Reasons why you like to watch anime #8

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Do you know what an anime is? They are animations of Japanese origin that have a huge number of fans around the world. What are the reasons why anime is so successful? In this article, I will present reasons for you to watch anime or not.

Some have the idea that Japanese animations are childlike like those of the West. Many people think that watching cartoons is child's play and prefer the realisms portrayed in films and series. They have no idea what they are missing.

Unlike cartoons, most anime are aimed at an audience over 16 years old. There are subgenres for adults, and even +18 content. Despite this explanation, many things make people like or stop liking anime.

Reasons why you like to watch anime

What are Anime? Why are they famous?

As already mentioned, they are Japanese animations or simply Japanese drawings. Its success is gigantic mainly due to the gigantic amount of animations published every year in Japan. There are more than 400 works being animated each year.

This great circulation made many Westerners and foreigners to know the culture behind these Japanese animations, making it popular in the West like American films, drawings and series.

Just as there are Marvel, DC and other comic books in the U.S., Japan has dozens of publishers that publish games, books and comic books called manga, from independent people who present their idea in publishers.

These weekly comics are so successful that animation studios decide to turn them into Japanese cartoons. These animations move a gigantic toy industry, DVDs and other media that are spread to the West.

Anime stood out abroad exactly for their stories different from the usual, quality of animation, captivating culture and several other aspects of Japanese drawings. Their similarities make people end up watching other anime.

Reasons why you like to watch anime

There is a certain Prejudice against Anime

If a friend wants you to watch anime and made you read this article, you may be prejudiced. Maybe you just don't like drawings and prefer to watch things flesh and blood. Perhaps you think they are like American drawings.

Adults and older people generally have this idea that drawings are childish. Others are just too lazy to read subtitles, so they don't like anime. This cannot be another excuse with so many anime being dubbed on Netflix.

Of course, for anime fans, the original voice is a thousand times higher than Brazilian dubbing. Those who decided to give a chance to works that suit their taste, had good experiences. Today I can say that even my mother watches anime.

That's right, I started showing some dramas, then we watched Detective Conan, even parasite she watched. Recently she has been watching Netflix anime all over, she says she has less bitching and that the American series.

Cultural difference can also cause some to create a certain prejudice about anime. A great example of this are some religious who think that every anime has things wrong. A big mistake that I denied in the article cited.

Reasons why you like to watch anime #8

Reasons for you to watch Anime

Anime has many genres

There are thousands of anime that were adaptations of Japanese works or even original creations. There are also thousands of works that deserve an adaptation for TV and have not yet had. One third of anime released are focused on adult audiences.

There are genres of all kinds like romance, sports, music, comedy, action and even erotic. The genre spectrum of anime is so vast and diverse that almost no western movie or series will be able to surprise you more.

Anime is more realistic than movies

There are many fantasy anime, but most of them show the reality of life. Anime can convey feelings and emotions that short films would not. There are stories that will blow your mind or make you cry for weeks.

There is great complexity in anime that involve dramatic and psychological stories that trap you and make you sympathize with the captivating characters better than any series or movie. 

While many western films add nothing to our lives, many anime develops our ability to understand different concepts and issues relevant to our society and humanity.

Reasons for you to see and enjoy watching anime

Anime teaches about Japan

Watching anime will take you to a whole new world, an ancient culture full of stories, beliefs, traditions and culture. It may be totally strange for Westerners some customs and reactions of the characters, but the anime totally portrays how people are in Japan. In almost every anime you will be introduced to some tourist location, typical cuisine or some history or legend.

Many end up liking Japan after watching anime. That's because they can see a stark difference between young Japanese people and their education, respect and honesty. In addition to falling in love with the attitude and behavior of the Japanese and their school or adult life. Watching a Japanese work after so many American films and series, makes you end up having a totally different view of the world.

Watch Anime teach Japanese

Watching anime is one of the first steps for you to know the language, you learn the natural way of Japanese speaking, in addition to slang, ancient, colloquial expressions and even keigo (formal). Even the disinterested learn words.

Many became fluent in Japanese thanks to anime, others even had a chance to work in Japan after that.

Watching anime teaches Japanese culture

It was in anime that most people learned about Japanese uniforms, school clubs, convenience stores, temples and castles, hot springs and many other wonderful things that exist in Japan.

