The controversy of religions of thinking that everything in Japan belongs to Capeta!

Today I'm here to talk about a controversial subject that bothers many fans in Japan, especially young people. Christian religions always attack anime, games and things from Japan as being something of the devil! It's always been like that, it happened with Hello Kitty, Pokémon, Digimon and several other anime. In addition, some attack Japan's culture, customs and religion as being godless and godless.

I'm writing this article to talk about these controversies, and explain my opinion about these cultural differences and discussions generated on the internet. This article will not attack any religion, it will just make you reflect on your decision before judging a thing, in addition to bringing some curiosities about the subject.

Why does it happen?

I admire these people's faith in avoiding any content that is harmful to their spirituality. Unfortunately people are getting carried away by rumours, lies, theories and sensational information. Here are some of the false rumors that religious have helped to spread:

Pokemon and Hello Kitty

Pokemon stands for Pocket Demons – I wonder where people are studying English... It means Pocket Monster, and just because it means monsters doesn't mean it has mythological origins, monster being anything unnatural. The same thing happens with Digimon (this one really has mythological inspirations).

Hello Kitty has a pact with the devil – The dumbest thing I've ever heard, it only takes a few Google keystrokes to see that it's nothing more than a big lie. I already wrote about Hello Kitty.

If you want to dig deeper, I investigated the stories behind Fake News about Hello Kiytty and Pokemon, you can read by clicking on the article below:

Vampires and Anime

Vampire teeth? – Some religious people think that some anime are from the devil for the simple fact that some characters have teeth like vampires. But this is more of a cultural issue, dentist is not very popular in japan, so most who have their upper canines misaligned leave it like that, some even bend them on purpose because they find it beautiful, this practice is called yaeba.


Japanese drawings are from the devil – Animation in Japan is something very relative and complete, just like movies and series, in Japan there are thousands of anime with different genres, content and stories. Things like big eyes, fantasy worlds are just adepts of Japanese art and culture that we'll cover later. More than 300 animations are released every year, and among them I would say that about 100 are appropriate for any Christian to watch. Not to mention the thousands of manga that are released every year.

Now anime that clearly present witchcraft, violence, macumba, demons and others, you have complete freedom to speak. Just be careful not to generalize and say that everyone is like that. Many just show the everyday life of Japan, teach education, culture, life lessons, novels and others. For example, Japanese dating is so innocent that it's even boring, in some it doesn't even happen a kiss.

Cultural Problems

People often attack Japan because of its cultural differences, these differences can really annoy Christians as over 90% of the population follows Buddhist and Shinto beliefs and customs.

Another thing that makes it difficult for religious people to understand Japanese media is the language. They don't translate Japanese correctly and end up creating crazy theories. Japanese is a language that has only about 109 phonemes, many words are the same and have few syllables.


Unlike Brazilians, Japanese place a high value on reading and studying, making them have a much greater knowledge of history, culture and fantasy. This ends up influencing his fanciful works, which generates controversy among the religious. There are thousands of literary works and manga written every year, and some of these works have become animations.

attacking wrong

I don't see a problem with religious people alerting their brothers if something is right or wrong. Unfortunately I see them doing it the wrong way. They are looking for devils in everything, even where there is none.

Today almost everything in the world has fanciful, immoral, cultural and mythological influences. If the person wants, he will always find the devil in something. Even Chaves has satanic theories involving the deadly sins. Games that have sinister origins like Mario that involves black magic, go unnoticed by the religious.


The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:


Do you often attack any work from Japan for having dubious content or mysterious origins? Have you ever wondered if you're not watching Western movies or series that have similar content? Is the influence of the occult as strong as the influence of something violent or immoral? Have I been accusing something just because one of the characters has a suspicious name, and in the source language it doesn't mean anything?

They criticize Japanese works, but have you ever compared a soap opera with a Japanese drama? What do Japanese works teach people? Am I judging innocent things? Should I blame an entire country for material I think is wrong?

If the works of Japan or the Japanese are from the devil? Why is crime and violence much lower there than in Brazil? Why do people have education and respect there? How can Brazil, where more than 90% of people are religious and Christian, have so many evils, while a country like Japan has a peaceful and respectful lifestyle?


It is not just with regard to anime, games and other works that Japan suffers this prejudice. People often use suicides and the custom of working hard to denigrate Japan. This is another result of sensational news and foregone conclusions.

I think it's unnecessary to create articles and post reviews regarding a subject just because you think it's wrong. Each one must carry out his biblical research, and research the origin of something, and with the help of his conscience I have decided whether or not it is right to watch or play something. Remember what was said in Matthew 7:5 Hypocrite, first remove the beam from your own eye, and then take care to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

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