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In this article, we will translate and dismember the music Ai kotoba (あいことば) by singer Ayaka. This song is very popular in Japanese players of 2018 and was the theme of the movie The house where the mermaid sleeps released in November 2018.

The song name Ai Kotoba [愛言葉] literally means words of love. You can listen to the music video for Aikotoba below:

YouTube video

aikotoba - ayaka - japanese lyrics

Below you can find all the lyrics of the song ai kotoba by Ayaka in Japanese: 


抱き寄せて 離さない

例え 何があっても

もう一度 あの声が
もう一度 あの笑顔に会いたい

幾千の 生きる意味

例え 何があっても

例え 何があっても

ずっとずっときっと 希望を
ずっとずっときっと 未来を
ずっとずっときっと 明日を



Now it's time to translate aikotoba music literally into English, sentence by sentence by sentence, word by word, kanji by kanji. Remembering that this translation is done literally and may not make much sense in English.

I didn't put romanization in the words I translated, because there is already a romanization under the sentence. We actually recommend stay away from romanization. If we put romanization on everything you won't learn Japanese anytime soon.

Transparent secret
transparent love words
  • 透明 - Transparent; Of course
  • 愛 - Love
  • 言葉 - Words
今宵は 旅支度を確かめ
Tonight I want to confirm my longing for travel.
Tonight I check the travel arrangements
  • 今宵 - Tonight
  • 旅支度 - We are preparing for a trip
  • 確かめ - Confirmation, investigation
諦めない 1人でも大丈夫
Never give up, even if you're alone, it's okay.
I won't give up, even alone, don't worry
  • 諦めない - Don't give up
  • 1人 - One person, alone
  • でも - But even
  • 大丈夫 - Everything is fine, don't worry
エピローグ 抱き寄せて 離さない
Don't let go of the opportunity
An Epilogue - Grab Me and Don't Let Go
  • エピローグ - Epilogue
  • 抱き寄せて - Grab me, hug me tight
  • 離さない - Don't leave me, don't let go
私はあなたと ずっとずっと未来を見ながら
Watashi wa anata to zutto zutto mirai wo minagara
As I see the future I'm with you forever
  • 私はあなたと - I'm with you
  • ずっとずっと - Always
  • 未来 - Future
  • 見ながら - While I watch / observe
永遠に愛します 例え 何があっても
I will love you forever no matter what
I will love forever Even if there is something
  • 永遠 - Eternity, forever (eien)
  • 愛します - Love
  • 比較 - Compare, suppose
  • 何が - Something
  • あっても - Even if it exists (aru)
もう一度 あの声が もう一度 あの笑顔に会いたい
Once again, I want to hear that voice, I want to see that smile again
I want to see that voice and that smile again
  • もう一度 - Again, again
  • あの - That one, hey (something far away)
  • 声 - Voice
  • 笑顔 - Smile
  • 会いたい - I want to find
どうしてなの? 幾千の 生きる意味
Why? The meaning of living thousands of lives
Thousands ask the meaning of living
(I was completely confused when translating this sentence)
  • どうして - Why
  • なの - Used by women to ask a question or make a statement
  • 幾千 - thousands
  • 生きる - Live
  • 意味 - Meaning, meaning
神様に祈る度 繋がって
Every time I pray to God it connects
We connect each time we pray to God
  • 神様 - God
  • 祈る - Pray
  • 度 - Time, times, counter of occurrences
  • 繋がって - connecting, being connected
私はあなたと ずっとずっと明日の希望を
Watashi wa anata to zuttozutto ashita no kibō o I want to
I'm always with you, I have hope for tomorrow
  • 私はあなたと - You and I, I'm with you
  • ずっとずっと - always
  • 明日 - tomorrow
  • 希望を - Hope
願い続けます 例え 何があっても
I will keep wishing, no matter what happens
I'll keep wishing even if there's something
  • 願い - desire, request
  • 続けます - continue, continue

From here the lyric phrases of Ayaka's Aikotoba song are repeated. Try to understand the rest on your own as an exercise:

例え 何があっても

ずっとずっときっと 希望を
ずっとずっときっと 未来を
ずっとずっときっと 明日を

Ai kotoba - ayaka - translating songs

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