How to use Discord to learn Japanese?

Did you know that you can practice writing, speaking, listening and reading in the Japanese language using Discord? In this article, we will teach you how to use the voice application to train the main attributes that exist in the Japanese language. In addition to learning a lot, you will have a lot of fun in the process.

- how to use discord to learn japanese?
How to use discord to learn Japanese?

Discord is available for use by PC (Microsoft Windows, MacOS), mobile (Android and iOS) and web browsers (most of them) and registration is done quickly and intuitively. To register and start enjoying the app Click here.

what is discord

Discord is a popular service used by gamers and friends to interact through voice and chat channels. In the application it is possible to create channels, add friends, create topics within groups and download bots (robots) to help or increase the usability of groups. Launched in 2015, Discord, which was initially designed to facilitate conversations between friends during gameplay, is becoming increasingly popular among the general public and language learners due to its large number of tools and the fact that be free.

Within Discord there is the possibility to create a hierarchy between the members of a certain channel, so that moderation can be outsourced to other participants. In addition, there are commands that can be typed on the keyboard to optimize chat processes and interactions. Bots are of the most varied types. In the case of the Japanese language, there are bots that simulate the game “shiritori”, that simulate a DJ and that automate and provide the possibility of carrying out quizzes that result in a score ranking.

How to use discord to learn and train Japanese?

Some bots are extremely useful for Japanese learners who want to improve their language skills. Among those we can mention, we have the Kotoba Discord Bot which has countless functionalities, such as the possibility to perform quizzes, play shiritori, look up the meaning of kanji and words in the dictionary, request the display of example sentences, furigana and translations into languages such as Spanish. Kotoba is a very effective and easy-to-use bot, especially after studying and assimilating the keyboard commands, which usually start with “k!”.

Another very practical bot that can help in learning is called soul music – capable of simulating a DJ (disc jockey) who finds songs by typing the keyboard command followed by the name of the song, band or singer.

However, in addition to bots, Discord offers the creation of voice channels where it is possible to train speech and listening comprehension in the language. Another possibility that I highly recommend is to create different topics and text chats with different goals. For example: a chat to write and talk 100% in Japanese, another to talk about issues related to the language itself and another to discuss cultural topics.

どんな – donna – pronoun used in Japanese

Finally, it is very important that the community administrator can manage the good coexistence of the group, especially by establishing coexistence rules that prevent the dissemination of pirated material and provide learning in a fun and healthy way. The dissemination of knowledge, sharing of experiences in the language and study tips are also essential for the course of the process.

Learning while having fun is the best method there is!

Soon we'll show you how other apps, like Twitch, for example, can help Japanese language learners on their arduous journey.

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