It was in Japanese animations that we learned about honor, humility, dedication, strength, teamwork, punctuality, respect and other attitudes that reflect the ancient Japanese culture.

Reasons why you like to watch anime

Anime are works of art

There are thousands of anime because there are thousands of artists in Japan. They really appreciate the art of drawing, there are different styles of art in anime. Some scenarios present in anime are very similar to those in real life.

Artists use comic effects and backgrounds that end up catching our attention and even creating feelings. Anime is true art, and not being naked in a museum being played by children.

Even when it comes to nudity, Japanese artists manage to create works of art, curves and effects that really make some people fall in love with anime characters.

Anime Soundtracks

Japanese animations are accompanied by great soundtracks at Hans Zimmer level or even higher. Great tracks on piano, violin or even electronics that can convey a feeling to those who are watching.

Not to mention the openings and closings sung that are made by successful Japanese singers or even by the voice actors of the characters.

Artistic references in Anime

It was watching anime that I ended up getting to know some famous artistic works, even names like Van Gogh I only got to know through anime. There are several anime that tell the story of artists, singers and musicians.

Others go overboard and take animations to the real world through the art of cosplay.

Reasons for you to see and enjoy watching anime

Why are some addicted to Anime?

In the same way that people are addicted to series and novels, others are addicted to anime. There is always one better than the other, and both work with a weekly episode scheme that holds the person for a long time in a particular work.

Some are so addicted that their lives revolve around them. In addition to spending the entire day watching, others spend their entire allowance on DVDs, manga, action figures and conventions. That kind of addicted person, we used to call him otaku.

Anime characters are made to trap and captivate the viewer. Some even create strong feelings for characters, something normal not only in the anime worlds but in any area of life like music and literature.

Action, powers, struggles, comedy, psychological drama, romance and events outside of reality have the habit of drawing attention. Not to mention the sensuality of characters that attracts many young people. It would be abnormal if it didn’t addict some people.

Reasons why you like to watch anime

Reasons for not watching anime

Although there are good reasons for you to watch anime, there are also reasons for not watching it. What makes some people dislike anime? We have already mentioned that it is simply because it is drawing or subtitled, but is it just that?

Many fail to watch or dislike anime because of the voices of the characters and the Japanese language being annoying. The standard of Japanese beauty is cuteness, so the characters’ voices sound thin, childish and even seem to be moaning.

Another thing that irritates even anime fans is the absurd amount of fan service present in anime, even outside the shounen genre. Things like tentacles, breasts and underwear close-ups make it look like you’re watching a +18 movie.

Some anime have stories without any connection, very crazy and out of reality. Other works look like copies of each other, there are trends like isekai anime and others that end up generating repeated clichés.

Others, even liking drawings, simply cannot like Japanese animation. Of course, all of these points are relative and not absolute. Even so, his presence in some works keeps potential people from enjoying Japanese animations. Do you agree with these facts?

15 reasons why you like to watch anime

Other reasons to enjoy watching anime

  • Anime motivates you and makes you feel much better;
  • There is an incredible anime community;
  • You will see the world with different eyes;
  • Many anime turn into games, and the reverse is also common;
  • Some anime are full of powers, explosions, monsters and sinister things;
  • Some anime work the fan service (ecchi) full of hot scenes;
  • Some anime work in time travel, timelines and a lot of fiction;
  • An anime episode lasts only 20 minutes while series lasts 40-50 min;
  • There are several characters, with various personalities, tastes, looks and dreams that you will probably identify with;

There are several other reasons why someone likes anime. I can’t remember them all! The fact is that if anime weren’t good, there wouldn’t be a huge audience over 30 watching or creating several original, creative and fantastic stories.

Anime can have its problems, but it is an area that everyone should know! Do you know other reasons why watching anime? We would like to hear in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Razões para você gostar de assistir animes #8”

  1. Adoro anime. Comecei assistir depois dos 30 e me apaixonei tanto pela diversidade de personagens quanto pela qualidade das estórias. Desde então, estudo japonês para melhorar a compreensão desse mundo fantástico.

  2. I love anime. I started watching after 30 and fell in love with both the diversity of characters and the quality of the stories. Since then, I have studied Japanese to improve my understanding of this fantastic world.