Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

Are you looking for news of good Japanese-themed PC games? So now is the right time. THE japan game industry is coming back with a vengeance and has grown considerably in the last year, not only with new games for console, but also for PC. Oriental culture is one of the most influential today, so anime, samurai and Feudal Japan games, for example, have a lot of space among gamers around the world.

Japanese games are among the most popular because they have an incredible concern for the artistic part, and create an immersive environment.

Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

Although large companies in the field are inclined to invest more in consoles, some games are no longer exclusive to video games and have versions for the PC, which leave nothing to be desired.

Gone are the days when you could complain that games didn't run well on your computer. They exist various gaming cabinet options to increase your PC's capacity and allow you to play games without crashing.

Want to know what's new in 2019 of Japanese games for PC? Then check out our list:

Yakuza Kiwami

Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

One of SEGA's most acclaimed series won a new PC version in February this year. This is a remake of Yakuza 0, which is over 10 years old. Kazuma Kiryu is back where it all started, having been convicted of a crime he didn't commit. After serving his sentence, he finds out what happened to the gang he belonged to and fights for justice.

Released in 4k, the graphics are excellent and will take you to the streets of the fictional city Kamuroto. According to critics in the area, the new version presents an improvement in the smoothness of the scenes, decreases the loading between screens and adds characters and content to better explain the story.

For PC, the game is only available in English.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

The story takes place in feudal Japan in the late 1500s, where a disfigured warrior was rescued from the abyss of death. Sekiro is destined to protect a lord who is part of an important bloodline, and becomes the target of cruel enemies.

The adventure launched by FromSoftware, had a good acceptance among game lovers. Despite being on the list of "difficult games", because it is necessary to know techniques like parry, it is accessible to beginners. It focuses a lot on the story and little on mechanics, which means that the player needs to pay attention to the lines and narratives to be successful.

For PC, it is available in English.

Nioh 2

Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

Okay, okay... it hasn't even been released on console yet, but it's been promised for the year 2019, and Nioh fans are looking forward to it. After a year without news, Playstation recently released a new trailer on Youtube and everything indicates that it will be released soon.

As usual, the PC version should be released months after the video game. It is not known exactly. Therefore, we look forward to finding out more.

According to what has already been released by Sony, the game will not be very different from what is already known, but it will have new things, such as the option to customize the characters by color and gender. According to the game's director, the kills will be "more satisfying", and more difficult than the first.

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Team Sonic Racing

Check out the newest Japanese game releases of 2019

Our beloved Sonic won a kart game version. Highly successful character in SEGA's portfolio.

There's nothing very different about Team Sonic Racing. It's a race with well-known characters and the objective is to reach first place. An important detail is that during the course you can collect coins (the famous Golden rings) to increase your speed and score. Attention, because it is also possible to lose them and with that, and with that happen to decrease your position.

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