Yukiko - 102 year old lady parachutes


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On March 30, 2019 a 102 year old Japanese lady parachuted in the city of Boituva in São Paulo, surprising her relatives and even the parachuting center. In this article we will comment a little about this case.

Yukiko is not the first elderly woman to parachute, in Australia a 102 year old woman also parachuted, and in Brazil another 103 year old woman parachuted 5 years ago and broke the world record at the time. Currently the record belongs to a 106-year-old Grandma.

Yukiko - senhora de 102 anos salta de paraquedas

These examples prove that no matter what age, the limits are up to you. In the case of Yukiko Urata, it all started with a game between her daughter Dina, her granddaughter Karina and a friend named Ana Cláudia. They made the joke invitation and the 102 year old lady accepted.

The time of the parachute jump of lady Yukiko

Troubled by a leg problem, where Yukiko had surgery and put prostheses in 2017, she would just watch her daughter and granddaughter jump. Fortunately, the instructors said that she would not need to support her with her feather when it came down, so the 102 year old lady accepted the invitation where the 3 generations Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter jumped together.

The funny thing is that the 4 women accepted the invitation to skydive, but the men of the family were afraid and did not face this adventure.

Yukiko - senhora de 102 anos salta de paraquedas

All the local team was surprised and filled with photos and videos. The official channel Queda Livre Paraquedismo filmed and shared on youtube, I will leave the video below for you to follow this incredible leap.

The longevity of the yukiko and the Japanese

Yukiko has lived in Brazil for many years and came during Japanese immigration, she must have suffered a lot Brazilian racism in the last century, he had many experiences and had the chance to experience Brazilian culture.

Yukiko revealed that she is very fond of fish, which explains why she arrived at that age, despite the absence of Japanese cuisine and hot springs. At 102 years old she does not take any medication, does not have hypertension or diabetes.

Despite living in Brazil, Ms. Yukiko visits many circuses, concerts, concerts and other events of Japanese culture. Even though she lives in Brazil she applies Japanese culture in her daily life.

Yukiko - senhora de 102 anos salta de paraquedas

The Japanese are used to risking their lives. Japan's history is full of conflicts and wars, the Japanese are true warriors yesterday and today. Not to mention that the Japanese are used to playing many extreme sports.

The Japanese have several techniques to have reached that age with such strength and desire to undertake radical adventures. With the experience of Ms. Yukiko, you young person or adult should not make excuses to make your dreams come true.

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