Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist

Watching a lot of anime of the genre shounen, you end up noticing a certain pattern after a while. All the main protagonists have a tendency to have a very similar physical appearance, a very similar story and a very similar behavior just varying the degree of emotional intelligence, protagonism and insolence.

In this article, I'll show you the basic recipe on how to assemble a main character in case you ever want to write your own manga shounen or maybe create an anime shounen. Check out the items below to mold your protagonist to fit the pattern:

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist

Rule #1: Appearance and style of dress©

Must have spiky hair with bangs covering up to her eyes. The hair color is up to you, but if you want to look pretty standard, dye your hair blue, brown, red, or any other fancy color.

Black or blonde hair is an extra or secondary character thing (Sasuke and Naruto being an exception).

The outfit doesn't have to be too flashy (leave that to the main antagonist). When he's not at school (if it involves school), a simple t-shirt and jeans along with a pair of sneakers are enough.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist

Rule #2: My parents are dead or very useless©

Feel free to use and abuse this element. Originality is a sucker thing. Now seriously, taking most of the protagonists who are orphans, it was already possible to set up a new GAASP unit with them.

Don't mind developing a family for this guy except for flashbacks or short scenes because his parents have to be dead or be as useful as an ejector seat in a helicopter.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
Naruto, the harry potter of anime

Rule #3: As delicate as an elephant

The pattern of every protagonist is to have such a short fuse, to the point of wanting to get in trouble for little thing. Man, what in the anime is considered "normal", in real life would already be a reason to enter a sanatorium. Your protagonist must have the emotional intelligence of a 5-year-old.

Bonus if he always makes decisions without thinking twice that ends up yielding positive results. Otakus like impulsive behavior that only works because of the plot.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
Is there a protagonist more asshole than him?

Rule #4: A chair is smarter than this guy©

In addition to the pattern “sit in the back of the room on the left and admire the scenery outside instead of paying attention in class” (again, if it involves school), your protagonist has to be the worst student in the class or be among the students. mediocre. Remember, the more shounen is, the dumber the protagonist will be.

It's generally understood that the reason for their low rating is because of the adventures their character gets involved in, but it can be seen that when you have free time, they do absolutely shit.

If it only focuses on fighting, having the protagonist as a guy who doesn't live in society, make him very naive.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
Behold, the pinnacle of genius.

Rule #5: As deep as a plate©

Your motivations, your ideals, your philosophy of life will always be somewhat superficial and quite futile reasons. Unless, you are writing a manga on a more abstract and not so shounen. In this case, the opposite extreme applies.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
Basically, the whole gang of the genre. I can hardly think of a protagonist who doesn't have an idiotic motivation.

Rule n°6: Protagonism is love, protagonism is life©

This is another important element in character building. Protagonism.

Basically it's when the author shapes the plot in favor of the protagonist, even if he has to contradict the story and the rules created by himself.

Invent new techniques at the last minute, make the character beat up like a stray dog so that he can win the fight with one blow and don't forget to buff him to the point where he became quite an appeal.

No matter how trained and prepared his opponent is, no matter if the enemy has more battle experience than the protagonist who is a rookie, he will always beat the antagonist.

Regardless of whether the antagonist has a more lethal technique and is less likely to survive, your protagonist will always survive. If he's injured or dies, he'll always have his assistant to give heal or ressurect.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
I don't need to say anything, right?

Rule n°7: Persistence and insistence do not go hand in hand©

As a consequence of the fourth rule, your protagonist will never give up, no matter how serious the situation is. However, he will always insist on the same shit and worse, he will get it. This applies to battles when the protagonist uses the same technique as before against the opponent he was unable to defeat using said technique.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
This kid appears for the third time because he is the best example of these clichés. I seldom think of a fight that he hasn't spammed the shadow clone or that shit from that rasengan.

Rule #8: Romeo, Romeo. Why are you, Romeo?©

Romance is the aspect where you will put your storytelling and character development skills to the test (mostly in harem). And to pass the test, do the opposite of good development and crafting.

Why develop a concrete novel? why are you going to create a character compatible with your protagonist? why make your protagonist stop stalling? WHY WATER LOADS you will listen to your fans, who have a sense of transporte marítimo best than you?

Just make him so stupid that he ignores or doesn't notice when someone likes him. Most shounen that, impossible.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist
Fucking wanker...

Rule #9: But, O man, who are you, to answer back to God? ©

Your protagonist will always be right. Ever. As stupid as he is or as much as he doesn't understand the context of the situation he finds himself in, he will never be wrong. Anyone who contradicts him, however much he knows what he is doing, is either alienated or evil.

Manual on how to assemble a shounen protagonist

Follow these rules and you will have your protagonist shounen, ready to be part of yet another repetitive and cliché work that does not differ in any way from other works. Have a good time.

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