Best selling manga of all time

Hello, how are you? In this article, we will see a list of the best-selling manga of all time, along with highlights to the TOP 5 best-selling manga and other complementary lists like the most sold from Brazil and other rankings.

Unfortunately most of the best-selling manga rankings on the internet make the mistake of not listing them all in order. They exclude less popular manga and simply rank with the best known manga in the West.

We will not make such a mistake, in this article you will see several different lists of different surveys that state which of the best-selling manga of all time. I hope you like the article, let’s leave a summary below:

Ranking of best-selling manga

Below follow a complete ranking of anime sales last updated in 2020. Remembering that these rankings are not 100% accurate, but as the difference between one manga and another is great, the ranking works correctly.

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One PieceEiichiro Oda1997 – present95460 million
Dragon BallAkira Toriyama1984-199542250–300 million
Golgo 13Takao Saito1969 – present191280 million
NarutoMasahi Kishimoto1999-201472250 million
Black JackOsamu Tezuka1973–198317176 million
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae HashutsujoOsamu Akimoto1976–2016200160 million
OishinboTetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki1983 – present111130 million
Slam DunkTakehiko Inoue1990–199631126 million
BleachTite Kubo2001–201674120 million
Astro BoyOsamu Tezuka1952–196823100 millions
DoraemonFujiko Fujio1969–199645100 millions
Fist of the North StarBuronson and Tetsuo Hara1983–198827100 millions
Manga seriesAuthor (s)Publication dateNo. of volumesApproximate sales
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureHirohiko Araki1986 – present123100 millions
TouchMitsuru Adaiche1981–198626100 millions
Hajime no IppoGeorge Morikawa1989 – present12396 million
Kindaichi Case FilesYōzaburō Kanari, Seimaru Amagi and Fumiya Satō1992 – present7090 million
Attack on TitanHajime Isayama2009 – present2790 million
Sazae-sanMachiko Hasegawa1946–19744586 million
Captain TsubasaYōichi Takahashi1981 – present9282 million
VagabondTakehiko Inoue1998 – present3782 million
KinnikumanYudetamago1979 – present5175 million
Baki the GrapplerKeisuke Itagaki1991 – present13275 million
Hunter × HunterYoshihiro Togashi1998 – present3372 million
Fullmetal AlchemistHiromu Arakawa2001–20102770 million
Rurouni KenshinNobuhiro Watsuki1994–19992870 million
SangokushiMitsuteru Yokoyama1971–19866070 million
Boys Over FlowersYoko Kamio1992–20033761 million
Fairy tail.Hiro Mashima2006 - 20176360 million
Rokudenashi BluesMasanori Morita1988–19974260 million
Shoot!Tsukasa Ooshima1990–20033360 million
GintamaHideaki Sorachi2003 – present7655 million
Bad BoysHiroshi Tanaka1988–19962255 million
H2Mitsuru Adachi1992–19993455 million
MajorTakuya Mitsuda1994–20107853 million
Minami no TeiōDai Tennōji and Rikiya Gō1992 – present13053 million
Ranma ½Rumiko Takahashi1987–19963853 million
The Prince of TennisTakeshi Konomi1999–20084251 million
YuYu HakushoYoshihiro Togashi1990–19941950 million
Dragon Quest: Dai no DaibōkenRiku Sanjo, Yuji Horii and Koji Inada1989–19963750 million
Glass MaskSuzue Miuchi1976 – present4950 million
Great Teacher OnizukaTooru Fujisawa1997–20022550 million
RookiesMasanori Morita1998–20032450 million
DokabenShinji Mizushima1972–19814848 million
Initial DShuichi Shigeno1995–20134848 million
CrowsHiroshi Takahashi1990–19982646 million
InuyashaRumiko Takahashi1998–20085645 million
Tokyo GhoulSui Ishida2011-20183044 million
Shizukanaru Don - Yakuza Side StoryTatsuo Nitta1988–201310844 million
NanaAi Yazawa2000–2009 (on hiatus)2143 million
Crayon Shin-chanYoshito Usui1990–20105043 million
BerserkKentaro Miura1990 – present3840 million
Be-Bop High SchoolKazuhiro Kiuchi1983–20034840 million
City HunterTsukasa Hojo1985–19913540 million
Kachō Kōsaku ShimaKenshi Hirokane1983 – present8340 million
SnakeBuichi Terasawa1978–19841840 million
Kyō Kara Ore Wa !!Hiroyuki Nishimori1988–19973840 million
Tsurikichi SanpeiTakao Yaguchi1973–19836540 million
Yu-Gi-Oh!Kazuki Takahashi1996–20043840 million
KingdomYasuhisa Hara2006 – present5338 million
Nodame CantabileTomoko Ninomiya2001–20092337 million
Nanatsu no TaizaiNakaba Suzuki2012-present3636 million
Cooking PapaTochi Ueyama1985 – present13236 million
Crest of the Royal FamilyChieko Hosokawa1976 – present5936 million
Dr. SlumpAkira Toriyama1980–19841835 million
Sailor MoonNaoko Takeuchi1991–19971835 million
HaikyuuHaruichi Futuradate2012-present3533 million
Saint SeiyaMasami Kurumada1986–19902834 million
3 × 3 EyesYuzo Takada1987–20024033 million
Chibi Maruko-chanMomoko Sakura1986–20091632 million
Bastard‼Kazushi Hagiwara1988 – present2730 million
Death NoteTsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata2003–20061230 million
Kuroko's BasketballTadatoshi Fujimaki2008–20143030 million
20 th centry BoysNaoki urusayoki1999-20032330million
ChameleonAtsushi Kase1990–19994730 million
Gaki DekaTatsuhiko Yamagami1974–19802630 million
Jarinko ChieEtsumi Haruki1978–19976730 million
Salaryman KintarōHiroshi Motomiya1994–20023030 million
Shura no MonMasatoshi Kawahara1987–19963130 million
Urusei YatsuraRumiko Takahashi1978–19873430 million

1st place - One piece

The series follows a young man who dreams of being a pirate, and for this he sets out on a journey on a ship, to find the famous and immaculate treasure named one piece, and also to proclaim himself the king of pirates. So in this adventure he meets several people and gathers several friends for his crew.

