Osamu Tezuka – All about the God of Manga

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Do you know the person responsible for the popularization of Japanese manga and anime? In this article, we are going to talk about the God and Father of Manga, the famous Osamu Tezuka, the famous creator of Astro Boy and countless classic works.

The story of the manga

Manga appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, and over the years, they became world-renowned and indispensable to Japanese society. Its success can be attributed to its characteristics as particular as the great diversity of genres, the strong presence of cinematographic language and the cartoon-style stroke.

Many of the Brazilian manga fans have become admirers of the creators of their favorite comics and anime, but they have never heard of one of the great pioneers of the field, the person responsible for the great successful manga.

It is not difficult to find, for example, otakus that refer to Akira Toriyama – creator of Dragon Ball – as “master”, having no idea that Toriyama, as well as many other mangaka, have as main inspiration the works from another great master, who implemented its most outstanding characteristics to the manga: Osamu Tezuka.

Osamu tezuka - the god of manga

Osamu Tezuka's Success Story

Osamu Tezuka born in Osaka in 1926, he began his career creating comic strips for newspapers and has even worked with Walt Disney. Since his teens he has been drawing for his classmates.

Unfortunately because of Second World War, Osamu Tezuka was drawn to training in medicine to help friends and the population who were suffering during the war, which resulted in poverty and famine.

After the devastation caused by the Second World War, the Japanese population was completely desolate. It was then that Osamu Tezuka thought that a good way to bring happiness to the Japanese (especially children) would be through comic and optimistic comics.

Osamu tezuka - the god of manga

Osamu Tezuka had a pretty extensive career that we'll see in detail. He was even in Brazil around 1984 teaching manga, opening an exhibition of his work and even helped directors of ABRADEMI.

Unfortunately he left us early, dying of cancer in 1989 at age 60, but his works will never cease to amuse and inspire future artists. Now let's talk about exactly those works that shaped history.

Osamu Tezuka's Achievements

His first successful work was released in 1946, entitled: Shin Takarajima (The New Treasure Island) – a comic book that mixed elements of cinematic language and comics.

Soon after, he made another hit among young people called Jungle Taitei (Kimba, the White Lion) in the year 1950. In addition to manga, Osamu Tezuka in his career wrote some books and other works that many do not know.

Osamu tezuka - the god of manga

Tezuka has created and drawn numerous manga, including Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), which was a huge success and was the first story manga to receive a television adaptation as an Anime.

Another successful work is Ribon no Kishi (The Princess and the Knight), considered the precursor of the shoujo sleeves. This work also yielded a classic 52-episode anime that was quite successful.

Astro Boy was also the first work to receive an English dub to be shown to Americans. Tezuka had no genre limitations, aside from fantasy stories he even wrote about Buddhism, Nazism and adult tales.

Osamu Tezuka did not invent the manga, but he who unprecedentedly popularized this phenomenon in Japan. Osamu Tezuka is believed to have written nearly 700 stories totaling 150,000 pages.

Osamu Tezuka's Influence

It was Osamu Tezuka who introduced the big eyes to the manga, inspired by the works of Walt Disney and the actresses of the Takarazuka theater, whose eyes shone in the spotlight.

Tezuka's great passion for the seventh art was also present in his works. The artist introduced cinematographic language to the manga, using various types of framing and decomposing the movement in the frames.

Osamu tezuka - the god of manga

Inspired by Hollywood scripts, he also created stories with striking clashes between heroes and villains and great drama, something that did not exist in Japanese comics until then.

Tezuka also dedicated himself to publicizing and popularizing Japanese comics around the world. He even befriended Moebius and Brazilian cartoonist Maurício de Sousa.

Due to his contributions to the medium, Tezuka received the nickname of Manga in Kamisama (Manga God).

There is a museum in Japan to remember its history. Not to mention that even today his classic works have been adapted for TV as in the case of Astro Boy and Black Jack.


If you want to appreciate the works of Osamu Tezuka that were released in Brazil, let's leave a list below if you want to delve deeper into the story of the God of Mangas.

