Recommendation and Analysis - Nobunaga Concerto

Nobunaga Concerto (信長協奏曲) is a manga series by Ayumi Ishii that tells the story of Saburō, a student who ends up traveling back in time to the Sengoku period and ends up replacing the famous Oda Nobunaga the famous lord who united Japan. During the Saburo series you will have to learn to live in the sengoku era and play your role as Nobunaga, trying to end wars and unify Japan.

The manga is released monthly in the magazine on Monthly Shōnen Sunday and won its first TV drama and animation in 2014.


As the manga is monthly, and we currently have only 12 volumes, the drama it was much more worked than the anime and manga, making the story more detailed and changing the aspects of the characters a little bit, really I found the drama far superior to anime, he has managed to maintain a comedy, action and an engaging story since the first episode. The way the Sengoku period it was portrayed was very good, it really is a great time travel, both scenery and the story gained from many samurai films ever made.

The main character, Did you know is interpreted by Shun Oguriyour lady Kicho is interpreted by Kou Shibasaki and your right arm Tsuneoki Ikeda is interpreted by Mukai Osamu.

The drama has 11 episodes, and has a Live Action to be released in January 2016, I cannot say whether it will be a film to complement the drama or a new story.

Some critics had negative thoughts about the series, for having changed the main character's personality a lot compared to manga and Anime. Others think that the idea of a man over 30 playing a student is absurd. Even so, the drama manages to conquer the viewer from beginning to end. So watch! Even if you don't like dramas ... Watch! I didn't even have the impression of watching a drama.


The anime is also very good, despite using CGI (Computer Graphics), something that many hate. Anime had only 10 episodes, so it is much more summarized than the drama. The events, despite being similar, happen in different ways compared to drama. The personality of Kicho it is much more docile in anime. Anime has an insightful soundtrack and a direction that knew how to carry the material in hand from beginning to end.

It is really worth watching, even if you are uncomfortable with CGI, this anime was a good job and pleased all fans. It's okay that some will find the animation a bit strange, but it gave the work its own touch, and, I believe, it didn't hurt anything. Let's leave the great Ending for you to know a little about the animation.


It is impossible not to fall in love with this work and its characters. You will cry, laugh and be moved. I got involved in the story in such a way that when an episode was over, I would run to the next without even thinking. Even my mother became addicted.

If you haven't had the opportunity to watch Nobunaga Concert, don't waste time and watch now, Dorama and Anime are waiting for you.

You can watch both the anime and the drama of Nobunaga Concert on Crunchyroll. Or you can resort to pirated means, just search on Google xD

Who recommended this drama to me was Lucas ribeiro from the page Nintendo, Apple and Japanese culture Fanbase.

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