The 10 highest-grossing Japanese films


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In this article we will see a list of the 10 highest-grossing Japanese films in Japan. Below we have the list of films, the year of release, the amount collected only from the box office, and a brief synopsis. It seems that this list is full of films by director Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli Studios (6/10), and they like some fantastic films…

Remember that in 2016 the famous film was released Kimi no na wa that broke several barriers and rankings. At the time this article was written, the film has not yet been released, but keep in mind that Kimi no Na wa is at the top of that ranking.

1. Spirited Away

2001 - 30.4 billion yen 

Lost and alone, little Chihiro finds herself facing a world full of spirits, monsters and gods. Lucky for you, Haku will help you. He teaches Chihiro the best way. On the way, she meets Kamaji and Lin. The two, like Haku, help her get used to this world

2. The Animated Castle

2004 - 19.6 billion yen

Sofia is an 18 year old girl who works in her father's headgear. On one of her rare trips to the city, she meets Hauru, a very seductive but doubtful character. By confusing the relationship between them, a witch casts a curse on Sofia that makes her 90 years old. Desperate, Sofia runs away and ends up finding the Animated Castle of Hauru. Hiding her identity, she manages to be hired to perform domestic services on the spot, getting involved with the other residents of the castle.

3. Princess Mononoke

1997 - 19.3 billion yen

The village of Ashitaka is invaded by a strange demon, and the brave prince decides to face him. He fights with the animal and manages to kill it, but first his arm is injured and is contaminated by a curse. He will corrode with hatred until he becomes a demon like the other and die, unless he goes after healing in the forbidden forest. This is where Ashitaka's journey begins, which will face fantastic animals, cursed princesses and the mysteries of nature. The prince will also meet the men who want to destroy the forest and little San, or Princess Mononoke.

4. Bayside Shakedown 2

2004 - 17.3 billion yen

Continuation of the first film that is in 7th place on the list, based on a television series.


5. Ponyo

2008 - 15 billion yen

Sosuke (Hiroki Doi) is a five year old boy who lives on a cliff, overlooking the Inland Sea. One day, while playing on the beach, he meets Ponyo (Yuria Nara), a goldfish whose head is stuck in a jar of jam. He saves the goldfish and puts it in a green bucket. It is love at first sight, as Sosuke promises to take care of her. Only Fujimoto (Jôji Tokoro), who was once human and is now a sorcerer on the seabed, demands that Ponyo return to the depths of the ocean. To side with Sosuke, Ponyo makes the decision to become human.

6. Nankyoku Monogatari - Antarctica

1983 - 11 billion yen

Akira Ushioda is part of a team of Japanese researchers who undertake an expedition to Antarctica in 1957, and he has a responsibility to care for sled dogs. Due to the harsh weather conditions, the team is forced to leave the station, and Ushioda feels responsible for leaving 15 dogs at the mercy of fate. Based on real facts.

7. Bayside Shakedown: The Movie

1998 - 10.1 billion yen

The film continues a few months after the end of the TV series. Lead character Detective Sergeant Shunsaku Aoshima worked his way back to the investigation division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Wangan Police Station after being demoted back to patrol duty for insubordination.

8. Koneko Monogatari

1986 - 9.8 billion yen

Chatran, is a small and restless yellow cat who lives with his brothers, on a ranch in northern Japan. One afternoon when he was playing with the dog Puski, he went to hide in a box by the river and ended up being carried by the current. There begins a journey entitled to waterfalls, bears, snakes, rain, hunger, vultures, holes, raccoons and foxes, while Puski, comes running through the forest looking for you. The film will follow the growth of the animal and the relationships established between living beings and nature, which can alternate sweetness and companionship as well as aggression.

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9. Arrietty's Secret World

2010 - 9.3 billion yen

Arrietty, a small but persistent 14-year-old girl lives with her parents in the garden recess of a suburban home, without the knowledge of the owner and his maid. Like all small people, Arrietty remains hidden from people, except for occasional secret ventures beyond the floor to "borrow" small fragments, like sugar cubes, from humans, homeowners. But when Sho, 12, a human boy, comes to stay at the house, discovers his mysterious companion in one night, a secret friendship flourishes. If found out, their relationship could take Arrietty's family home, straight into danger.

10. Heaven and earth

1990 - 9.2 billion yen

Located in feudal Japan, the daimyo Kagetora (Enoki) must protect his lands and his people from the ambitions of warlord Takeda (Tsugawa).