Izunokuni Panorama Park - Cable car on Mount Katsuragi

Today I want to recommend a tourist spot in the Izu region that is very interesting for travelers. These are Mount Katsuragi and the Panorama Park cable car located in the city of Izunokuni in Shizuoka. Ready for a better view of Fuji?

Izunokuni Panorama Park

Panorama Park is a tourist facility that offers a 1.8km cable car to climb Mount Katsuragi. It is possible to climb the mountain, but it is best to take the cable car due to its giant length and height.

The cable car is very fast and fun, it can be scary for those who are afraid of heights ... The journey is quite extensive, you cross to a valley, and when you think you are almost reaching the top of the mountain, you are still far away ...

Izunokuni panorama park - cable car on mount katsuragi

In the region you will also find the famous Izu Nagaoka Onsen, which can favor your trip to the region. The cable car price is above 2,000 yen, but it pays off every penny, a unique experience combined with photos of the fujisan.

Below is a short video of my ascent and descent on the cable car in 2018 together with my friend Roberto Pedraça. In addition to the video, we also share some photos we took at the site and the view of Mount Fuji that will delight you.

Mount Katsuragi

At the top of the 452 meter high hill, you have a privileged view of the region, depending on the climate to clearly see Mount Fuji, Mount Amagi and even the Japanese Alps in Nagano. Japan is an incredible sight.

There you will find restaurants, souvenir shops and even a mini onsen for your feet. There are also tea houses, athletics and takeoff spots for air sports. There is also an Izu Nagaoka relay station.

Izunokuni panorama park - cable car on mount katsuragi

The place also has trails and a mini zoo. At the top of the mountain are the Katsuragi Shrine and Hyakutai Jizo, which are said to have been consecrated since the Kamakura era. There you will also find a statue of Gen Yoricho.

The hill is usually called Izu Katsuragi, as there are 4 other hills with the same name spread across Japan. It is also called Shaka Sleeper because of the similarity of the hill to the Gunma Buddha in the image below:

Izunokuni panorama park - cable car on mount katsuragi
Shaka statue sleeping, I didn't see the mountain like that…

My experience in Izu

We didn't just go there, we initially went to the port and fish market in Numazu, then we went to the cable car, visited some park in the region (I don't remember a name) and stayed in a Cyber Café.

The next day we went to the famous Mishima Sky Walk bridge and then we followed the path to Izu region in the city of Ito. There we visited a mixed Onsen in the middle of the mountains, then we stayed in a cheap Ryokan and visited several Izakaya.

The point is that there are several places to visit in the Izu region, so here's the tip, prepare your itinerary and be sure to visit Izunokuni Panorama Park and Mount Katsuragi. If you liked the article, share it with friends and leave comments.

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