Videos about Osamu Tezuka

Let's also see some videos talking a little about Osamu Tezuka:

List of Anime made by Osamu Tezuka

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
Name fo MovieYearType
A Thousand and One Nights1969Movie
Adachi-Ga Hara1991Movie
Adventures of the Monkey King1966Pilot Film
Amazing 3, The1965TV
Magma Ambassador1993OAV Series
Arabian Nights: Sinbad the Sailor1962Movie
Astro Boy1963TV
Astro Boy1980TV
Astro Boy2003TV
Astro Boy: The Brave in Space1964Movie
Atom: The Beginning2017TV
Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature1984TV Special
Big X1964TV
Black Jack1993OAV Series
Black Jack2004TV
Black Jack 212006TV
Black Jack: The 4 Miracles of Life2003TV Miniseries
Black Jack: The Movie1996Movie
Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness2005Movie
blue blink1989TV
blue triton1971Pilot Film
Brave Fire S091987Pilot Film
Bremen 4: Angels in Hell1981TV Special
Broken Down Movie1985Experimental Film
Cigarettes and Ashes1965Experimental Film
Doggie March1963Movie
Don Dracula1982TV
dororo1968Pilot Film
drop1965Experimental Film
Essays on Insects1995OAV
Fantastic Adventure of Unico 1, The1981Movie
Fantastic Adventure of Unico 2, The1983Movie
Flying Ben1967Pilot Film
smoke1980TV Special
Galaxy Boy Troop1963TV
Galaxy Investigation 2100: Border Planet1986TV Special
Genesis1968Experimental Film
Goku's Great Adventures1967TV
Green Cat, The1983OAV
Gum Gum Punch1968Pilot Film
Jetter Mars1977TV
Journey to the West, The1960Movie
jumping1984Experimental Film
Jungle Emperor1965TV
Jungle Emperor1989TV
Jungle Emperor1997Movie
Jungle Emperor: Onward Leo!1966Movie
Kanashimi no Belladonna1973Movie
Kindly Lion, The1970Movie
Legend of the Forest: Part-1, The1987Experimental Film
Lunn Flies into the Wind1985OAV
male1962Experimental Film
Marvelous Melmo1971TV
memory1964Experimental Film
mermaid1964Experimental Film
Microid S1973TV
Misuke in South1971PR Film
Misuke in the Land of Ice1970PR Film
Muramasa1987Experimental Film
New Jungle Emperor, Go ahead Leo!1966TV
New Treasure Island1965TV Special
Norman1968Pilot Film
Okazaki City in 70 Years1987PR Film
Era uma vez1970PR Film
One Million-year Trip: Bander Book1978TV Special
Phoenix -Space-, The1987OAV
Phoenix 2772, The: Space Firebird1980Movie
Phoenix, The: Chapter of Yamato1987OAV
Pictures at an Exhibition1966Experimental Film
princess knight1966Pilot Film
princess knight1967TV
push1987Experimental Film
Rain Boy1989OAV
self-portrait1988Experimental Film
Space Journey: The First Dream of Wonder-Kun1969TV Special
Symphonic Poem: Jungle Emperor Leo1991OAV
Tales of a Street Corner1962Experimental Film
Tezuka Osamu Story: I am Son-goku1989TV Special
Tezuka's Ancestor, Dr. Ryoan2000TV
The Film is Alive1990Movie
The Phoenix: Chapter of Dawn1978Movie
The Phoenix: Chapter of Ho-Ou1986OAV
Three-Eyed One, the1990TV
Three-eyed One, The: Prince in the Devil Island1985TV Special
Till a City Beneath the Sea Is Built1969TV Special
Time Slip of 10,000 Years, A: Prime Rose1983TV Special
Triton of the Sea1972TV
Triton of the Sea1979Movie
Undersea Super Train: Marine Express1979TV Special
Unique Chapter Special: Saving our Fragile Earth2001Tezuka, Osamu World Film
Unique: Short Story1979Pilot Film
Vampire, The1969TV
World Famous Stories for Children: Thumb Princess1978Movie
Yamataro Comes Back1986OAV
Young Black Jack2015TV
zero-man1968Pilot Film


To end the article we will leave a list of Manga and Books made by Osamu Tezuka. It's an extensive list, but that way you can know which work was actually written by the God of Manga. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.

