5 Tips to start thinking in Japanese

The secret to learning a language is to think directly about it, but what would it be like to think in Japanese? It involves being able to speak and understand Japanese words in your own head without making a mental translation. That is, you simply think and know the meaning of a word in Japanese. Without having to come to mind the translation and meaning of it in Portuguese.

Thinking directly in Japanese will help you to understand various expressions and phrases that cannot be understood and translated literally. Thinking in Japanese will help you see the world in a different way. For this reason we have separated 6 tips to help you start thinking in Japanese and double your learning in the language much more.

1 - Read materials in Japanese every day

The big secret for learning to think in Japanese is to do research, read books, news from websites, conversations and dialogues in Japanese on the internet. How to do it the right way? Start by choosing familiar topics that you have read in English or are already familiar with.

Think in Japanese


Read the entire article without translating, even if you don't understand a few words. After reading everything, choose a few unknown words and look up their meaning in a dictionary. The person must be fully exposed to the Japanese language by absorbing content.

2 - Watch and re-watch episodes of your favorite Anime and Doramas

Put Japanese subtitles on the video, watch episodes you already know or easy to understand. The goal is to understand Japanese words and phrases without thinking in Portuguese. Then try again to remember a few words and expressions and carefully examine them in the dictionary.

3 - Chat in Japanese

Another thing that will help you think in Japanese is simply to talk. Whether with friends, through messages or even alone. Try to talk in Japanese with someone for at least 15 minutes a week. Try to pronounce the words and names you find around you every day to help you think in Japanese.

5 tips to start thinking in Japanese



4 - Use mobile apps to study

You can use the thousands of applications that teach Japanese to improve your vocabulary. Remember not to push yourself too hard, or to use excessive methods of memorizing grammar and vocabulary. You should use these apps in a relaxed way so that you don't get bored and don't memorize or think about anything.

5 - Run after content

The internet is full of content for learning Japanese, our site even has an extensive range of articles that teach Japanese in detail. We have also been working on generating exclusive content in our VIP area. Another thing you can do is follow online events such as Japanese Week, watch Lives and channels that talk about the language or even Japan, if you are part of the environment it will help you to think in Japanese.

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