What does Subarashii mean in Japanese?

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Ever wondered what the word really means subarashii [素晴らしい] In japanese? In this article, we will do a complete analysis on that word and understand its meanings, meme, etymology, history, phrases, synonyms, inflections, uses and others.

The word subarashii could mean "wonderful; splendid; supreme; great; incredible; great; glorious; Fantastic; magnificent; admirable“. Depending on the situation, it can also mean something as impressive, not bad or cool.

It is an adjective of type i [い] that is composed of the kanji [素] which means elementary, principle, naked and uncovered, along with the ideogram [晴] which means to clean. What the hell do these ideograms have to do with the word?


Several characters, especially some villains, usually use this word at some point, when they succeed in their plots. One of the antagonists of Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black, often uses that word several times.

Etymology and origin of subarashii

The word subarashii is originally derived from the verb subaru [窄る] which means to shrink or shrink. The word comes from the junction of shii [しい] which is an adjective suffix. This adjective literally describes "what makes a person shrink".

The initial meaning of the word was strongly negative (something like extreme and terrible), and that use continued until the mid-1800s in the Edo Period, since when the meaning changed to a strong positive. Something similar happened in English with the word terrific.

Kanji spelling is an example of ateji [当て字], a word written with certain ideograms, but which currently has absolutely no relation to the meaning of the word or to the original word [窄る].

Qual o significado de subarashii em japonês?

Synonyms and related

Sugoi [すごい] also means something like incredible, great, wonderful, magnificent. The word sucked it is mostly used to tell your friend or people close to you and also used to be used with exclamation. Already subarashii it is more formal and complete.

Another similar adjective is suteki [素敵] which means “charming; wonderful; nice; great; Fantastic; great; cool“. The word also has an alternative way of being written [素晴しい], it still has [ら], but it is in the reading of kanji.

We also recommend reading articles that talk about the word omoshiroi which means fun, interesting and fascinating. Also the words ureshii and tanoshii which means something fun, happy and happy. Very common and similar adjectives.


Some words opposite subarashii are hidoi [ひどい] which means cruel; severe; unfair; kitanai [きたない] which means dirty; unclean; iyashii [いやしい] which means vulgar; thick; rough; minikui [みにくい] which means ugly; unattractive; unseemly.

Qual o significado de subarashii em japonês?
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Inflection and conjugation

The adverb of the adjective subarashii It's subarashiku [素晴らしく] which means something like wonderfully; splendidly; magnificently. Below we will leave the possible inflections of the word subarashii for you to examine it:

Imperfect (未然形)素晴らしかろsubarashikaro
Continued (連用形)素晴らしくsubarashiku
Terminal (終止形)素晴らしいsubarashii
Attributive (連体形)素晴らしいsubarashii
Hypothetical (仮定形)素晴らしけれsubarashikere
Imperative (命令形)素晴らしかれsubarashikare
Negative informal素晴らしくないsubarashiku nai
Informal past素晴らしかったsubarashikatta
Past negative informal素晴らしくなかったsubarashiku nakatta
Formal素晴らしいですsubarashii desu
Formal negative素晴らしくないですsubarashiku nai desu
Formal past素晴らしかったですsubarashikatta desu
Past negative formal素晴らしくなかったですsubarashiku nakatta desu

Subarashii Example Phrases

Anata no seiseki wa subarashīdesu Your grades are incredible
Are wa subarashī sakuhindesu ne This is a wonderful job
Yōsuruni, sono pātī wa subarashikatta. In short, the party was great.
Hontōni subarashīdesu ne. It is really wonderful.
Fujisan ga subarashī nagamedatta. Mount Fuji had a wonderful view.
Kanojo wa subarashī joseida She is a wonderful woman
Kare wa totemo subarashī tenisu senshudesu. He's a very good tennis player.
Subarashī hanashi o futatsu shōkai shimasu I can tell you two great stories.