  • 21st Century Adventure
  • A Tree in the Sun
  • Adventure Broadcasting Station
  • Adventure of Rock, The - 1952
  • Adventures of Ruby, The
  • Age of Adventure - 1951
  • Age of Great Floods
  • Akebono-san - 1959
  • Alabaster - 1970
  • Amazing 3, The - 1965
  • Ambassador Magma - 1965
  • Angel Gunfighter - 1949
  • Angel's Hill - 1960
  • Ant and the Giant, The
  • Apollo's Song - 1970
  • Apple with Watch Mechanism
  • Astro Boy - 1952
  • Astro Boy Chronicles
  • Astro Boy Special
  • Atom Cat
  • Ayako - 1972
  • Bagi, the Boss of the Earth - 1975
  • Bambi - 1951
  • Barbara - 1973
  • Benkei
  • Big X - 1963
  • Biiko-chan - 1957
  • Birdman Anthology - 1971
  • Black Jack - 1973
  • Bomb! - 1970
  • Book of Human Insects, The - 1970
  • Boy Detective Zumbera - 1975
  • Brave Dan - 1962
  • Buddha - 1972
  • Burunga I
  • Captain Atom - 1952
  • Captain Ken - 1960
  • Captain Ozma - 1961
  • Castle of Dawn, The
  • Cave In - 1969
  • Chief Detective Kenichi - 1954
  • Clockwork Apple, The
  • Crater, The
  • Crime and Punishment - 1953
  • Curtain is Still Blue Tonight, The - 1958
  • Detective Boy, Rock Holmes - 1949
  • Devil Garon, The - 1959
  • Devil of the Earth, The - 1954
  • Diary of Ma-chan - 1946
  • Don Dracula - 1979
  • Dororo - 1967
  • Dotsuitare - 1979
  • Dove, Fly Up to Heaven
  • Dr. doronko
  • doctor Mars - 1947
  • doctor Thrill - 1959
  • Duke Goblin - 1985
  • Dust 8 - 1972
  • damons
  • Earth War, The
  • Elephant's Kindness
  • Elephant's Sneeze
  • Essay on Idleness of Animals - 1973
  • Euphrates Tree, The
  • Fairy of Storms, The
  • Farewell, Night
  • Faust - 1950
  • Film Lives On, The - 1958
  • Fine Romance
  • fire mountain
  • Fire of Tutelary God
  • fire valley
  • Fisher
  • Flower & Barbarian
  • Flying Ben
  • Fossil Island - 1951
  • fossil man
  • Fountain of Crane
  • Four Card
  • Four Fencers of the Forest, The
  • Fuku-chan in 21st Century
  • Fusuke
  • Futureman Chaos
  • Gachaboi's Record of One Generation - 1970
  • game
  • Garbage War
  • Gary bar pollution record
  • General Onimaru
  • ghost
  • Ghost in jet base
  • Ghost Jungle
  • Ghost story at 1p.m.
  • Gikko-chan and Makko-chan
  • giletta
  • Go Out!
  • God Father's son
  • Gold City
  • Gold Scale
  • golden bat
  • Golden Trunk, The
  • Good bye, Mali
  • Good bye, Mr. Eiichi Fukui
  • Good morning Cusco
  • Goodbye Night
  • Goro of Hatchoike
  • Goto Matabei
  • Grand Dolls - 1968
  • green outskirts
  • Gringo - 1987
  • Gu-chan & Paiko
  • Gum Gum Punch - 1967
  • Gut-chan
  • Hans and Hair of Money
  • Hatsuyume Family
  • Head of cheerleaders of Kanoko
  • Hello! chippo
  • Higeoyaji, Dr. Ochanomizu
  • Himawari-san - 1956
  • Horror Tales of Yotsuya
  • How to Paint Osamu Tezuka Manga
  • Human being in the Moon World
  • Hungry Blues
  • Hurricane Z
  • Hyoroku and Gonroku
  • Hyotan Komako
  • i am a ninja
  • I am Sarutobi!
  • IL - 1969
  • Ikki Mandara
  • Infant development of ESP
  • Infant in Womb Starts Talking
  • Inochi no Mamejishaku
  • Insect Collector - 1979
