Project: RPG focused on learning Japanese

An idea came to mind to create a classic style RPG, using some engine like RPG Maker with a focus on learning Japanese. And I would like to put the project here to recruit staff, see opinions and suggestions, gather information, etc.

Many like games and Japan, what would you say about learning Japanese by playing? There are thousands of little games that try to get people to learn kana, kanji and vocabulary. But the reality is that these games are boring and we don't have the heart to play as an RPG, or a game with a fun story and gameplay.


My goal is to create a complete, well-made, original RPG worthy of Steam, Play store and Apple Store. A simple game that attracts all types of audiences, with a focus on Japanese, but naturally, without forcing and making things boring. I want to create a very complex game, that provides more than 1,000 hours of gameplay and that is fun.

How will learning Japanese work?

I will put it in every possible way, probably in game items and objects, cards, audios, NPCs, etc. Unlike Japanese games like visual novel, which some use to study, I want to create something simpler for everyone to understand. Probably the story will be of a character who travels to another world, and where the population speaks another language. I haven't thought about it yet!


Technical details

I intend to use the Engine RPGM MV because it is compatible with mobile and browser. But I accept other suggestions, if someone is interested in creating an even better project and helping me, because I don't have so much experience or patience with programming. My dream has always been to create a tactical game in the style of Dofus, Wakfu and FFtatics, but I have no idea how to do this with the current RPGM MV engine.

To avoid problems with copyright, I intend to create graphics, sounds, tiles, items, icons, etc. from scratch. This alone will be very complicated. Even in the javascript part, I don't know if I can go out using plugins from other makers and make a profit from it.

Next steps

This project is in a very early stage, I haven't planned many things yet, but I think it has great potential. The next steps I have to take will be listed below, and I ask for suggestions, and tips from you.

  • Create the story of the game;
  • Find a dedicated team;
  • Choose the definitive engine;
  • Decide how the game and its mechanics will work;
  • Create the game items;
  • Create game graphics;
  • Put the project on Kickstarter or similar website;

Unfortunately, I gave few details about the game, because it's still just an idea on paper. What do you think of the idea? Is anyone interested in collaborating with the project? Any suggestions or tips on what we can do?