Yes, the manga that always has more to show is deservedly at the top of our list, after all it has been released since 1997. Created by Eiichiro Oda, the manga published by Shueisha has already released 90 volumes, and has already hit the mark 440 million copies sold.

I think it is unmatched by the other best-selling manga, and to prove this is the difference of more than 100 million compared to the runner-up.

Best selling manga of all time

2nd place - Naruto

A boy who has a dream that everyone believes is impossible, the dream of becoming the Hokage, the most important figure in the village. But he never gives up and in order to become the most powerful and respected ninja in the village, he will go to great lengths. So everyone will have to recognize and look at it with respect, contrary to what they did before.

I believe that this could not be missing, after all it was the basis for one of the most influential anime of all time and one of the best selling manga in history. Created by Masashi Kishimoto and also published by Shueisha, the manga created in 1999 and completed in 2014. It has 72 volumes, which have sold him 295 million copies sold.

Best selling manga of all time
This kid appears for the third time because he is the best example of these clichés

3rd place - Dragon Ball

The series follows Son Goku's adventures from childhood to adulthood as he trains in martial arts and explores the world in search of the seven spheres known as Dragon Balls, which summon a dragon that grants wishes when brought together. Goku makes several friends and faces several villains during his journey.

When we talk about a generational influencer, I believe that this is what comes to anyone's mind first. The success created by Akira Toryama in 1984 has become a classic success.

But it still maintains success from past generations to the present, and attracts people of all ages. Also published by Shueisha, the first series has 42 volumes and ended in 1995, and today it reaches the mark of 240 million copies sold.

Best selling manga of all time

4th place - Golgo 13

Golgo 13, also known by the pseudonym Duke Togo, is a professional assassin. His age and birthplace are unknown and there is no consensus in the world intelligence community as to his true identity.

Duke Togo has a very calm personality and only speaks when he needs to, shows little or no emotion when carrying out a murder and is willing to kill anyone who threatens to expose him. He accepts many murder jobs different from anyone who can afford his services.

I think this is the only one on this list of best selling manga that the anime adaptation was not a huge success. However, I can't say anything about the quality of the work either. What I know was created by Takao Saito in 1969 and is still being released today. The work is produced by the publisher Shogakukan and has 187 volumes and more than 200 million copies sold.

Best selling manga of all time

5th place - Black Jack

Most of the stories are short and involve the actions of a doctor called Black Jack. In the manga he performs several types of feats, such as a good deed, for which he rarely gets recognition. He often heals the poor and destitute for free, or teaches the arrogant a lesson in humility.

I never particularly heard of this manga. It may be because I'm very young and I'm not particularly attracted to mangaes (I prefer light novels). But this work created by Osamu Tezuka in 1973 already has more than 176 million copies sold.

It was being published until 1983 by the publisher Akita Shoten, and gained adaptations in the form of series and anime OVAs. But just as at the present time, I don't think it is successful like the top three in the ranking. However, just to be among the 5 best sellers is enough to take your hat off.

Best selling manga of all time
Black Jack and Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo

Other best-selling manga

Unfortunately, not all manga appeared in the previous ranking. Some are published by different magazines that did not enter the ranking that was focused more on shounen and seinen.

Now we will continue the previous ranking where we talked about the 5 best-selling manga up to the thirteenth position. Remembering that the value described is the number of copies sold.

  • 6th place - Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo - 156.5 million copies
  • 7th place - Detective Conan - 150 million
  • 8th place - Oishinbo - 130 million
  • 9th place - Slam Dunk - 120 million
  • 10th place - Bleach - 120 million
  • 11th place - Astro Boy - 100 million
  • 12th place - Doraemon - 100 million
  • 13th place - Fist of the North Star - 100 million

The best selling manga in Brazil

It is a bit complicated to make a ranking of sales in Brazil since the 3 publishers JBC, Panini and New Pop do not disclose their sales rankings and bring new manga every week. Many buyers are also unstable, they only buy one volume.

I will list the most popular manga in Brazil according to my research, but I will not put them in order of ranking or anything, since many old manga continue to be sold in stores and are still released.

  • One Piece;
  • Fairy tail;
  • Bakuman;
  • Air Gear;
  • Evangelion;
  • Claymore;

Between 2019 and 2020 the best sellers according to Amazon were:

  • Akira; 
  • My Hero Academia; 
  • Knights of the Zodiac; 
  • Good Night Punpun; 
  • Battle Angel Alita; 
  • Fruits Basket; 
  • Hokuto no Ken; 

But of course, over time, others will be able to enter this list, but until then only these will remain. And if you want to know the classification of your favorite manga, just leave your comment below and we will answer your questions.

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