Seiyuu - The famous Japanese voice actors

Have you heard of the word seiyuu? This word is used to refer to the beautiful and famous voice actors for anime, games and others. What are the differences between Western and Japanese voice actors? Today we will understand the meaning of being a voice actor in Japan.

Seiyuu in Japan it is not a simple voice actor. In Japan they are usually as famous as an actress, and they need to do shows, sing and win over several fans around Japan and the world. Being a voice actor in Japan is a profession and childhood dream.

Seiyuu's History and Meaning

The word Seiyuu [声優] is a unisex word derived from “Koe no Haiyuu”[声の俳優] which means voice actor.

This term was created to solve the problem of confusion between actor and voice actor, and thus to name those who only lent their voices to characters or gave narrations, the term was only consolidated in the 70s.

At that same time, the first musical group composed solely of seiyuus appeared. The Slapstick, formed by Akira Kamiya, Tooru Furuya and Toshio Furukawa, they are considered legends of Japanese dubbing to this day.

Thus, the band expanded the possibilities of the seiyuus' work, and can now be a singer, in addition to the other functions they played, such as voice actors in anime, commercials, games and films.

Still in the 70s, the first magazine dedicated to Japanese animation was created, publicizing the seiyuus' work and reinforcing their potential to become great idols.

Over the years, other magazines were created, supporting this idea and increasing the number of people interested in enrolling in dubbing schools, size was the incentive that today there are approximately 130 schools for this training.

However, it was only in the 90s that Brazil had contact with anime, through TV Manchete or VHS tape, until the mid-2000s, after that the Cartoon Network began to pass Dragon Ball Z, dubbed, only when Cartoon brings Samurai X do you have real contact with the seiyuus. It is now very common for Seiyuus to be singers and actors.
Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

What are the jobs of a voice actress?

A Seiyuu doesn't just dub anime. These talents also dub foreign films, video games, radio drama, CD drama, presentations, puppets, narration, theater, music and others. Some even do commercials and appear on advertising posters.

Usually a female voice actress doesn't just voice female characters. Many famous male characters have a female voice actor, like Alphonse and Naruto. The opposite also happens, but rarely.

Many voice actors need to make songs and songs to accompany an animated work. They are usually great singers, and even release their singles and records. Voice actors are true Idols in Japan.

The voice actors are very successful because Japan produces about 60% of the animated series in the world. Some voice actors are subjected to making strange sounds, or even to dub adult content, despite their supposed innocence.

Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

How to become a Seiyuu?

Becoming a seiyuu or voice actor is a complicated mission as is becoming an actress, singer or idol. We are not going to show you a tutorial on how to do this, because you would need to be fluent in Japanese and live in Japan. We just want to show you the steps.

In addition to having skills with the voice, the person needs to be hardworking and even strive to gain space in this large market. Most of these talents are discovered through a voice acting school, where most young people who watch anime and want to become a seiyuu enroll.

Other talented voice actors are discovered through a talent academy, theater actor or even through her career as an idol and actress. Others are discovered at school, even though they are minors.

Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

Some famous Seiyuu

Some of the most famous seiyuus are:

Megumi Hayashibara - She has won 13 awards at Animage, she is also a singer and voiced the voices of Haibara Ai in Detective Conan, Haruka from Love Hina.

Yui Horie - Famous for singing several anime openings and closings, she has worked on thousands of works, voicing: Kaga Kouko - Golden Time, Minori Kushieda - Toradora! and Siesta - Zero at Tsukaima.

Rie Kugimiya - Toradora Taiga, Louise de Zero at Tsukaima, Alphonse Elric and Xiao Mei in Fullmetal Alchemist.


Akio Ohtsuka - Metal gear Solidb (solid Snake), Bleach (Shunsui Kyouraku), One Piece (black beard), Naruto (Chiriku) and others.

Masako Nozawa - Dragon Ball Z (Goku and others), One Piece (Doctor Kureba), Cross Game (Nomo) and others.

Junko Takeuchi - Naruto (Uzumaki Naruto), Hunter x Hunter (Gon Freaks) Soul Eater (Maka Albarn) and others.

The most beautiful seiyuu of all time

Let's post in the most beautiful order first, the criteria used are several Japanese rankings in recent years. It is worth remembering that his works and his voice kawaii end up influencing your position, not your appearance.

Although the word seiyuu is a unisex word, this list will only have girls, as they are always the center of attention. We are not going to number the ranking because I don't like to put anyone above another, that's a matter of taste.


Kana Hanazawa Kana Hanazawa - 1989 - Tokyo.

