List of Japanese male names with meanings

In this article, we are going to see a list of Japanese male names with their ideogram and meaning. This list can be useful for those who want to name their child or even a pet.

Remembering that the meaning is quite shallow and sometimes it doesn't make sense, because it needs the person to know the ideogram and its essence to understand the deep meaning of each name. That's why I don't guarantee a correct 100% translation but a literal one.

I recommend that before deciding on your child's name, do a long research on the meaning of these ideograms using the dictionary. jisho. That way you can be sure if that name is used as a first or last name.

We already have a gigantic list with female names that you can read by clicking here.

To facilitate the search, you can press CTRL + F and write the name you are looking for. Hope you like this list of Japanese names for men! xD Make a good choice!

Japanese male names

AKI 秋 / 明 / 晶 autumn / shining / spark;
AKIO 昭雄 / 昭夫 Glorious hero / Glorious man;
AKIRA 明 / 亮 brilhante / clear;
AOI 碧 / 葵 blue / mauve, alcea;
ARATA new, fresh;
ATSUSHI worker;
DAICHI 大地 / 大智 great land / great wisdom;
DAISUKE 大輔 great helper;
EIJI 永次 / 英治 next eternity / great peace
HAJIME 肇 / 元 beginning;
HARU 晴 / 春 / 陽 clear / spring / sun;
HIDEKI 秀樹 splendid opportunity;
HIRO 裕 / 寛 / 浩 abundant / generous / prosperous;
HIROSHI 寛 / 浩 generous, tolerant / prosperous;
HIROKI 弘樹 abundance of joy / strength;
HISOKA reserved;
ICHIRO[U] 一郎 first child;
ISAMU courage
JUNE obedient;
KAZUKI 和希 harmonious hope
KEI 恵 / 佳 / 圭 blessed, lucky / excellent / gem;
KEN 健 / 謙 healthy, strong / modest;
MAKOTO sincero, verdadeiro;
MASAO 正男 Correct man;
MINORU truth;
MICHI way;
MASUMI 真澄 True lucidity;
NOT 直 / 尚 docile / dear;
NAOKI 直樹 Gentle tree;
NOBU 信 / 延 faith / extend, prolong;
RYO 亮 / 遼 / 諒 shine / distant / reality;
SATORU 暁 / 悟 dawn / illuminated
SATOSHI clear, intelligent thought;
SHIRO 四郎 fourth child;
SORA sky;
TADAO 忠夫 loyal man;
TAKASHI admirable, lofty;
TAKEO 剛雄 / 武雄 brave male / warrior male;
TAKESHI fierce, warrior;
TAKUMI 巧 / 匠 / 工 skilled / craftsman / skillful;
TARO 太郎 firstborn son, great, elder;
TATSUO 竜夫 / 龍雄 Dragon man / Imperial man;
TOMIO rich man;
YASUO 康夫 / healthy man;
YOSHI 義 / 吉 / 良 correct / well, happy / good, pleasant;
YOSHIRO 義郎 / 良郎 Good guy / Good lad;
YUKI 幸 / 雪 happiness, good fortune / snow;
YUKIO 幸雄 / 行雄 happy hero / hero's journey;

The video below can help you find more Japanese names and their meanings using the online Japanese dictionary jisho. This is the best way to learn the meaning of Japanese names and find new male names.

I hope you liked this list of Japanese male names... If you liked it, share it and leave your comments. Do you have questions and suggestions for male names to add to the list?

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