What does Minna mean in Japanese?


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Minna is an expression that arouses interest for anime viewers or those who live in Japanese daily life. Maybe you even know the meaning, but do you really know everything? In this article we are going to examine the word minna [皆].

What does Minna mean in Japanese?

Is it something explosive? Slang to refer to girls and girls? None of that, that word refers to everyone ... That's right, minna [皆んな] literally means people, everyone who is listening, everyone and the like.

Usually the formal version is used minasan [皆さん] or the most polished version for formal speeches minasama [皆様]. Both expressions can be found only in hiragana, mixing hiragana with kanji or just kanji.

Another informal way of referring to everyone is by using miruna [みるな]. The ideogram can also be used as an affix that means all or each one, usually the words composed with ideogram [皆] have the reading kai.

O que significa minna em japonês?

What is the difference between Minna and Mina?

The word can be written only with an ideogram [皆] or using an irregular okurigana [皆んな]. Originally in history the correct term is mine [みな], but with the passing of the year, the custom of lengthening the expression was taken, thus generating minna.

That is, we usually use mine for more formal occasions and minna for informal occasions. Although the word alone has an elongation with [ん] turning minna, don't try to say something like minnasan or minnasama because it doesn't exist.

Although it is possible to write both words only with an ideogram [皆], usually in the written part of minna hiragana or [皆んな] is used to convey feeling and emphasis, also preventing people from reading only mine.

O que significa minna em japonês?

Why do the Japanese speak a lot of minna?

Do you know why that word is so heard in anime? The reason for this is because the Japanese are highly group-oriented people and unconsciously value the group's harmony over individual freedom, so many minna.

This expression can be used for a small or large group of people, a circle of friends or even in the absence of people to refer to a group of friends. This word is very important in Japanese culture.

Minna can also be said willingly, with expression to cause emotion to the listener. The Japanese always try to follow what minna is saying to get along with a group. It's not just an all, it's like an “Hey you! Attention!“.

O que significa minna em japonês?

Phrases and expressions about everyone in Japanese

Made なまで言うな minamadeiuna Stop what you're saying
Ono の葉はみんな落ちてしまった Konoha wa min'na ochite shimatta All leaves have fallen
Ina さん、こんにちは ina mina san, konnichiwa. Hello everyone. 
Ita たくはいいですね、みなさん。 shitaku wa ii desu ne, minasa. Is everyone ready?
An なさ it じっ fique していて下さい Minasan jitto shite ite kudasai Please be quiet 
Ash 信号皆で渡れば怖くない Akashingō watareba mine kowakunai u am not afraid if everyone crosses the red light 
みんなの党 minnanotou Everyone's party

Words related to ideograma de mina [皆]

To end the article, I will leave some related words to increase your vocabulary and understanding:

  • Zenin [全員] - All members; all hands; everyone; all tribulation;
  • Katagata [方 々] - People; all people; all; ladies and gentlemen;
  • Minamine [皆 々] - Everyone; everyone; all;
  • Kaimoku [皆目] - Entirely;
  • Minagoroshi [皆殺し] - Massacre; annihilation; mass murder;
  • Minanomono [皆の者] - Everyone;
  • Minna ga minna [皆が皆] - Each and everyone; each one; everyone;
  • Kaiki [皆既] - Total Eclipse; totality;
  • Kaichuu [皆中] - Hit all targets;
  • Mine in shuu [皆の衆] - Everyone;