  • Kuroneko in Oreimo;
  • Kanade in Angel Beats;
  • Onodera in Nisekoi;

Saori Hayami Saori Hayami - 1991 - Tokyo.

  • Azuki of Bakuman;
  • Nishimiya in Koe no Katachi;
  • Miyuki of Mahouka;

Rie Kugimiya Kugimiya Rie - 1979 - Kumamoto.

  • Louise of Zero no Tsukaima;
  • Toradora Taiga;
  • Alphonse in Fullmetal;
  • Kagura in Gintama;

Suzuko Mimori Suzuko Mitsumori - 1986 - Tokyo.

  • Himiko in Btoom;
  • Sora in Digimon;
  • Fujinomiya Neko in Masamune-kun;
  • Sonoda by Love Live;

AI Kayano Aikoromo Chino - 1987 - Tokyo.

  • Menma of AnoHana;
  • Guilty Crown Inori;
  • Saori de GIrls und Panzer;
  • Mashiro of Sakurasou;

Miyuki Miyuki Sawashiro Sawashiro - 1985 - Tokyo.

  • Suruga from Monogatari Series;
  • Celty from Durarara;
  • Kurapika of HxH;
Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

Haruka Tomatsu Haruka Tomatsu - 1990 - Nagoya.

  • Asuna in Sword Art Online;
  • Naruko of AnoHana;
  • Megumi from Accel World;
  • Gintoki of Gintama;
  • Lala de ToLove-ru;

Yui Horie Yui Horie - 1976 - Katsushika.

  • Torori Minori;
  • Golden Time's Kouko;
  • Siesta de Zero no Tsukaima;
  • Naru by Love Hina;

Nana Mizuki Nana Mizuki - 1980 - Niihama.

  • Ehime. Hinata in Naruto;
  • Nanami and Elmar in Dog Days;
  • Saya in Blood-C;
Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

Rie Takahashi Lyot Takahashi - 1994 - Saitama.

  • Megumin in Konosuba;
  • Emilia in Re: Zero;
  • Rin in Keijo;
  • Futaba in Sore ga Seiyuu!

Aya Hirano - Aya Hirano - 1987 - Aichi.

  • Death Note Misa;
  • Lucy from FairyTail;
  • Ume in Kimi ni todoke;
  • Migi in Kiseijuu;
  • Suzumiya Haruhi;

Yoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa - 1985 - Kanagawa.

  • Kyouko in Danganronpa;
  • Kio on Mio;
  • Stephanie from No Game No Life;
  • Shino de Seitokai Yakuindomo;
Seiyuu - the famous Japanese voice actors

Maaya Sakamoto Maaya Sakamoto - 1980 - Itabashi.

  • Hack's aura;
  • Motoko from Ghost in the Shell;
  • Shiki de Kara no Kyoukai;
  • Ciel de Kuroshitsuji;

Ayana Taketatsu 彩奈竹達 - 1989 - Saitama.

  • Kirino de Oreimo;
  • Data A Live Kotori;
  • Suguha - SAO;
  • Azusa - K-on;

Aki Toyosaki Aki Toyosaki - 1986 - Tokushima

  • Chiyuri in Accel World;
  • Iori on Kokkoro Connect;
  • Yui de K-On;
  • TOLove-ru Momo;

Honorable Mentions

Many other voice actors ended up dominating rankings around the world even with few works. I think it is worth mentioning one of these girls who could appear on the list above.

  • Ogura Yui - Did Tsukiko’s Voice From Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko;
  • Inori Minase - Made the voice of Rem in RE: Zero;
  • Marina Inoue - Made the voices of Tohka from Data A Live and Armin from Shingeki no Kyoujin;
  • Sora Amamiya - Made the voices of Aqua in Konosuba, Elizabeth of Nanatsu in Taizai and the princess in Adlnoah.Zero;
  • Minori Chihara - It was the voice of Nagato Yuki of Suzumiya Haruhi;
  • Azumi Asakura - Made the voices of Kumin by Chuunibyou and Yukiho by IDOLM @ STER;
  • Romi Park - Made the voices of Edward from Full Metal, Temari from Naruto and Toshiro from Bleach;
  • Aoi Yuuki - Did the voices of Kayo in Boku Dake ga Inai Machi and Madoka;

Is that you? What’s your favorite Seiyuu? Leave in the comments any that was missing from that list.

Seiyuu Anime - Voice Actors

Finally, let’s leave a list of anime that talk about voice actors, if you want to watch anime and understand more about how the world of seiyu works. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share!

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