My Japanese Music Playlist + Anime

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In this article I want to present my list of favorite Japanese songs. Most are songs that probably played in some anime or game. I want to talk about all the songs, arts and share a complete ranking that will help you find what to listen to.

When it comes to music I'm a little different from most people, it's usually the instrumental touches, rhythms and soundtracks that catch my attention in a song and not lyrics or singer's voice. One of the main reasons I like Japanese music so much, where they exaggerate in different instrumentals from the repetitive everyday.

Take any Brazilian or international popular music, they will always have the same instruments and the same rhythms. Already the Japanese music distance themselves from the traditional and use great mixtures of rhythms and even classical music instruments.

My playlist of Japanese music + anime

Favorite Japanese singers, songwriters and bands

I usually don't like just one singer, songwriter or musical group. I usually just like one or two songs from each random band, because that song kind of played a part in crucial moments in my life.

Quickly listing favorite Japanese bands, songwriters and singers in ranked order. I can't say precisely my taste, I usually listen to 3 songs of each at most, but the first ones on the list are usually more songs.

  • Hiroyuki Sawano;
  • Goose House;
  • Yuzu;
  • LiSA;
  • ClariS;
  • MISIA;
  • Mai Kuraki;
  • Hikaru Utada;
  • Rimi Natsukawa;
  • Sayuri;
  • Mika Kobayashi;
  • Mika Nakashima;
  • 7!!;
  • SID;
  • RheNa;
  • May.J
  • Amer;
  • ayaka;
  • PornoGraffiti;
  • Yui;
  • Yui Horie;
  • Good
  • Yoko Takahashi;
  • CHiCO;
  • Mashiro Ayano;
  • GREeeN;
  • ASCA;
  • Eir Aoi;
  • Miura Jam;
My playlist of Japanese music + anime

My Favorite Japanese Songs

I always find a song and listen to it like 1,000 times until I get sick of it. There are songs I can't get enough of and are forever marked as the endings and openings of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime, all of them are epic, especially Yuzu's.

YouTube video

HitoriGoto and Irony by Claris are also on my Playlist for a long time. From Sayuri I heard thousands of times Heikousen and That is Like a Small Light. the closing of Your Lie in April, Orange out of 7!! is another one that shudders.

The song I've been listening to the most lately is Unlasting by Lisa, ending of Sword Art Online Alicization 2. Previously I also listened to a lot Niji no Kanatani and also from the same anime.

YouTube video

Another 2 very popular songs that I love and have always found among the most sung in Karaoke are Cruel Angel's Thesis of Evangelion and The world is falling in love by Ao Haru Ride.

In 2018 during my trip to Japan I discovered two songs that I listen to constantly to this day. Its about oh no katachi [アイノカタチ] by MISIA and also traditional Okinawan music Shima Uta [島唄], by the voice of Rimi Natsukawa.

YouTube video

Before these songs I love most songs and OST tracks composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, mainly the ones sung by Mika Kobayashi and Mizuki, mainly the ones from the anime Aldnoah.Zero and the game Xenoblade X.

Goose House is another band that I really liked, they do several Covers and have perfect original songs like Oto no Naru Houe from Silver Spoon and Hikaru Nara from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

YouTube video

Japanese songs from my Playlist

Of course, there are many other Japanese songs that are or have been on my playlist for some time and that marked me in some way. I will list below some songs that were left out and that I strongly recommend listening.

Remembering that they are not in order of favorites or anything, I just put the ones I found in the apps I use, or the ones that came to my mind. can have more songs i didn't remember TT -- Sad...

