Osoroi - The fashion of dressing the same or matching in Japan

Have you ever been somewhere or an event and noticed that someone was wearing the same clothes as you? Many people hate that this happens. Maybe they even leave the place, because someone has the same or similar clothes. But in Japan some things are quite different. For some, dressing the same or similar is something that makes them feel good.

In Japan and other Asian countries there is a fashion or practice called Osoroi. This fashion basically consists of dressing like other people. There is something called the osoroi code, where partner friends and even families dress up or combine the same clothes. And it doesn't even have to be a special day or event. Many are fans of this fashion in their daily lives, from shopping to a walk on the beach.

Osoroi - the fashion to dress the same in japan

That word Osoroi (お揃い)   is a variation of the word sorou (そろう), which means to become complete or equal. People who are adept at this fashion or code, say that wearing matching or equal clothes is an expression of their love and intimacy with their friendly partner.

Getting to know Osoroi more

This fashion is extremely popular with young people, especially with girls. But it is also noticed in all age groups. In a book called The Japanese Mind, written by Osamu Ikeno and Roger J. Davies, something interesting is commented. The book says that in Japanese society, people are generally oriented towards a specific group.

Osoroi - the fashion of dressing like or matching in japan

And it is their custom to give more priority to group harmony than to them as individuals. This is considered a very important virtue to adhere to the values of different cultural groups. This loyalty to the group produces a feeling of solidarity. Developing in them a “Group conscience” noticed in different aspects of Japanese life. So the code Osoroi it ends up being seen as a way to physically express a feeling of closeness to a specific person or social group.

Many today are adept at this fashion simply to take pictures, and somehow become popular on social networks. And let's agree that it is something that draws a lot of attention. If there is a place that you will find even people who adhere to the Osoroi code, that place is on Disneyland's Tokyo or at Disneysea. There you will find many couples or groups of friends wearing the same costumes.

Osoroi - the fashion to dress the same in japan

In the West wearing the same clothes is not usually well liked by adults. Japan is already quite accustomed to wearing the same clothes since since school they wear uniforms to show the union of a group. Would you go out to a place or event with the same clothes as your friend or partner? We look forward to seeing your comments and shares.

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