one of the second most Gore and violent anime after Elfen Lied, so it follows second on the list. The story takes place in 1983 in a rural village called Hinamizawa (based in Shirakawa, Gifu).

The main character of the series, Maebara Keiichi, moves to a village and becomes friends with his classmates: Ryuugu Rena, Sonozaki Mion, Furude Rika, Houjou Satoko and later Sonozaki Shion.

The anime is based on a game, which consists of an investigation of murders taking place at a local festival. Usually one of the friends becomes paranoid and begins to murder others and their own friends.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Hellsing – Vampire hunters and monsters

In Hellsing, a British task force plays the important role of annihilating threats in the form of vampires, ghosts and other supernatural beings in the middle of a real bloodbath around the city.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that these evil beings always choose to give victims macabre deaths. On the other hand, a vampire himself named Allucard annihilates his own kind sinisterly.

The anime has a season of 13 episodiums released in 2001, an OVA with 10 episodes released in 2006 and 2012, in addition to the manga that is in Hiatus.

Hellsing - vampire hunters and monsters list of the best gore anime - violent

Another – Death of the Umbrella

26 years ago, in a third-year classroom of a high school, there was a student named Misaki. She died suddenly, her colleagues decided to continue as if she were still alive until graduation.

Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Sakakibara Kouichi moves to class and becomes suspicious of the atmosphere of fear in that classroom. In particular, there is a beautiful and distant girl named Mei Misaki who wears an eye patch and is always alone making drawings.

During the anime thousands of sinister things happen, macabre deaths with umbrellas sticking around necks, people being crushed, decapitated and other terribly frightening things.

List of the best gore anime - violent


The anime features women trained in fencing and with special powers. These powers increase their physical abilities to beastly levels, where they literally turn into beasts if they don’t control themselves.

If one of these swordsmen get out of control and make such a monster, they are killed by women themselves with this power. It becomes ironic, because they live to kill monsters that are partly their destiny if they do not control power.

Anyway, the difference is that there is no freshness of being women the anime is not violent. On the contrary, this anime is much more violent than much of the anime of all genres. 

List of the best gore anime - violent

Tokyo Ghoul – Cannibalism Anime

Another rather popular anime that has a bit of Gore and a rather sinister story. A young boy ends up becoming one of the fearsome Ghoul, people with powers who can only eat meat.

As a human medium and half Ghoul, it is divided between the two worlds, being hunted by humans and sometimes by ghouls themselves. An epic anime, with an epic soundtrack and lots of action.

Unfortunately the anime was fine in the first season but got lost in the next. There have been many studio changes, script, direct, art and other things that unfortunately pretty badthe anime, but it’s worth it.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Kiseijuu – Parasyte

One of my favorite anime, where parasites fall to earth in order to dominate human brains and infiltrate between them. Unfortunately these parasites need to feed on human flesh.

A young teenager in love ends up being infected by a parasite, but the parasite cannot dominate his brain by staying only in his right hand. Fortunately the parasite has no desire to eat human flesh because it does not dominate the brain.

The parasite and protagonist agrees to coexist, until they need to face other parasites that put the lives of both in danger. The skills present in the parasites are superhuman. In my opinion, it’s the best anime on this list.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Deadman Wonderland

The protagonist Igarashi Ganta had a normal life until one day his classmates are murdered and he becomes the prime suspect in the crime he did not commit.

A lost and confused young man ends up being sent to a prison where he discovers he needs to fight other prisoners using a skill that allows him to control the blood.

In Ghanaian prison, he discovers that the real killer is called Red Man. Using his abilities and powers to control his own blood, Ganta tries to hunt down this killer to get revenge at all costs.

List of the best gore anime - violent

HIGH SCHOOL of the dead

It happened suddenly: the dead began to rise and Japan was thrown into total chaos. When these monsters begin to terrorize a school, Takashi Kimuro is forced to kill his best friend when he is bitten.

Promising to protect King Miyamoto, the girlfriend of the man he just executed, they narrowly escape his death trap from a school, only to be greeted with a society that has already fallen.

A classic action-packed zombie anime all the time and still a little ecchi. The anime is quite honest, despite disappearing a little of reality by shooting between a girl’s breasts to hit a zombie.

List of the best gore anime - violent - highschool of death 1ecchi anime List of the best Gore anime – Violent” class=”wp-image-44485″/>


A man has a curse that causes demons to pursue him every night, and not to be devoured by them, this man is forced to kill or die all night and every night since he was cursed.

This man is a swordsman who was raised since he was a child in a group of mercenaries, since he was a child he has the habit of carrying huge bastard swords. An anime for those who want a lot of action and blood.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Attack on Titan

The anime takes place in a world where people live inside a wall to protect themselves from giants who eat people. In this world there are 3 military groups responsible for human survival.

For more than 100 years living in peace, one day the village of the protagonists that is on the last wall is devastated by a huge giant that causes a hole in the wall. The three children run away from their survival and decide to join the army.

What will be the mystery behind this bloody story? How are they going to be able to defeat these giant titans? This is one of the most popular anime of all time.

List of the best gore anime - violent

Other Gore anime

Unfortunately, you can’t name all gore anime in this article. So let’s list below other pretty popular Gore anime that you may not have seen yet. I hope you like the list below:

  • Corpse Party;
  • Mirai Nikki;
  • Psycho-Pass;
  • Shiki; Blood+;
  • Black Butler;
  • Ninja Scroll;
  • Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu;
  • Akame ga kill; Devilman;
  • Umineko;
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion;
  • Btooom;
  • Afro Samurai;
  • School Days;
  • Drifters;
  • Baccano;
  • Basilis;
  • King’s Game;
  • Genocyber;
  • Murder Princess;
  • Pupa;
  • Gakkou Gurashi;
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure;
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