Minna no nihongo - Best Books to Learn Japanese

Do you know the book Minna no Nihongo? When looking for information about the book I realized that it is without a doubt one of the most popular books to learn Japanese searched by more than 10,000 people monthly on dear Google.

In this article, we'll go over each book in the Minna no Nihongo series and recommend places to buy it. If you are looking for it to download, we can help you!

What is the Minna no Nihongo Book?

The book Minna no Nihongo [みんなの日本語] literally means everyone in Japanese and is available in 24 languages. The book teaches not only the Japanese language, but also the culture and customs of the country.

The first thing you need to know about the Minna no Nihongo is that there are several books aimed at beginners and intermediates entirely in the Japanese language. There are versions of the book with notes, grammar and information in several other languages for foreigners.

Minna no nihongo - best books to learn japanese

You need to understand at least the basics of Hiragana and Katakana to enjoy the book series Minna no Nihongo. The book had its first version in 1998 with the objective of teaching Japanese in a practical and detailed way in a serious way with the aim of bringing fluency and helping beginners to understand Japanese through immersion.

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Minna no Nihongo - Shokyuu

Minna no Nihongo Shokyuu is due in 2 volumes for beginners. The book teaches more than 1980 vocabulary words and more than 518 Japanese ideograms. The book minna no nihongo shokyuu usually teaches 3 points of Japanese grammar per chapter with standard exercises in phrases, reading and comprehension.

The book is also very illustrated and has a total of 50 chapters, 25 of which are volume. There are books, audio CDs and other extras sold separately to help you fully enjoy the book. The information taught is very practical and intended mainly for group learning.

Minna no Nihongo - Chuukyuu is the intermediate version for students who are more advanced in learning the Japanese language. In this version the audio CD is included. All of these books have a translation and grammar version and also a WorkBook that can support the understanding of the book and exercises.

Minna no nihongo - best books to learn japanese

Method of Study of Minna in Nihongo

[A and B] The efficient method used by Minna in Nihongo is to learn words using the formation of short sentences. [C] Practice standard sentences aloud with short, concise dialogues of everyday life and situations that foreigners face in Japan.

At the end of each lesson there are exercises to check the content learned. The book recommends training and talking to people or Japanese everything you learn while studying. Below you can see a learning flow that the book recommends:

Minna no nihongo - best books to learn japanese

The beginner's book aims to teach greetings and greetings, shop, move around Japan, accept and make invitations, visit places, ask questions about everyday life, express ideas and wishes, send letters and products, talk about the work, talk about hobbies, express feelings and much more.

Download Book Minna no Nihongo

I believe that most should look for free downloads of the book Minna no Nihongo. Unfortunately Suki Desu does not support piracy and strongly recommends using a physical version of the book for a better experience in learning Japanese. Especially if you are a procrastinator like me, who downloads things and never even opens.

With the Book Minna it will be easier to open and study on your desk or bedside, as well as sketching and writing notes and exercises. We also recommend using the book in conjunction with a spaced repetition program and with RTK method.

The important thing is not to be stuck with just one Book, we strongly recommend looking for different study methods, and if you want to use the internet and the computer to study, books are not the best option. You might want to try out learning tools like jisho.org and anki.

Minna no nihongo - best books to learn japanese

Where to buy Minna no Nihongo Book

Unfortunately, this book is very difficult to find and buy in Brazil. You may find it available at the Sol bookstore, which usually sells books of Japanese origin. We believe that the cheapest way to find these books is through amazon. Let's leave a grid with these books below, you may be lucky to find them available:

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