Anime that use scientific knowledge

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Today with the range of anime created, we see that there are anime of various types. In this article we will address a specific case, anime with concepts of physics and chemistry. Let’s talk about three anime in specific. Fullmetal alchemist, aldnoah zero and boku no hero academia.

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Fullmetal alchemist

Synopsis: A very famous anime with 2 versions, the most recent and complete with 64 episodes that tells the story of 2 brothers who lose their mother and try to resurrect her with alchemy, everything goes wrong and one loses his arm and leg and the youngest loses his body. The 2 go on a long journey after the philosopher’s stone to recover their bodies while a gigantic conspiracy takes place in the country. If you haven’t seen that masterpiece yet, watch it! 

Anime that use scientific knowledge - fullmetal alchemist 1

The first is an anime that has alchemy as a background, this was a predecessor of current chemistry, but it encompassed other sciences as a whole, in which this was the union between the scientific and the religious milieu. There are reports that this science arose in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.

It aimed to transform any metal into gold, the elixir of long life, they would achieve this with the philosopher’s stone that was one of the reasons for so much study, the creation of humans in an artificial way. This form of practicing science soon collapsed, as it was hermetic and was isoteric, it was not like chemistry and science today that knowledge is available to anyone.

In the alchemist world of fullmetal there is a law that governs the entire alchemist, if you want to get something, you will have to pay an equivalent price. This law is very similar to a statement by antoine de lavoisier that became a phrase that everyone knows, “in nature nothing is lost nothing is created, everything is transformed”, this implies saying that you cannot create something from nothing, needed of something that originates the same or that serves as a basis, and not completely destroy something.

Boku no hero Academia

Synopsis: An anime apparently cliché of superheroes but which has a great story and is among the most popular shounen today.

Anime that use scientific knowledge - boku nohero 2

Many of the powers present in this anime are explained by their holders scientifically, as in the case of the bakugou explaining his explosions on account of a substance he produces and controls his ignition and explodes.

Or even in the case of shouto that his individuality in which one part of him creates ice and the other is flames, this can be explained as the ability he has to extract heat from one of his sides and thus stay cold, he will steal the heat from the humidity of the air and thus condensate the water on your body and at the same time have it solidifying it. With that absorbed heat it can release that energy on its other side.

In a fight between shouto and midoriya, in his final fight, shouto decides to use his other half the hot side together with his cold side, in which they enter into combat and end the battle with an explosion, Professor aisawa explains the air he had been cooled it was heated at once, causing this explosion. An explosion and basically, a gas production in a short space of time has the air expands proving an explosion.

Aldnoah zero

Synopsis: Shows the political and war tensions between humans who live on earth and others who live in space. The anime is great and has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in my entire life composed by the myth Hiroyuki Sawano.

Inaho in this anime stands out for being an intelligent and strategist character, in most of his fights with fuses, his fuse has inferior technology. He wins by being smart. In one of several episodes in which he uses logic.

He is fighting a Martian Kataphrakt in which he uses electricity to defend and attack others, he arrives on his Earth Kataphrakt and his opponent tries to use electricity and he says “electricity flows from the greatest potential to the smallest, its rays will not reach anything with the same electrical potential as you. ”He uses scientific knowledge to take advantage of his enemy, according to that, for there to be a flow of electric current there must be a potential difference.

Other anime that use scientific concepts

In the three anime covered, we can see that there are many other scientific concepts to be studied. Not just in these three anime, but in many others. To finish, let’s go through a list of anime that use science as a base:

  • Red Garden;
  • Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio;
  • Moyashimon;
  • Uchuu Kyoudai;
  • Ergo Proxy;
  • Steamboy;
  • Kaiba;
  • Planets;
  • Zankyou no Terror;
  • Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna;
  • Steins; Gate
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