Compliments in Japanese - How to say beautiful and sexy?

Have you ever thought about praising a Japanese person, but you don't know which correct word to use? Ever wondered how to call someone beautiful in Japanese? To say that something is beautiful in the Japanese language? In this article, we have separated some words and their explanations so that you can have the basic knowledge of the language to give compliments in Japanese.

First of all we want to make it clear that the Japanese are super shy, you must understand the right time to make a compliment in a way that doesn't make the person uncomfortable (probably will be). There are countless words for different occasions that we will try to list in this article.

Women themselves don't use most of the words men use to praise a man's beauty, at least not directly to him. They often use the word kakkoi (格好いい) which means nice, pleasant and attractive. If some girl is saying that word to you, it means you have a chance.

Compliments in Japanese – how to say beautiful, pretty and sexy?

How do you say pretty in Japanese?

There are several compliments and words that mean beautiful and other beauty related words. The main ideogram of beauty is (美) which is found in several words such as bigaku (美学) which literally means aesthetics.

Below we will list many words related to appearance compliments in Japanese. We are going to list several meanings in English that will explain the essence of the word. But its main use is usually the first translation in the list. Remembering that the words below are usually unisex.

Portuguese Japanese Romaji
cute; cute; adorable; Enchanting; innocent; childish 可愛い / かわいい kawaii
pretty; adorable; clean; pure 綺麗 / きれい kirei
beautiful; Enchanting 美しい / 美しい utsukushii
Good; adorable; amazing; excellent; cool 素敵 / すてき suteki
pretty person; beautiful person 美人 / びじん bijin
erotic; sexy; sexy エロい eroi
pretty; from english handsome ハンサム hansamu
sexy (from english) セクシー sekushii
handsome young man 美男子 binanshi
handsome man; nice guy イケ面 ikemen

Among the words cited utsukushii is the most adult and kawaii is the most childish. The words kawaii and utsukushii sound much more natural than kirei, already eroi it's pretty sexy. kawaii can be used for people, animals and things like plants. Already utsukushii in addition to being used for people it is used for things like beautiful day or beautiful lake.

Other Compliments in Japanese

Below we will leave a list of other compliments that do not just involve beauty and appearance:

I'm impressed; as i expected 流石 / さすが Sasuga
incredible; amazing; Fantastic 凄い / すごい suck
amazing; splendid; magnificent 素晴らしい / すばらしい subarashii
Perfect 完璧だ!/ かんぺきだ kanpekida

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