Have you heard of the Anti-Otaku Law?

Do you know the anti-otaku law? The anti-otaku law, or law 156, is a law that aims to protect and promote the healthy development of young people, as such it prohibits any content that may "hinder" their correct development.

The bill was promoted by the Tokyo metropolitan government and passed in committee. This law has existed since 2011, but today we will deal with this topic so peculiar to you that you are not yet aware, even if it does not affect it.

What is the Anti-Otaku law?

The anti-otaku law can be classified as the judge of what is pure and what is not pure, so much so that they do not differ from the indicative classification of anime, harming even the target audience of certain content, and the anime and manga considered impure will have their labels with the +18 stripe.


It is even impossible to find anime and manga that are banned via the internet, as expected. This law has several flaws, like any other, but in any case this is detrimental to the Otakus.

The law only applies to Tokyo, but the biggest publishers and producers are there, currently the law doesn't do much harm to us otaku due to the variety of anime, but it has already made several targets in anime world. The biggest mistake of the law is undoubtedly the limitation that the mangaka will have in their works.

Knowing the anti-otaku law

What does the law apply to?

-> The law applies to any character (regardless of age).
This can be considered the Anti-Lolicon law, it applies to female characters who have more sexual affections, that is, children or adolescents who imply sex or perverted situations.


-> The law applies to all anime, manga and images.
Several serious errors that this law brings.

-> Prohibit content that displays sexual acts or their simulation that would be illegal in real life or between relatives who could not legally marry.
Yes the incest it is one of the biggest targets of this law.

-> The display of acts that glorify and exaggerate violence and sexuality unnecessarily.
Anime ecchi bolder and the countless anime where there are dismemberments and gore !!!

Knowing the anti-otaku law

Anime and Manga that were harmed by law 156

I will mention only 3 manga, but know that the numbers are much higher.

Aki Sora: This is a manga that could not be missing from this list, after all, the manga contains erotic content, incest, sex at school, among others.

Imouto Paradise 2: Logically it would be here, for containing incest and for being a hentai that was disguised in the form of Ecchi.


Mujaki no Rakuen: If it is on this list it is because it is not decent.

Knowing the anti-otaku law

Anime that escaped the law 156

Yosuga no Sora: The story is about student Kasugano Haruka who became an orphan along with his twin sister Kasugano Sora who lost their parents in a car accident. Due to the tragedy, the two returned to the country town called Okukosome and now live in the old house where their father worked as a doctor.

Arguments given by the committee for not banning Yosuga no sora: The council concluded that anime does not violate the law, as it does not present incest as socially acceptable and its representation in anime is not done in an excessive way.

My argument for not banning: The anime has several routes, as well as Visual Novel, where every 3 or 4 episodes the character Haru is with a different girl and the last of the routes is that of twin sister Sora and another reasonable option is incest to be considered immoral in the anime itself.