Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Anime are great, they teach us a lot of things and their stories are as complex and realistic as Western films and series. But being an anime fan has its disadvantages, it can be a bad and disheartening one.

As much as there are good anime, some things can be boring and discourage you from this routine of watching anime. In this article, we are going to talk about bad things that anime or otaku fans face.

For those who are unaware, the term Otaku is used to refer to people who are addicted to something. Over time this word started to be used to refer to fans of anime, manga and games. See more in the video below:

misconceptions and negative labels

Unfortunately, most otaku and anime fans face constant misunderstandings and negative labels. Many idiotic and ignorant people say things like:

  • Anime are children's stuff;
  • Otaku are anti-social;

Unfortunately being an anime fan includes putting up with these stereotypes and more. Some think that all anime fans are the same and put you in a category that you find unpleasant, they forget that people have individual personalities.

They completely forget that anime are like movies and series, there are a ton of different genres and themes for a different audience and age group. We are not to blame if Brazilians are too lazy to read captions or do not know how to appreciate a fantasy story and an artistic designer.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

you are wasting your life

Some think you are wasting your life! Sometimes even your family members think you're wasting time watching anime, but they wouldn't complain if you were watching movies and series like they do.

The big reality is that anime has much more to teach than generic western series and movies. In reality, it is this thinking of people that ends up turning some otaku into anti-social people.

The Japanese animation industry has thousands of followers, but in real life nobody touches on this subject due to the bad thoughts that people have about anime and fans of Japanese culture.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Addiction can lead to ruin

In Japan, watching anime is considered normal, just like watching soap operas and series. The problem is that there are those addicts, who are called Otaku and are seen with bad eyes. 

And really, if you're not careful, anime can ruin your life. Some are addicts who can't go a day without watching an episode. Others isolate themselves and become one hikikomori.

Others begin to imitate, compare and live life as if they were in an anime. Some fans are really crazy, causing the anime world a bad reputation. 

Some refuse to leave the house or even stop sleeping or eating properly to watch anime. Others procrastinate, skip classes or work to attend.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

A Toxic Base Fan - pushing people away

The anime fan community is incredible. But if you are an otaku you must have seen a dark side of that community. If you don't think like them, don't share the same tastes, you end up suffering for it.

There are several brutal wars going on on social media just because you say you hate Naruto or Dragon Ball. Unfortunately fanboy and hater is a disgrace to society in any area, be it anime or games.

Participating in otaku groups and communities on the Internet is the same as participating in left and right political debates. There will always be people who do not accept listening to arguments or who want to force you to accept a certain opinion.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Fan Service - Ruin within anime

Some love it, others hate it! Nowadays most shonen anime have fan service, which consists of focusing on the legs and curves of the girls, their panties and their bouncy and gigantic breasts. 

Many see no problem with this, but it is often put in a totally unnecessary way instead of some natural event. Some believe that this is degrading and turns women into sexual objects, while others think it is an art.

It is not only women who are sexualized in anime, men also appear shirtless or even naked in some. Generally anime that abuse fanservice they suck at history and plot.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Subjects and Questionable topics

Anime offers genre for just about every taste. However many address questionable topics that can be enjoyed by some, but criticized by others. Thus, adults appear who play without knowing.

You may be watching a romance anime, your grandfather will appear on your side thinking that you are watching Naruto and summoning the devil. Anime are rated the same, despite having thousands of themes.

as has sports anime, romance, music, action and comedy. There are animes involving all kinds of topics from pedophilia, politics, racism, incest, necrophilia, rape and other very controversial topics.

There are other cultural issues that can upset some Westerners, but most of the time just choose wisely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent people from jumping to conclusions.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Cliches of anime - more of the same

With so many existing manga and endless stories, yet every anime is full of clichés. If we stay here discussing the clichés that exist in anime, we will spend an eternity.

Each season that comes out is an anime more like the other and all with the same development. Always a harem where the protagonist is a slack, a tsundere girl, a busty teacher, the protagonist seeing the girl naked in the first episode and always falling on her breasts.

We’ve already written a long article that talks about all anime clichés. Unfortunately, clichés are used because they work, just as marketers continue to use the same mental triggers.

Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Other problems that anime fans face

Below we will leave another list of problems and bad things that anime fans face:

  • Loneliness;
  • Wait for the next season of an anime;
  • Falling in love with a character;
  • See that you are poor and unable to go to Japan;
  • Expect a weekly episode;
  • Wait 6 months for a film to leave Japanese cinema for BD;
  • Be disappointed with an anime ending;
  • Expect a kiss that never happens;
  • Character X is stronger than Character Y;
  • Anime X is the best;
  • You find the love of your life, but she doesn't like anime.
Bad things anime and otaku fans face

Is that you? Do you know another difficulty or negative point of watching anime or being an otaku? We look forward to your comment and sharing. I hope you enjoyed the article. We also recommend reading:

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