Japan's Top 10 Parks

Are you a tourist or citizen in Japan, and want to choose the best options for fun? In this article, we will see the best parks in Japan according to the website tripadvisor. 

1. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland has 465,000 m² is located in Urayasu, Chiba, close to Tokyo. This park features the same attractions as Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom of California's Walt Disney World. Of course, both have their exclusive, if you like Disney, for sure this will be the best option.

2. Tokyo DisneySea

The Tokyo DisneySea is approximately 712 246.73 m2 , is a park with a nautical exploration theme. Unlike the Tokyo Disneyland, the general intention is to create a more adult theme park, including faster and more frightening attractions and shows designed for an older audience. It is located at the same address as Tokyo Disneyland, visiting these parks, doubles the fun on your trip.

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3. Funabashi Andersen Park

This is a Hans Christian Andersen theme park located in Funabashi, Chiba. It contains a beautiful replica of a Danish windmill, squares, gardens, a lake and a lot of vegetation. There are plenty of activities for children, such as pony rides on the mini farm and various toys on the playground. A very pleasant place to spend the day with the family. 

Japan's Top 10 Parks

4. Universal Studios Japan

A famous theme park inspired by the great Hollywood films, opened in March 2001, is located on Osaka's Sakurajima Island. It was Universal Studios' first theme park outside the US.

Japan's Top 10 Parks

5. Fujikyu Highlands

A theme park near the base of Mount Fuji. It has many roller coasters, as well as two haunted attractions: The Haunted Hospital, the second largest haunted attraction in the world. And the Hopeless Fortress. Other attractions include Thomas Terra, and Gundam and Evangelion themed attractions.

Japan's Top 10 Parks

6. Nagashima Spa Land

An excellent park with several roller coasters and toys for all ages, a very good water park to have fun in the strong heat of Japan and an outlet with clothes, sneakers, watches, accessories, etc., all from famous brands and with very affordable prices. Located in Nagashimacho Urayasu, Kuwana - Mie Prefecture.


7. Green Land Resort

A large resort located in Kumamoto that attracts more than 3 million people a year. The resort includes a Greenland amusement park, hotels, golf courses, grilled meat, gardens, bowling, swimming pools, onsen and many other attractions.

8. Rusutsu Resort

Rusutsu Resort has direct access to the ski slopes, so you have more time to practice snowboard, tubing in the snow and snowmobile. Guests can visit the spa to relax while enjoying massages, body treatments or aromatherapy; BELLE VUE, one of 9 restaurants, serves French cuisine. This stylish hotel offers 2 bars, a golf course, and rooms with flat-screen TVs and refrigerators. Skiers will enjoy access to ski storage, rentals and lessons. Of course it also has a huge amusement park.

Japan's Top 10 Parks

9. Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

A small Edo period themed village located in Nikko - Tochigi. In this village you will really travel to the past, meet samurai, ninjas, geishas, citizens of the village wearing kimono and much more. A real adventure for fans of Japanese culture.

Japan's Top 10 Parks

10. Huis Ten Bosch

A theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, which recreates the Netherlands, displaying real copies of old Dutch buildings. The name Huis Ten Bosch comes from the English “Casa na Floresta”. The park has many Dutch-style buildings, such as hotels, villas, theaters, museums, shops and restaurants, as well as canals, windmills, amusement parks and a giant seasonal flower garden.

Japan's Top 10 Parks

Japan is full of unforgettable places! Have you made plans to visit them all?

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