Do you have to live in Japan to meet him?

Sometimes I come across some indirect comments asking if I lived in Japan, as if it was an obligation to live in the country to write about it. So I decided to write about exactly the following topic: Do you have to live in Japan to meet him?

We have already written an article about it, but it talks specifically about the steps we can take to get to know a certain country. You can read this article by clicking here. 

Apparently some people who live or have lived in Japan feel superior to others and want to know more than everyone else. The great truth is that the fact of living in Japan does not mean that the person has any knowledge about the country. I myself have already written about the superiority complex of some descendants.

When I was on my first trip to Japan, I met several Japanese people and asked several questions related to the subjects I wrote over the years. With these questions I came to the conclusion that not even the Japanese know their own country. Probably because most people live in their comfort zone and only know what suits them.

Do you have to live in Japan to meet him?

Why don't you have to live in Japan to meet him?

Have history teachers experienced stories to teach history lessons? Do you have any idea that one of the most famous books on wealth was written by a poor man? Exactly, Napoleon Hill wrote the best-selling book “Think and enrich“, And until the release of this book he was poor.

It was after watching the video of Bruno Avila that I kept thinking these motivational thoughts in my head to tell everyone that you don't have to live in Japan to know more than a Japanese or someone who lived there! Let's see another example that Bruno left?

You want to buy an apartment, normally you would not ask for help from someone who has never bought an apartment. You use a good guide on real estate investments, what would you think when you discover that the author of this guide never bought a property in his life? What if this author interviewed the 20 most popular real estate investors in the world?

The person may have attended several colleges, worked in different places, experienced a lot in Japan and in the world. This does not mean at any time that she has more knowledge than you. She may even have more knowledge, but it is a 100% chance that you know many things that she does not know. Knowledge is infinite!

Do you have to live in Japan to meet him?

Can't you know everything?

I think everyone knows that it is not necessary to experience to have knowledge about the subject. Unfortunately, some hastily claim that there are certain things that just experiencing to know the reality. I see this a lot in some articles where I try to highlight some cultural or everyday aspect of foreigners in Japan.

The big problem with these people is that they can't see beyond their thinking. Everyone has different experiences wherever they are, some feel things in their skin that others have not, some already have different thoughts and ideas on the same subject.

Sometimes I write my opinion on a certain subject, but because it is different from the person's experience, they start to criticize and say that I don't know anything because I didn't live in Japan. These people need to understand that just because I said something, it doesn't means that is my absolute thought on the subject, i fully understand relativity and different realities of each person.

People want to force their opinions and reality as correct and unique, without accepting diverse opinions. I myself have written several articles criticizing this attitude and I always talk about relativity and the different realities of each person. The life of a factory worker is quite different from that of a trainee who works in an office (this is just one example).

An example of this is found in several articles that are in contrast to each other. I already wrote an article talking well about Japan and some people came to disagree and criticize Japan. I made another article talking about the bad side of Japan and again people came to disagree and praise Japan. It's always like that, people never come to a compromise or neutrality.

Do you have to live in Japan to meet him?

Nobody knows more than anyone

Someone who works researching and writing about Japanese culture has a much greater and more diverse understanding of any subject related to the area she researches. Not because she is smarter or has more experience, but simply because she researches and results in different opinions on a given subject.

The wise person listens to advice, regardless of the other person's age or position. The intelligent person does not humiliate, is not selfish and tolerates many things. The common man speaks, the wise listens, the fool argues. If you want to correct someone, no problem, but at the moment someone try to know more than the other person or belittle the knowledge different from them.

No student knows more than the teacher about the history or geography of a country just because he lived there. Of course, the person may have lived in Japan and really understand a lot more about him than me or other people, but the fact is that anyone can have knowledge about a certain subject, just go for it! And you don't even have to graduate and do a doctorate in the subject.

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