Experiences do not define Japan

Nowadays most people let themselves be carried away by the experiences of others. They end up defining Japan or the Japanese because of these experiences. On the other hand, we have people who have gone through a certain experience, most of the time bad, and end up spreading it as if it were reality, as if everyone went through the same problem.

In today's article we are going to talk about the different types of experiences that Brazilians have in Japan. And also because you shouldn't define the country or the Japanese because of that.

I am writing this article because unfortunately what I see most on the internet are people arguing, some attacking Japan and others defending it. Not to mention the crazy ideas that some Brazilians created due to the experience that some had in Japan.

People have to discern that anywhere in the world! We can have good and bad experiences, but they do not define the country's reality. No human being is the same, not to mention that Japan has more than 126 million inhabitants. In addition, it has 47 states, with different customs and cultures.

Experiences do not define Japan

Different types of experience in Japan

To reason a little on this subject, I will talk about 3 paths that provide different experiences in Japan. Of course the different types of experiences are endless.

Tourist – The experience that a tourist has when visiting Japan is most of the time always good. Especially if the tourist already knows and likes the culture of Japan. Tourists are delighted with everything, and there is nothing to complain about.

working in factory – Unfortunately, the reality of most foreigners who work in a factory is harsh. It's repetitive and tiring work that makes people a little stressed. Some Japanese who work in factories are also stressed, this ends up resulting in conflicts and problems between Japanese and Brazilians.

Other works – When a Brazilian graduated goes to work in Japan in a company, office or even on his own, his life experience is totally different. The person has more time for leisure, and does not face so many problems.

The experiences of these 3 types of people are totally different. But it doesn't stop there are people who have a pleasant life and never come across anything bad working in factories, as there are people who had difficulties working in renowned companies, or studying in universities or Japanese schools.

Another factor that shapes a person's experience is their personality. Her tastes can determine whether she feels happy or not, and that ends up defining her words, which are sometimes negative or positive criticism.

Experiences do not define Japan

Your opinion can cause problems

Just because you had an unpleasant experience in Japan doesn't mean other people will. Or just because your life in Japan is wonderful doesn't mean others are. So, avoid putting your idea about Japan in people's minds! It is a very large and diverse country. Of course, you can warn him about problems, or help him in times of difficulty, but your negative words can end up changing something that could be positive in his life.

I like to think positive and spread positive things, so you will rarely see me saying something bad about Japan. I understand that a large number of people went through problems, but that is no reason to end the country, as I see some doing on social media.

Tell me, do you like it when someone says that Brazil is bad, and that Brazilians are criminals? Brazil has a high rate of robberies, violence and corruption, but that doesn't mean that all Brazilians are bad. Nor does it mean that Brazil is a terrible and impossible place to live. Now thinking about it, see if you're not doing the same thing with Japan, when they say that japanese are cold, or when it says that in Japan they only work and have no time for anything.

The purpose of this article is to make it clear that your experience is not everyone's experience. And also make it clear that Japan is not the same and the Japanese are not the same. You shouldn't define your Japanese personality just by the people you meet. One big piece of advice I give is Think positive! Stop looking for fault and complaining, if things are not good, try to change them. Many Brazilians in Japan found what they wanted after a lot of dedication, study and persistence.

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