You need to visit Universal Studios Japan!

Universal Studios is one of the biggest movie and franchise studios of all time. In this article we are going to talk about Universal Studios Japan, one of the biggest theme parks in Japan, being even better than Disney in many ways.

Universal Studios Japan Park is located in the greater Osaka region, the second largest city in Japan. The park opened in March 2001 attracting tourists from all over Asia and around the world.

Every year, more than 8 million people visit Universal Studios Japan. In its opening year, that number surpassed 11 million.

Universal studios japan

What do we find at Universal Studios Japan?

The park is divided into 9 areas separated by the names of cities and places where certain attractions take place. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine all the attractions, since some are temporary or constantly changing.

There are special areas with attractions from Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Shrek's, Peter Pan's, Mario Bros and many others. Usually the attractions are from Studio movies that are popular at the time.

Each area can have rides like roller coasters and haunted houses themed around the area. Shows, presentations, theaters, 4d movies and many media are displayed on site. In addition to games and scavenger hunts.

Osaka, japan - apr 10, 2021 : placa de sinalização do Super Nintendo World. Super Nintendo World é uma área temática no Universal Studios Japan.

You can also find several stores that sell specialized products from a movie or animation such as Hello Kitty. The Park is not limited to Universal Studio's signature attractions.

At Universal Studios Japan we've had attractions from anime like Shingeki no Kyoujin, famous games like Resident Evil and much more. There are hundreds of different attractions that require an annual visit to the park.

Universal studios japan

Universal Studios Japan top attractions

Below we will briefly describe some attractions found at Universal Studios Japan. It is worth remembering that some of the attractions may no longer be available.

Universal Studios Japan – Here, you can ride the Minion Ride, take pictures with the servants and eat at the Minion Cafe.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – This attraction is a must-see for any Harry Potter fan! You will be able to explore Hogwarts Castle and visit Hogsmeade Village.

The wizarding world of harry potter, the medieval castle in universal studios japan (usj), osaka, japan

Jurassic Park – Take a trip back in time and come face to face with some of the fiercest dinosaurs that ever lived! This attraction features realistic dinosaurs, thrilling rides, and much more.

Universal Wonderland – This is a great attraction for families with young children. It features smooth rides, cute characters and a fairytale land your kids will love.

Happy asian girls take shot with sesame street elmo in universal studios japan (usj), osaka, japan

WaterWorld – An action-packed show featuring acrobatics, pyrotechnics and water effects. This is an unmissable show for all thrill seekers!

Space Fantasy – Unique attraction that combines a roller coaster with a space ride in the dark. This is a must-do tour for all thrill seekers!

Super Nintendo World – A fully themed part of the park referring to the biggest Nintendo Mario Bros franchise, with several attractions, quests, shops and toys.

Universal Studios Japan videos

See below some videos from Youtubers who had the privilege of visiting this wonderful park:

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