Clichés dos Animes - Full list

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Do you know what cliché means? This idiom is used to say that something becomes very predictable, has worn out or has lost its meaning. Anime is full of repetitive clichés. In this article, we will try to make a complete list with all the anime clichés.

There are so many clichés that we get lost trying to remember them all. I hope this list shows clichés that you never imagined. Some clichés are quite obvious, others go unnoticed.

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THE MAIN clichés of animes

Run - Several anime scenes show the characters running as if they were in a marathon. This happens mainly in openings. Not to mention when they run late to school with bread in their mouths.

Clichês dos animes – lista completa

Food obsession cliché - There are so many characters that eat nonstop or swallow everything in one mouthful. One of the big highlights is Luffy from One Piece.

The dark sound of cicadas - In most anime during the summer, you can hear a sinister sound of cicadas singing, I was there in the summer and I couldn't hear that much.

Tsunderes - It is always necessary to have a tsundere or some deredere in some anime. A mandatory cliché in all anime.

Clichês dos animes – lista completa

The Protagonist does not have a mother or father - When they are not dead, the creator is probably too lazy to add relatives to the protagonist.


The bad guys look good - In most shonen anime some evil character ends up being good. I think this is common in Japanese culture, since there, peace prevails. I think this is difficult to do in Western works.

Filler Episodes - Most anime needs to be an unnecessary and extra episode to take up space.

Clichês dos animes – lista completa

Clichés involving FAN SERVICE

The main anime clichés appeal to the young viewers' impulses to awaken. So we found a lot fan service in the anime. Some of these clichés are:


Girls with giant breasts - I see no need to add a chest so giant bigger than the body. It is enough for most Japanese to be busty in anime.

Clichês dos animes - lista completa

Palpating breasts - Apparently women in Japan like to feel their friends' chest, I didn't have the opportunity to see this scene in real life, but in anime it happens all the time.

Harem - Most anime have a harem, several girls in love with the protagonist and most of the times he ends up with none.


Bloody nose - One of the biggest anime clichés, the characters end up suffering a nosebleed just by seeing a woman with little clothes or in a sensual pose. (We recommend reading our article on nosebleed by clicking here.)

Clichês dos animes - lista completa

Episode on the beach - Every anime needs to have an episode on the beach to complete the cliché tradition.

Attacking men out of nowhere - Girls usually throw punches and kicks that move the protagonist to 500m and make his soul leave. This happens most of the time unnecessarily just because the character saw the panties or palpated the girl's breasts. At other times, the girl appears naked in front of him and he doesn't get beaten…

Episode in hot Springs - You can't miss the episodes in the hot springs, where a boy always ends up mistakenly entering the female bath or listening to inappropriate things through the wall.

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Clichés involving character struggles

To think that the enemy is dead when he is clearly not - It is quite obvious that the enemy did not die for us, how can they be stupid?

Clichês dos animes - lista completa

They talk while they fight - Some conversations are as long as fights, the villain always makes a speech.

Shout the name of the power you're going to use - Characters waste time screaming the name of each attack.

Scream for stronger attacks - It is not enough to say the name of the power, you still have to keep screaming ...


The more you shine, the stronger you are - A basic rule of shonen anime, whenever a character is fighting and starts to get stronger he shines.

Clichês dos animes – lista completa

The list of clichés in anime continues

I better summarize further because this list will never end. Many of the clichés below are reported by anime fans who always detect some kind of similarity or pattern in most anime, even though some may not make sense.

  • Always sad characters;
  • Test of courage;
  • Excessively sweet characters;
  • The character with a dark past;
  • Battles that last 10 episodes;
  • Japan's food always looks amazing;
  • Character who appears to be a woman but is not;
  • Exaggerated facial expressions;
  • Eyes with different colors from each other;
  • That perverted character;
  • The main character is nothing original;
  • The main character is normal; (trying to be different became more common);
  • The villain kills many people and you forgive him;
  • Mahou Shoujo, magical girl;
  • Moe characters;
  • Underage girls sexually assaulted;
  • Lolis;
  • Maids - Girls dressed as maids;
  • 12 or 25 episode anime;
  • Exposed breasts;
  • Colored and multicolored hair;
  • Ridiculous hairstyles;
Clichês dos animes – lista completa
  • Badass Overpower character;
  • Senpai;
  • The absent father;
  • Giant robots;
  • Half-human and half-animal characters;
  • The main character escapes death;
  • Gravity defying breasts;
  • Fanservice OVA;
  • Blue swimming suit sukumizu;
  • Horrible childhood;
  • Favorite characters die;
  • Adolescent protagonists;
  • Characters using repetitive phrases in English or colloquial;
  • Immortal characters;
  • Summer festivals;
  • Freeze the screen to give effects;
  • Too energetic girls;
  • Annoying characters;
  • Main character stands by the window at the school;
  • Childhood friend - There is always a damn;
  • Characters are sent to another dimension or world;
  • Transformation scenes;
  • Talking to animals;
  • You are the chosen one; Chibis;
  • Girls always fall in love with shy and silent guys;
  • The main character's best friend is a big pervert;
  • There is an extremely perverted girl who everyone thinks is innocent;
  • Foreigners speaking with a strange accent;
  • Characters with diseases; Ugly teachers or hot teachers;
  • Characters captured by the enemy;
  • Characters sent to a special school;
  • Showing her panties;
  • Excessively muscular characters;
  • Sad scenes during a rain;
  • Fireflies;
  • Secret identities;
  • Winter episodes (Christmas and New Year);

I hope you enjoyed this list. Do you know more clichés that were not mentioned in this article? We appreciate comments and shares. xD