Tools for illustration and manga editing

Many people dream of publishing manga or simply creating illustrations and fan art. With the advancement of technology most of these illustrations and even manga are made on a graphics tablet and with the use of applications and programs. With that in mind, in this article we are going to present some tools and applications that can help you when editing your arts and creating your comics.

Programs for editing illustrations and manga

MediBang Paint – MediBang Paint Pro is a free and very light software used for creating illustrations and manga. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and has versions for mobile devices. Although it is free software, it contains numerous tools. You'll find everything you need to create your illustrations and manga. The program has more than 50 brushes, different layers, diagramming to create comics, page control to manage your manga and backgrounds to use in your manga.

MangaName – MangaName is a simplified application that contains pen, eraser and some shape tools, necessary for creating sketches. Name is a Japanese term used to describe manga sketches. A mangaka uses “name” to lay out pages, decide character positions, angles, etc.

Jump Paint – It is an application to create manga, available in versions for PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. It's completely free and comes with tutorials on creating manga, which are produced by the editorial staff of the renowned Japanese manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump. Jump Paint contains all the tools you need to create manga, such as layers, G feather, countless shades, among others. In addition, you can save your manga in the cloud, which has unlimited space available.

You can access all these apps mentioned here by clicking on the image below:

Tools for illustration and manga editing

Where to publish my illustrations and mangas?

MediBang is also a site for publishing and reading manga and illustrations created by ordinary people. Publishing your works on this site can help you to become known and maybe become a successful illustrator or mangaka. Besides the MediBang let's leave a list of other sites where you can also share your works:

  • Pixiv – Leading online artist community where members submit illustrations, manga and novels or search for work created by others;
  • MangaDojo – Community that allows professional and independent mangaka to showcase their work and collaborate with others;
  • DeviantArt – Famous social network focused on sharing illustrations, drawings and artistic works;

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