5 Best JRPGs to Practice Reading in Japanese

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JRPGs (games of RPG Japanese) are extremely fun and helpful in learning a second language. Due to the fact that they have a type of language that mixes the modern and the old, RPGs are highly recommended for those who want to improve their reading skills, grammar comprehension and also improve their understanding of different languages. dialects. In addition, of course, to improve vocabulary a lot.

Many students use the method of collecting phrases and words while playing a game that contains a large amount of text. JRPGs are that kind of game. In the same way that many people learn English by playing games, it is also possible to evolve in the Japanese language through video games.

However, unlike English, which has the same alphabet as ours (Portuguese), in Japanese it is necessary to have at least knowledge of the Hiraganas, Katakanas and basic vocabulary in Kanji before starting this endeavor.

Through the game it is possible to acquire new and often very specific vocabulary. I particularly learned more than 90% of vocabulary related to magic and battle by playing these kind of games, picking up words I didn't know and later putting them into Anki (or another spaced repetition app).

In this article, we will list 5 games that can help you with your Japanese studies.

- 5 best jrpgs to train reading in japanese language
5 best jrpgs to train reading in japanese language

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1. Estópolis Denki II (Lufia)

One of the best JRPGs to train reading in Japanese is, without a doubt, Estpolis Denki II (Lufia). The grammar used by the developers is very simple and many words are written in hiragana, considering that it is a game for children and young people. Because Japanese children and young people are still learning kanji, game creators often leave a lot of terms in hiragana or even katakana.

Jrpg - 5 best jrpgs to train reading in Japanese

note: 10,0

Difficulty: 5 (from 0 to 10)

2. Dragon Quest I and II

Because it takes place in a medieval era, the game mixes complicated (and older) terms with simpler and more common terms in everyday life. As with Estpolis Denki, the developers of Dorakue (the nickname by which he is better known in Japan) were concerned about leaving a lot of text in hiragana. However, sometimes more difficult kanji names appear on the screen.

This is where I learned the meanings of words like "tools", "map", "monsters", "battle", "magic" and the like.

Jrpg - 5 best jrpgs to train reading in Japanese

note: 9,0

Difficulty: 7

3. Dragon Quest VI

The huge success of dragon quest in japan

In addition to being one of the best games in the franchise, it is considered one of the most accessible and fun to improve Japanese. Following the premise of the other games in the series, the grammar fluctuates depending on the NPC. Older NPCs often use the language typical of the elderly. I highly recommend this game, not only for those who want to practice reading, but also for those who want to play a good game. The best known version of DQ 6 is the SNES (Super Nintendo), but there are versions for portable and Mobile consoles.

note: 10,0

Difficulty: 8

4. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana, like the other games in the “Mana” franchise, are extremely popular all over the world. Developed initially for SNES, it has recently received a remake for PS4, PS Vita and PC. Unlike most Japanese RPGs, Secret of Mana stands out for having a real-time battle system, unlike the classic turn-based model. To learn Japanese is also an excellent option.

Jrpg - 5 best jrpgs to train reading in Japanese

note: 8,5

Difficulty: 7

5. Chrono Trigger

- chrono trigger – the “dream team” jrpg

note: 10,0

Difficulty: 9

My favorite JRPG. We did an article about it recently here on the site. Click here to read it.

Other JRPGs to train nihongo

  • Terranigma
  • EarthBound
  • Chrono Cross
  • Final Fantasy
  • pokemon
  • breath of fire

JapaneseQuest – Twitch channel dedicated to learning Japanese with JRPGs

On Twitch TV there is a channel specialized in JRPG gameplays aimed at learning Japanese. During the lives and gameplays, the presenter collects words and expressions and records everything in a database. The channel name is JapaneseQuest and can be assisted by the following link.

If you want to access the list of registered words Click here. It's over 3000 words!

Basic RPG Vocabulary

  • 魔物 (まもの, mamono) = Monsters, Demons, Creatures.
  • 剣 (けん, ken) = Sword.
  • 盾 (たて, tate) = Shield.
  • 城 (しろ, shiro) = Castle.
  • 竜 (りゅう, ryuu) = Dragon.
  • 防御 (ぼうぎょ, bougyo) = Defense, Protection, Defensive Weaponry.
  • 攻撃 (こうげき, kougeki) = Attack, Charge, Strike.
  • 呪文 (じゅもん, jumon) = Magic.
  • 道具 (どうぐ, dougu) = Items.
  • 作戦 (さくせん, sakusen) = Battle tactic.
  • 旅 (たび, tabi) = Journey.
  • 冒険 (ぼうけん, bouken) = Adventure.
  • 勝負 (しょうぶ, shoubu) = Confrontation, Dispute, Fight, Duel.
  • 勝利 (しょうり, shouri) = Victory.
  • 王国 (おうこく, oukoku) = Kingdom, Monarchy.
  • 国王 (こくおう, kokuou) = King.
  • 女王 (じょおう, joou) = Queen.
  • 王妃 (おうひ, ouhi) = Queen, Empress.
  • 王女 (おうじょ, oujo) = Princess.
  • 王子 (おうじ, ouji) = Prince.
  • 勇者 (ゆうしゃ, yuusha) = Hero, Brave Warrior.
  • 英雄 (えいゆう, eiyuu) = Hero.

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