Manga that help in learning the language and culture of Japan

One of the best ways to train reading and study Japanese is to read manga. They have an informal language, with slang and dialects. In addition, the manga have images and some furigana for easy reading.

In addition, manga helps us to delve deeper into Japanese culture. It is difficult to learn the Japanese language without understanding its culture and way of thinking.

Thinking about it, the site “Suki Desu” together with partner site “Did you know anime?” we created an article recommending 10 manga that will help you learn Japanese and get deeper into the country’s culture.

Detective Conan - 名探偵コナン

One of Japan’s most famous manga, Detective Conan has won over people of all ages, including my mother. Despite being very famous in Japan, he is quite ignored and unknown among Brazilians, probably due to his features, and for appearing childish. But in reality Detective Conan has a very complex history, with investigative cases reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes.

The synopsis seems simple: A high school boy who is a detective ends up being poisoned with a drug that turns him into a child. For security reasons he keeps his identity a secret and solves crimes using other people.

I recommend it because it is a story that is set all over Japan, in several cities, provinces, and the stories are always varied showing cultures, dates, etc. In addition, the manga has a simple language, and has furigana. In manga you can even see differences between dialects like the dialect kansai-ben of one of Osaka’s Hattori Heiji character.

I wrote an article talking more details about this great work. You can read it by clicking here.

Manga that help in learning the language and culture of japan

Yotsubato! - よつばと!

A children’s manga that tells the story of a 5-year-old girl who lives with her father in a rural city in Japan. The manga portrays the development and learning of the main character.

Manga is a magical work, with simple language, beautiful art. In it you will experience rural Japan, and you will learn together with Yotsuba. As the story progresses, you learn new kanji, new concepts of things. It’s a manga made for you to develop your learning.

If you really want to learn Japanese with magi you have to give chances to children’s works like Doraemon and Sazae-san. And nothing better than starting with Yotsubato!

Manga that help in learning the language and culture of japan

Nihonjin no Nihongo shiranai

A manga and drama well known among Japanese students. The manga tells the story of a Japanese woman who teaches a class to a group of foreign students, where she discovers that there are many important things in the language that she herself does not know.

The manga has only 4 volumes, but it is very interesting for those interested in delving into the Japanese language and culture. The manga’s focus is the Japanese language itself and its origin, and the relationship of foreigners to the language.

Mangos that help in learning the language and culture of japan - manga nihongo

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