The best books to learn Japanese in English

Many people prefer to study Japanese on their own using traditional Japanese books. With that in mind, our Suki Desu team has put together a list of very popular books so that you can study Japanese smoothly. There are thousands of books that teach Japanese, we will recommend the best and leave a complete catalog of them in this article.

Unfortunately the best materials for learning Japanese are in English, so we recommend reading our article on English books to study Japanese. The books that have been translated into English are usually basic, but they manage to take it to a 4/3 level of JLPT (Proficiency test) if you work hard in your studies.

We also recommend the online book Unraveling the Japanese Language downloadable for free clicking here. This book is very well written and explanatory, unlike most Japanese books available on the market. He will teach you the basic structure of Japanese and guide you to a simple and detailed study of the language.

The best books to learn Japanese in English

What books do we recommend you buy?

If you really want a Japanese language book in English, we first need to know what your priority is. Do you want to learn Japanese for travel? Our list recommends severals quick guides. Do you want to learn the basics of the Japanese language? The books in this article can help.

Some already want to buy mainly dictionaries, there are several of them mentioned in this article. Now about books that teach grammar you can also find them below, but these books do not usually teach advanced Japanese ideograms and do not facilitate their memorization.

If you want to learn Japanese ideograms in the right way, we recommend the book Kanji Imagine to learn. You may want to buy Japanese manga and study the texts manually using two references and dictionaries. They are much more efficient than books to fill gaps.

The best books to learn Japanese in English

List of books to learn Japanese

Below we show a list of books to learn Japanese. We recommend viewing the details and comments on the book page to make the best decision in your choice and purchase. The books are in the AmazonBR Store, one of the best book stores worldwide. Just click on the book to see all the details on the Amazon website.


I hope you enjoyed the article and this list of books we recommend for you to study Japanese. If you know another book in English, you can leave it in the comments. Thanks for sharing!

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