Responsive Table: Scroll the table sideways with your finger >>
Name of the songband/singerAnime/Media
ALIEzfeat. mizuki mZk Aldnoah.Zero
A little painOlivia LufkinNana
Fantastic FutureTamura YukariHenNeko
Oh! Rival!pornograffiti Detective Conan
Try AgainMai KurakiDetective Conan
Chikai Hikaru UtadaKingdom Hearts 3
Yuki no HanaMika NakashimaReLife
Kiss of DeathMika NakashimaDarling in the Franxx
FriendshipOkazaki Ritsuko Love Me, Love Me Not
AgainYuiFullmetal Alchemist
Blue BirdKOBUKUROBakuman
PeriodChemistryFullmetal Alchemist
Love Dramatic Masayuki SuzukiKaguya-Sama
Ref:rainamerKoi wa Ameagari
Natsu MatsuriWhiteberryTraditional
departmentMasatoshi OnoHunter x Hunter
Ichiban no TakaramonoYuiSlice of Life
My Dearest supercellGuilty Crown
unravelTK from LingTokyo Ghoul
Guren no YumiyaLinked HorizonAttack on Titan
RainSIDFullmetal Alchemist
UseSIDFullmetal Alchemist
the WORLD NightmareDeath Note
Brave HeartMiyazaki AyumiDigimon
Moonlight DensetsuMoon LipsSailor Moon
God knowsAya HiranoSuzumiya Haruhi
NandemonaiyaRADWIMPSYour Name
Todokanai Koiuehara reindeerWhite Album 2
Bouken Desho DeshoHirano AyaSuzumiya Haruhi
Flavor of LifeHikaru UtadaHana Yori Dango (D)
Sorairo DaysSaenai HeroineGurren Lagann
Only my RailgunfripSide NORailgun
Yuukyou SeishunkaAli Project Code Geass
Chasing the World may'nAccel World
UnfinishedKOTOKOAccel World
KanadeSukima Switchfamous
Let Me HearLas VegasKiseijuu
Kanashii UreshiiFrederic Love and Lies
Fukashigi no CarteMany artistsSeishun Buta
Sparkle RADWIMPSYour Name
Uragiri no Yuuyake Theater BrookDurarara
FatimaKanako ItoSteins;Gate
Bravely YoureadCharlotte
Days of DashSuzuki KonomiSakurasou
君が夢を連れてきたVarious Art artistsSakurasou
prayerOh KayanoNo Game no Life
This GameKonomi SuzukiNo Game no Life
BBThe YatouUchuu Kyoudai

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Ranking of the best Japanese songs

To end this article, we are going to share a Ranking of Favorite Japanese Songs of All Time by Popular Opinion. We're not going to put them in order of most popular, but in alphabetical order.

  • 366 nichi - HY · 2008
  • Ayaka Hirahara · 2004
  • Ai no Katachi - Misia 2018
  • Ayuta - Greeeen · 2007
  • anata ni aitakute - Dreams Come True · 1989
  • Arigatou - Ikimono-gakari · 2010
  • Aruiteikou-Piano Intro Version- – Ikimono-gakari · 2012
  • Ashitaga Kurunara - JUJU · 2009
  • Beginner - AKB48 · 2010
  • Best Friend - Kiroro · 2002
  • Clock Strikes - One Ok Rock 2013
  • Futatsu no Kuchibiru - Exile · 2009
  • Hana - Orange Range · 2004
  • Hanaha Saku - Kiroro 2018
  • Hitohira No Hanabira - Stereopony · 2009
  • Hotaru - Maiko Fujita 2019
  • Hyakuman-kai no 'I Love You' - Rake · 2011
  • Ijime, Dame, Zettai - BABYMETAL · 2013
  • jun-ai rhapsody - Mariya Takeuchi 1994
  • Kataomoi - Aimer · 2016
  • KETSUI NO ASA NI - Aqua Timez · 2006
  • Kimi No Subeteni - Spontania · 2008
  • Kiseki - Greeeen · 2008
  • Koi Suru Fortune Cookie - AKB48 2014
  • Koibito yo - Mayumi Itsuwa 1980
  • Koko ni shika sakanai hana - Kobukuro · 2005
  • Konayuki - Remioromen · 2005
  • Love Forever - Miliyah Kato · 2009
  • Love so sweet - Arashi 2007
  • Lovers Again - Exile · 2007
  • Mirai E (letter E Translation) - Kiroro 1998
  • Nandemonaiya - Radwimps · 2016
  • Nokoribi - Mayumi Itsuwa 1989
  • Obokuri - Eeumi - Ikue Asazaki · 2008
  • Please Stay With Me - Yui 2010
  • PONPONPON - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu · 2011
  • Sakura Anatani Deaete Yokatta - RSP · 2009
  • Sakurairo Mau Koro - Mika Nakashima 2005
  • Soba ni Iru ne - Thelma Aoyama · 2008
  • Sparkle - Radwimps · 2016
  • Sukiyaki - Kyū Sakamoto 1962
  • Sunao Ni Naretara - JUJU · 2008
  • Tomorrow Never Knows - Mr. Children · 1994
  • Towa ni Tomo ni - Kobukuro · 2004
  • Uchiagehanabi - Daoko · 2017
  • WINDING ROAD - Kobukuro · 2012
  • Yuki no Hana - Mika Nakashima 2003
  • 心の友 - Mayumi Itsuwa · 1991
  • 抱いて - Tatsuya Ishii · 1998

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