Journey into the past - Edo Wonderland


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Edo Wonderland or Nikko Edomura (日光江戸村) is a large cultural theme park in the Edo Period, located in Nikko, Tochigi. The park resurrects and shows the life and culture of the Edo Period (1603 and 1868) in the 17th century city of Tokyo. It has 495,000M² (49 hectares) of area, and was based on the golden age of Edo Period known as Genroku.

Edo Wonderland is home to a wide range of things from the Edo Period, such as the architecture of urban and rural housing, government residences and buildings, castles and temples. In this great city you will find, Ninjas, Samurais, Geishas and others. You can rent period costumes yourself or simply take pictures with the costumed actors. There are 7 theaters, the famous Kabuki theater, ninja and samurai demonstrations, shadow show and many others.


Edo Wonderland has a mascot known as Nyanmage, which is a samurai cat. Its name is derived from "nyan" (the sound of a cat equivalent to "meow" used in English) and "magician", the name of the tufted samurai hairstyle.

Edo Wonderland was created on April 23, 1986, in Fujiwara-cho, Shioya-gun, Tochigi, which today is known as the Nikko Kinugawa neighborhood. Three more parks were built in Hokkaido, Kanazawa and Mie, but these parks were sold in the 2000s.


Don't miss the opportunity to get to know street performances, parades, seasonal parties and special events. Edo Wonderland also has a number of unique experiences for adults and children, including Ninja workshops, traditional Japanese archery and you can even play shuriken.

For more details on Edo Wonderland visit the official site.


We will end the article with videos so that you can enjoy a little bit of Edo Wonderland.

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