Montsuki – The traditional attire for men

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Kimono as we know, it is more seen as traditional Japanese clothing worn by women. But one thing that a lot of people don't know is what the men's traditional attire is called. Thus, Montsuki is a little out of people's attention.

Well, we're not saying this is mandatory knowledge. But as we know, knowledge is a gift, the more knowledge the better. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about traditional Japanese attire for men.

Montsuki - the traditional costume for men

Before starting, we will first talk about the “Montsuki” as a piece of the traditional set. Then we talk about the complete set of traditional attire. For the record, the set consists of three main outfits. In addition to other types of accessories and complements.

Montsuki – Traditional men's clothing

Montsuki can basically be defined as a formal kimono with family crests. It is used by men on certain occasions. Usage is basically like women's kimonos. The “Mon” means “family crest” and “Tsuki” means “to wear”.

It is made of a smooth, solid fabric and has engraved family crests. Its material is nothing more than the highest class silk called “Habutae”. Normally, having 5 crests is formal, but using three or one crest is also allowed.

Montsuki - the traditional costume for men

The black Montsuki is called “Kuro Montsuki”. This is the most formal type and color for this men's attire. As stated before, Montsuki is just one part of the complete set.

But an important thing is that generally, when the Japanese say "Montsuki“, they mean “Kuro Montsuki + Haori + Hakama”. Let's explain it better, starting with Haori which is a type of kimono jacket.

Montsuki - the traditional costume for men

Which is used similarly as an overcoat. The Hakama is a long pleated skirt worn over the kimono. These are the other main pieces that are part of the set. But there are other parts like:

  • juban
  • obi
  • shoes
  • outerwear
  • Accessories

Leave those other accessories for later. Let's talk more about the set Montsuki haori hakama.

montsuki haori hakama

This is the most traditional set for men. It was a semi-formal attire for samurai in the Edo period. Also, this ensemble was the most formal attire for commoners.

Montsuki - the traditional costume for men

Today, a set montsuki haori hakama It is suitable to wear on ceremonial or highly formal occasions. We can cite for example:

  • On a wedding traditional japanese;
  • An engagement ceremony;
  • At a funeral;
  • At formal award ceremonies;
  • And as formal wear for sumo wrestlers;

Anyway, the uses are basically for traditional ceremonies and special occasions. So we can see that the importance of the set does not decrease.

If we pay attention to this detail, we can say that the price may not be cheap. Of course, it's an attire worn on important occasions, so it's worth spending it.

What do you think of this Japanese costume called the Montsuki? Did you know? Hope you enjoyed the article, we appreciate the comments and shares.

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