The best story games for students for the past ten years

Games can be divided into many key components, ranging from gameplay and ending with graphics and sound. The story is not always there, especially if we talk about online projects or specific genres like racing or sim sports. However, the games whose authors took a lot of time to develop an interesting story can greatly benefit from a good scenario to the point that enthusiastic gamers will even turn a blind eye to the possible shortcomings of the gameplay or technical execution.

In this material we list the coolest games of the last ten years with really worthy storylines, and if you're still a student, we advise you to contact do my paper service so you don't lose your grades and at the same time enjoy a quality game.

Disco Elysium

Most recently, readers of the American website IGN voted God of War as the greatest game of all time. and while GoW boasts engaging gameplay, there's no doubt that it gained so much love from gamers first and foremost because of its narrative and characters. Like The Last of Us, God of War tells a deep and heartwarming story about the relationship between father and child, about the desire to protect the child from the dangers of the outside world and to raise it so that it does not repeat the mistakes of a parent. The new God of War does the impossible - it humanizes Kratos, the stern god of war, who in past games of the series was nothing more than a manifestation of pure anger, a vessel of rage, capable only of screaming and shredding his enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

From the first minutes, HZD hooks the player with the setting: a post-apocalyptic America of the distant future, where tribes of people with spears and Arcs hunt robotic dinosaurs. What happened to the world, why did humans degrade so much, and where did the mechanical animals come from? These questions come to mind from the very beginning of the game, and they are what the main plot hinges on. To follow the story of Horizon Zero Dawn in the first place wants not so much for the characters, but for the fragments of the lore, that the writers gradually reveal to the player. and you can be sure that by the finale almost all the basic questions will be answered.

- the best history games for students from the last ten years

Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

If GTA 5 can be criticized for characters you don't want to empathize with and the lack of a full story arc as the characters grow, then all of these criticisms are completely inapplicable to RDR 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 tells, without a doubt, the best and most adult story of all Rockstar games, a story about tragic personalities who can't keep up with the rapidly changing world. In RDR 2 all the heroes are perceived as real people with their skeletons in the closet, for whom, despite all their shortcomings, you keep your fists up from the beginning of the game to the end. Red Dead Redemption repeatedly raises the difficult theme of redemption and makes you think about deep philosophical questions, which you rarely expect from games.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

The Witcher 3 (2015)

While playing The Witcher 3, it's easy to stop paying attention to some of the downsides, remaining under a strong impression of the highly entertaining story that concludes the story of Geralt. Yes, the combat leaves a lot to be desired, and yes, the open world is filled with far from the most interesting secrets, but none of this matters when the game keeps your attention on the screen with an extremely intriguing story with a decent amount of twists and turns, as well as incredibly charming characters.

Death Stranding (2019)

To call Death Stranding's world and plot simply "original" would be a significant understatement of Hideo Kojima's imagination. Children in flasks, ghosts vulnerable to bullets filled with blood, monsters from black sludge - the latest game by the famous Japanese game designer is filled with so many strange images, terms, and phenomena, that it is perceived not as science fiction, but as a dream of a man with a fever. So it is doubly impressive that towards the end Death Stranding's narrative becomes quite logical, and many seemingly inexplicable things are explained.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (2021)

The first three Mass Effect games received a re-release in the spring, improving the graphics and outdated gameplay in some areas, so anyone who missed ME now has a great opportunity to catch up. And you should do it: Mass Effect is still one of the biggest game series, especially in the space fiction genre. The original ME is perceived not as a separate game, but as a rather coherent and highly epic adventure on the scale of The Lord of the Rings. Captain Shepard's adventures and his crew will evoke all possible emotions, from laughter and pleasure to anger and longing. Which feelings will dominate depends on your decisions and your style of play.

BioShock: The Collection (2016)

The BioShock series has earned a reputation as "fiction for thinkers," and for good reason. The stories told in Irrational Games' games about the underwater city of Delight and the sky-hovering metropolis of Columbia consist of several "layers": in addition to themes of genetic engineering or quantum physics, BioShock also pokes fun at various social and political issues. In all parts of the series, there is a place for discussion on socialism, capitalism, objectivism, class inequality, and religion. Moreover, the authors rarely criticize only one side of the discussion and instead try to make a balanced emphasis on both the pros and cons of this or that ideology.

Disco Elysium (2019)

Speaking of games with social commentary, we can't help but think of one of the most unusual narrative RPGs of recent years, Disco Elysium. The game by Estonian writer and game designer Robert Kurvitz is not just your average detective, but a philosophical treatise that, with its gameplay and great dialogues, invites the player to discuss and weigh up various socio-political ideologies and currents. Also, Disco Elysium amazes by its fantastic non-linearity characteristic for tabletop role-playing games, because of which it is impossible to predict what awaits your character in the next 10 minutes: who knows - maybe a casual hookah bar visit will lead to the sudden death of the protagonist.

Spec Ops: The Line (2012)

Any war is a real tragedy. This well-known fact, however, is easy to forget when every year a lot of games and movies are released, showing military conflicts as something cool and exciting. But the writers of Spec Ops: The Line are not afraid to depict the war as it is: grim and horrifying. And, importantly, there is that infamous "gray morality", which is so eagerly, but often erroneously attributed to any more or less serious story games. In Spec Ops there are no heroes or villains in the classic sense of these words, only broken people following orders and trying to survive.

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