Do you know what Papercraft or Pepakura is?


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Papercraft or pepakura (ペパクラ) is a method of building three-dimensional objects using paper similar to origami. Most of the time the art and colors are already printed on the paper, it is only necessary to cut and fold to make the desired art.

Papercraft or pepakura models can be easily found on the internet, printed and assembled, making it much easier than making origami. The internet has become a popular place for papercrafts of anime characters, games, drawings and many others.

Papercraft e pepakura

Origin of Pepakura

The art of folding and creating objects with paper is as old as that of origami. Only the papercraft or paper models we know started to appear during the Second World War. In England around 1941 several models made on paper became popular, mainly ships and airplanes.

Unfortunately, the arrival of plastic has caused interest in models made of paper to fall by the wayside. It was with the arrival of the Internet and the printer that the art of creating models and characters on paper became even more popular. Nowadays, several companies use papercraft to market their characters and products, they usually provide official models of characters to print and assemble.

Papercraft e pepakura

Papercraft Techniques

To create a three-dimensional object, techniques of folding, cutting, pasting, molding, sewing and even creating layers are used. With papercraft it is possible to create not only square objects but in any shape. Actually, the word papercraft can refer to any art and craft made with paper, but we are highlighting the famous Pepakura that are used to make characters as in the images in this article.

It is common to use harder papers or cards to create three-dimensional objects. Some apply paint or resin to protect and make the paper stiff and last longer. Others often fill the hollow part of the paper with foam or something else to prevent it from wrinkling.

Papercraft e pepakura

There is even an application called Pepakura Designer where you can transform polygons, objects and three-dimensional characters into molds to print and create your own parpercraft.

Is that you? Have you ever assembled a pepakura? Why not search the internet for the papercraft of your favorite character and assemble it? Don't forget to take a picture and post it in the comments so we can see it. And don't forget to share the article so that more people can get to know this art. xD