Warayakiya – Katsuo Tataki – Japanese Fish Barbecue

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The japanese barbecue It's popular for grilling thin meats and dipping them into the sauce, but in this article we're going to introduce you to a different way of grilling meat called tataki, using a fish called Katsuo.

For those who don't know, katsuo It is a beautiful tuna or skipjack tuna widely used in Japanese cuisine. The way to prepare it called tataki (叩き) literally means cauterized. That is, he is literally thrown into the flame as we see in the video below:

Despite all this, it is cut quite thick and appears to be raw inside. It is served with a lot of salt instead of the usual soy sauce. It is sometimes accompanied with wasabi, ginger, garlic, daikon, onions and other seasonings to spice up the dish.

Warayakiya Katsuo Tataki's Restaurant

One of the most famous restaurants for serving this dish is called warayakiya which literally means grilled on straw. Since the restaurant uses straw to cook and grill food, leaving a unique flavor.

The katsuo is certainly not the only dish at this restaurant grilled in this outrageous way. High quality chicken and beef are also served in a melt-in-your-mouth manner.

Warayakiya - katsuo tataki - japanese fish barbecue

Warayakiya restaurants can be found in several places in Tokyo, just search for them on Google Maps. Prices can be a little steep as it is a delicacy in a izakaya high level and can exceed 5,000 yen.

There are other ways to grill katsuo fish that bear the name tataki, so do your research well, in this article we talk exclusively about the warayakiya restaurant style.

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