  • Instruction 7:00AM!
  • Invitation to the Grotesque
  • Iron Road, The
  • Irregularity Fencer
  • Isolated Island in City
  • It is Difficult Though Understands
  • Jet King
  • Jetter Mars - 1977
  • Jiletta from Upside-Down
  • Jungle Emperor - 1966
  • Jungle Kingdom, The
  • Jungle Taro
  • Lay of the Rhine - 1973
  • leo-chan
  • Lion Books - 1956
  • Little Wansa - 1971
  • Lord Iechika Mogami - 1972
  • Lost World - 1948
  • Ludwig B
  • Lunatic Japan
  • Magic House, The
  • Mako, Rumi and Chii
  • Man From Mars, A
  • Man of a Tail
  • Classroom sleeve
  • manga college
  • Manga Seminar on Biology
  • Marvelous Melmo
  • Melody of Iron
  • Men with Tails
  • Message to Adolf
  • metamorphosis
  • Meteor Prince
  • metropolis
  • Microid S
  • midnight
  • Miracle Forest, The
  • Monster of the 38th Parallel, The
  • Moon and Wolves, The
  • Moony Man, The
  • Mr. cactus
  • MW
  • Mysterious Underground Men, The
  • Neo Faust
  • New Treasure Island
  • nextworld
  • Norman
  • number 7
  • Ode to Kirihito
  • Old Folk's Home
  • Osamu Tezuka Essay Collection
  • Osamu Tezuka Lecture Collection
  • Osamu Tezuka Novel Collection
  • Osamu Tezuka Talk Collection
  • Osamu Tezuka's Scenario Collection
  • Osamu Tezuka's Special Manga Course
  • Paper Fortress
  • Peace Concert
  • Peacock Shell
  • Phoenix, The
  • Pinocchio
  • Pippy
  • Plains of Abusegahara, The
  • P-rn-graphic Pictures
  • Prime Rose
  • princess knight
  • Queen Eggplant
  • queen nasubi
  • Queer Arabian Nights
  • Rags & Jewels
  • Rain Boy
  • rainbow fortress
  • Rainbow Parakeet, The
  • rainbow prelude
  • Rally Up, Mankind!
  • Record of Peter Kyultan
  • Record of the Glass Castle
  • Rise of the Birdmen
  • Road to Utopian Lurue, The
  • Rock on Volcano Island
  • Roppu-kun
  • Runaway Tanker, The
  • saboten-kun
  • Say Hello to Bookila!
  • Secret of Piron, The
  • Secrets of Osamu Tezuka's Manga
  • Z sensation
  • sexy nights
  • Serenade of a Pig's Navel
  • SF Fancy Free
  • SF Mix
  • Shinsen-gumi, The
  • Arabesque shorts
  • Shumari
  • Son of Godfather, The
  • Son-Goku the Monkey
  • Song of the White Peacock
  • Soyokaze-san
  • Spaceship Ringel Rock
  • Stories of Three Adolfs, The
  • Storm Fairy, The
  • Story of Tonkara Valley, The
  • Strange Boy, The
  • Super Taiheiki
  • suspicion
  • Swallowing the Earth
  • Tales of Astro Boy
  • Tales of the Glass Castle
  • Tales of Turtle
  • Tange Sazen
  • Tezuka's Ancestor, Dr. Ryoan
  • Thief Akikazu Inoue, The
  • Three-eyed One, The
  • Thunder Mask
  • Tiger Books
  • Title Year
  • Tonkara Valley Story
  • Tree in the Sun, A
  • Triton of the Sea
  • tuberculosis
  • Turtle Tales
  • Twenty First Century Adventure
  • Twin Knights, The
  • Under the Air
  • vampires
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Wansa-kun
  • White Pilot, The
  • Wonder Three
  • Wonderful Journey, The
  • X-Point on the South Pacific
  • Yaketpachi's Maria
  • Yokko-chan ga Kita Yo!
  • Zero Men

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