Akita Inu and Shiba Inu - The Japanese dogs

You know the two famous Japanese dog breeds called Akita Inu and Shiba Inu? In this article, we will go deeper and talk about the origin of these races, curiosities and their differences.

The personality similarities and appearances between an Akita and Shiba are great. Both Shiba and Akita can be called Nihonken [日本県] which indicates their Japanese origin and nationality.

The Shiba are usually smaller than the Akita breed. Shiba is considered the oldest breed, with more wolf characteristics, the Shiba is also the most independent of the Group.

Akita inu and shiba inu - japanese dogs

The Akita Inu, is a large breed, both are considered a natural wealth of Japan. Both Akita and Shiba are beautiful, calm, dignified, clean and quiet (rarely bark), so it is one of the breeds of Most desired dogs from Japan.

Many like his bear and wolf appearance and his complex and dominant personality. They are discreet, silent, determined and courageous. The Akita's height ranges from 58 to 71cm and its weight from 29 to 58kg. Shiba is usually much smaller.

A perfect choice for anyone who wants a robust, powerful, imposing, obstinate and independent dog. Despite its beauty Akita is not recommended for people who want a dog cute and tame.

Although both Shiba and Akita are a little fierce, they are affectionate with their family and devoted and will protect the house members.

Akita inu

Differences between Akita and SHIBA

There is a breed called American Akita, both with the same temperament. The Akitas were taken to the USA and crossed with German Shepherds. The difference is in the colors, the Japanese Akita are usually only white, red and brindle. The American Akita usually has several color combinations.

Akita inu

Both Shiba and other Japanese breeds share similarities with Akita due to the same origins. They usually have upright triangular ears, a vertical curled tail and a somewhat aggressive temperament. Shiba is usually more docile and affectionate than Akita.

Origin of Akita Inu AND SHIBA INU

Akita is believed to have appeared about 3000 years ago or that it first appeared in Europe. The modern Akita we know emerged around the 17th century at Akita Prefecture (hence the name).

Initially these dogs were used for fighting and were called Odate. They stood out in the low temperature of the region, they were used as powerful hunting dogs. The Akitas hunted bears, wild boars, deer and several other animals.

The Shiba breed is one of the oldest, with bones from the Jomon-jin period. It almost went extinct in the second world war.

Akita inu

Curiosities about sHIBA AND AKITA

  • The most famous Akita was Hachiko, who has been known to wait for many years for the return of his deceased owner;
  • The price of an Akita can vary from 2,000 BRL to 10,000 reais;
  • Akita dogs are very fond of snow;
  • Akita and Shiba like physical and mental exercises daily. He needs a long space to run and also take long walks;
  • Training a Shiba and Akita requires skills and a little patience, but it is not as difficult as some imagine;
  • Research reveals that onions end up causing changes in Akita blood cells;
  • Shiba Inu are prone to skin diseases;
  • Akita and Shiba are territorial;
  • There is a trained and famous Shiba Inu at a tobacconist called Shibamada in Tokyo;

What do you think of Akita or Shiba dogs? Do you know some? Do you have any? Tell us your experience in the comments and share it with friends.

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